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Cross Fox WIP

9 different kinds of fur+ airbrushing, still more airbrushing to be done and I have a little more work around the eyes to do.

Will fit most head sizes, but I think would looks nicest on a larger or taller person since the furs used on this a little bulky.

um... Will be for sale with a matching tail. Price is not yet decided on but will look at offers if theres any immediate interest. Messege Me.
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where did you get that mannequin head? I cant find one anywhere. >:T
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i don't have much money but I'd pay all I have which is only 175 at the moment :(
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I love the fur. So amazing. I have a character who is a Jackal with cross fox coloring... it looks difficult to make the coloring
I need to get that......
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what might a say a quote for a fullbody, digitrate legged, moveable mouth, snowleopard/wolf hybrid would run up to?

(and do you ever put eyes in your suits?)
LawhanWoves's avatar
what the price for make one this by commission?
princessyairi's avatar
i just want to know a general price range
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Did you use a balaclava base for this mask? Just curious...
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That fur is not only extremely beautiful and very soft looking, but its also so realistic to the actual colors of a cross fox.

May I ask where you bought that wonderful fur from?
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Some is from Monteray Mills, some is from Interior mall some is from ImStuffed(I think) annnd some is from a trade and I have no no Idea where its from originally.
JamJams's avatar
I have heard great things about both Monteray Mills and ImStuffed.
Plus their fur looks beautiful, and I think I will order me some. ^^
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Beautiful! I like the kinds of foxes which have these darker shading at the front of their faces.
Iple3's avatar
This is stunning! I love you work so much. :heart:
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Agreed, your ears are superbly done!
sugarpoultry's avatar
WOW, so much detail! GAH, I love your ears. XD
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