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Gargoyle feet again

(insert explanation here)
More photos:

...derpderp :p

edit: did... did these get featured or something somewhere? these are really really old and yet have gottena  huge spike of attention on the last few days so im trying to figure out whats going on lol : )
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May I ask what you used for the claws?
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I found these because somone posted these on Pinterest

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I would buy these from you in a heartbeat. Are they for sale yet?
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How did you make the toe part because i would like to use your idea for a cosplay for halloween.
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These look so cool! Are they comfortable enough to walk/stand in or wear for long periods of time?
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They popped up on Pintrest. They look awesome. I LARP and would love to have a pair.
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So awesome!!!! :) kudos to you, they look really good.
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wow, these would be good reptile/dragon feet as well.
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these look awesome!
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In a danish cosplay group on fb, they have ^_^
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I don't know if anyone ever answered your question, but some one put them up on Pinterest. That could explain the increase in traffic.
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as you do??!!!!!elrubiusOMG: OMG 
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Sooo cool looking! :la:
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This looks very intriguing...
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This is on the front page on mobile! ♡
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What in the world
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How did you make these? Wanna make too!
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I have a question
if you wear them for a long time would your feet start to cramp or hurt? When I wear heels my feet start to hurt and these look like you have to keep your heel off the ground at all times.

These are freaking amazing btw
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I need this. 00 Amazing
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Wow this is 2011 guys XD
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