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only a doodle for warming up and practice cell shading, and fill up something for fanart folder hnggh

Fate/Zero really hooked me up especially on two last episodes, everything seems wrong and complicated at that time. poor Kiritsugu, I think this is what he is really hoping for after the Holy Grail war, a hug from Illya and Iri ;m;

for you who haven't watch this anime, go go watch it :iconyeahplz:
and I thought this month is the busiest one ever, let's see what I can do this month uvu /
Kiritsugu, Illyasviel, Irisviel (c) Type Moon
Illustration (c) meh
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Lol yeah the man gave up what any other man in the world would probably never give up. His wife and daughter his family Kiritsugu is a great tragic hero. I wished so bad he would have had a happy ending but his downfall was destined.