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A guide to hacking your Magpiebones mask

By Magpieb0nes
AND Accessories!

So as I promised at the beginning of the year, here is, finally, that guide I wanted to do up for everyone. My masks aren't made on each and every individual's face, there are many wants and needs out there I just cant account for- so naturally that means some editing may be wanted or needed for you to achieve the fit you want and really get the best out of your mask. Just remember, these are masks, not makeup, a skintight, contour perfect fit is just not going to happen for most people in the way prosthetic appliances fit.

But theres more in here- I have also added cleaning and wear tips. I have said these things in scattered places over the years and a few in my tos but I thought it was time to get all of this stuff in one spot.

This is a living document, and will be added to as new things are discovered. Much of what is here is thanks to my various clients over the years coming up with ideas and letting me know of different useful materials and teachniques- so thankyou all for that!
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So if I wipe my mask with a wet flannel it won't hurt the airbrushing?

I accidentally got my muzzle in the fish soup at the larp last weekend and now it really smells of fish! - Any good ideas on how to tackle this?

Also any ideas on how to stop so much condensation building up in the nose?
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Condensation is unavoidable unfortunatly- but one thing I found works for me is to tape a little folded square of paper towel up inside the nose to help.

As for the smell, take alcohol to the inside (INSIDE ONLY) and a deoderizer to the outside. Liquids are different than dirt and dust since they tend to get IN to the fabric and that aint freindly.
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Thanks for the advice - will go search for a deodorizer tomorrow! (And next game I'm definitely bringing straws :) )