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Magpiebones Catalog and TOS

Updated and streamlined!

No DA account? No problem! Download my catalog here instead:…

I can be reached at but please review the above document thoroughly before emailing me. I am on hiatus right now and not taking any orders, giving any quotes or doing any consultation- I will post announcements on all my various feeds when I am ready to reopen.

Some actual examples of my heads in the new soft style (most of these have links to movement demos in their descriptions):


*** The 'NO' species List ***
If it isnt on here, I can/will probably build it. If it IS on this list, I will not.
They are on this list because I either dont enjoy making them or dont think I make them well.

-Primarily skin-covered creatures like domestic pigs or elephants
-Domestic dogs
-Pandas (not including Red Pandas)

© 2020 - 2021 Magpieb0nes
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Crazy impressive, do you have any other pictures of that orc(?) in the bottom left?

Tsukiyami-The-Bat's avatar

Your work is always so impressive and creative. You're def on my "to commission" list. I wanna save up and get some things paid off first.

NovaNocturneArt's avatar

Cool stuff. I am curious if you have any videos (or know of any online publicly) of your costumes in a LARP setting? I'd love to see that.

Magpieb0nes's avatar

I do, go into my gallery, pick the sub-gallery titled 'Larp photos'

RaKooNZacK's avatar

I understand you may have your reasons, but it does really hurt to see Domestic Dogs are off the table. I've wanted to commission you for the longest time, but thats one major aspect that stops me and its unfortunate. Regardless, you make your own terms and it is what is, I still greatly enjoy the work you put out.

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This is truly amazing. I'll think about you... if I become rich... one day, I hope ^^'

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