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Big news for 2016! FLEXIBLE LARP MASKS

By Magpieb0nes
Ive been sitting on this development for a while now making sure the results would be what I want and need them to be and being really paranoid about the quality but today Im feeling good enough about this to release the formal announcement: LARP MASKS ARE NOW FLEXIBLE. Ive figured out a new material and a new casting technique thats letting me produce the same masks, from the same molds, but now they are flexible and will conform to your face.

They've kept all the best features of my first version of larp masks but have these improvements!:

-Play in a heavy-strike game or do a lot of intense combat? Unlike previous incarnations This mask will probably survive it. They are completely shatter proof.

-The only thing I CANNOT do with these masks is really large ears (like rabbits) , they just dont have the structural integrity to support such things but Im working on fixing that.

-Greater resistance to high heat!- you really still should NOT leave these in places like, a hot car, but they have greater survivability of accidents.

-They conform to the shape of your head and to a degree to the shape of your face (not quite like makeup, but much better than a rigid mask!) They are way more comfortable.

-Available in all the furry type creatures you've seen me produce before (and then some) as well as my selection of non-furry things like Dryad, Automaton and I have a goblin coming soon.
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You have an interesting work...!! Congratulations.
How can I have a hint of prices? I'm from Brazil...
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As the owner of two of these masks, they are AMAZING!! I absolutely adore them <3
I love your gargoyle masks, are the still available and do you have a store I can purchase from?
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I need one of these!
Please tell me there's gonna be a rabbit/hare one eventually!
can you make separate ears? Just wondering about a mask to cover my human ears, then constructing my other ears to sit higher on my skull...
allergic to latex, so great to know!
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could the longer ears maybe have an internal like headband or something for support?  i know; you're working on it!  : )

very cool!
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Awesome! :) what would the pricing on a wolf mask be?
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Sweet! What's the pricing gonna be like for these? I eventually want to get me a 'yote mask. 
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Oh wow :D this looks very interesting especially for larp !
that stuff needs to deal  some damage ^^
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