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Hello everyone! This journal will be updated frequently as I open commissions on the following event. All info that commissioners need will refer to this journal, if not, it might be another offer come over the way uvu

Erm, so… since the reasoning is probably same with most of artists, all I have to say is I only open commission when it comes to urgent need in rl only;; so if there any question when it will be opened, the answer is "random time". But feel free to check it in holiday since I often got a lot of spare time at that time. Thank you so much!

Without further blabbering //smacked// l-let's get into the main point eue /;;

Something to note before all :
:bulletblue: Only note offers are illegible and will be replied : since this journal will contain  comments, asks, and then answers concerning commission only (though you may note me for private question)
:bulletblue: No rushing please : I only a person with life, two hands, block head inspiration, and not using a tablet sob. But I'll do my best to do commissions as my top prior (approximately will do 1 batch in ±2 months, depending on what kind of request)
:bulletblue: The payment system will be half upfront and half later : half upfront will be send by send points, and half later will be send through donation pool. hope it's understandable w@;;
:bulletblue: I also have right to show the finished piece in my gallery : the finished piece will be divided into 2 watermarks, so my address won't ruin the drawing //patss
:bulletblue: I'll get eventually send WIP if you request it : feel free to say so in your note!

Thank you for the understanding, hope the front note above won't scare you away since I'm not a scary person at all //kicked// a-anyway;; below is more detailed information :


:bulletred: I will do :
- OC
- Fanart
- Tiny animal
- Detailed character design/BG
- PG 13+ (for couple piece)

:bulletred: I won't do :
- Things without proper reference(s)
- Shonen-ai/Shojo-ai
- Ecchi/hentai
- Mecha
- PG 18+ (for couple piece)
- Character with minimal clothing (swimsuit, etc)
- Character with certain symbolism

*note that what listed on "will do" might change/add as I expand my skill //hides
*even with what listed on "won't do", I'm still will be selective as well ^u^
*if you had something in mind for me to do, just tell me! I would love to hear your thoughts uvu /


warmth by magonpoll24 Dr.unlucky by magonpoll24 sfx : drip by magonpoll24
:bulletred: cell shade | white background + backdrop
  - bust shot (BS) : 100 :points:
  - waist up (WU)  : 300 :points:
  - waist down to full body (FB) : 500 :points:
(single character only)
            *colored/complicated BG +50 :points:
            *additional character +70 :points: for BS, +270 :points: for WU/character
            *will do transparent BG if requested, but price won't change

goddess of spring by magonpoll24 CR : it's nine o' clock by magonpoll24 which way to go? by magonpoll24 torned view by magonpoll24
:bulletred: soft shade | white background + backdrop
  - bust shot (BS) : 200 :points:
  - waist up (WU)  : 400 :points:
  - waist down to full body (FB) : 600 :points:
(single character only)
           *colored/complicated BG add +50 :points:
           *additional character +170 :points: for BS, +370 :points: for WU/character
           * will do transparent BG if requested, but price won't change

our static world by magonpoll24 black lotus by magonpoll24
:bulletred:special couple drawing : soft shade | white background + backdrop/complicated BG
  - waist down to full body (FB)
           *white BG + backdrop : 1130 :points:
           *complicated BG : 1230 :points:

If you're interested, just simply note me using this form :


Name : (provide your dA link/name, and e-mail)
Commission type : (refer to option above)  
References : (accepting picture references only)
Details : (your character description, background story, more info more better ^v^)
Additional notes : (your thoughts, details you want me to do)
Canvas size : (I tend to work on A4 canvas so the picture may come in various size u@;; tell me if you want a specific canvas to work with!)


[Batch 1] full, thank you so much!
- :iconvayreceane: (cell shade, waist up) fav.me/d5s7urx
- :iconsilverblossoms: (soft shade, waist up) fav.me/d5s7voc
- :iconjintii: (cell shade, bust up) fav.me/d5s7wvm

Thank you so much for reading! I hope it's fair enough and we can work something out;;
© 2013 - 2023 magonpoll24
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