What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do?

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What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do? </i>

Are you feeling lonely and sad? Don't have anything to do even tho it's weekend and sunny/rainy/cloudy/chilly/warm/hot/humid/windy... ?
Well look below if these images could give you ideas and cheer you up a bit:

1.) Organize your things in cute arrangements:
:thumb94951189: Radical Rainbow Moon Buns by MoonYen Colors by Nirka :thumb79986816: Colored buttons and sticks by robgbob   colors of love by himmado :thumb98019654:   Wanderlust by Cosmopavone Painted Spoons 1 by robgbob Coloring by Davenit Quackk by YellowRubberDuckyy (inject your rubber ducks with colour :D)

2.) Blow bubbles:
Can you swallow this bubble? by EyeInFocus :thumb92577904: bulles-de-noel by bleuz b u b b l e by xTive :thumb94633819: :thumb83129054:

3.) Get balloons and play:
Up, Up and Away by CatherineDay I Want That One by dianar87 run.. by poop-art :thumb51193690: Troubleshooter by girltripped move your heaven and earth. by ami-thi :thumb92729170: Land of Balloons by mree Freefly to Neverland Retro by sevgihan melody by jengslizer Reno Balloon races P2 by The-Ice-Phoenix Travel broadens the mind. by 6Artificial6 Happy Birthday by thetanglebox (or get a horse and balloons)

4.) Try to find the end of the rainbow (or just marvel at its beauty):
One small step by homigl14 Head in the Clouds by homigl14 clear skies by pronouncedyou freefall by phig Rainbow by ClaudiaR chucks and a rainbow by LenaCramer AAAAH RAINBOW PUKE by taintedsilence Love is a rainbow by paraNoidK

5.) Find a fractal program and make an amazing fractal:
Dimensional Shift II by NatalieKelsey The Awakening III-Rebirth by CygX1 Delightful by Brigitte-Fredensborg STARS ARE FALLING by d-b-c rainbow flower by babymik Moths by Colliemom Psychedelic Swirls by psion005  :thumb73555235: Easy Like Sunday Morning by Rykk Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1 Summer Day by Lilyas   A Tree with Flowerdrops by ersi -Niflheim- by silwenka Lucid Dream by Halcyon83 :thumb40380364: -Air- by silwenka

6.) Show someone your undying love and devotion:
Electric Love by Mignon The Ultimate Spell by Zueuk Hurt by Zueuk Entwined 'Reworked' by Mignon Be my Valentine by Yasny-chan in love. by poop-art Love by roadkillromance Heart Fancy by CVaznis :thumb81929597: :thumb77531292: :thumb47472688: Love Above by lucidreamer20 :thumb77821567: :thumb40283720: .::I Love You::. by CamiFortuna

Okay, these were just some of my ideas, i'm sure you will come up with so many more ways to lighten up your day!

Thank you for visiting and i hope you had a lovely time!    +Rain of flowers+ by moroka323

:heart: Satu
© 2008 - 2021 magnusti78
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such a sweet idea you had... ^.^
babymik's avatar
Wonderful selection! Thank u so much for including mine too :heart::iconnewhugplz:
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Ippiki-neko13's avatar
I love the Katamari buttons...I need some of those -.-"
magnusti78's avatar
hehee :D Thanks for visiting!
TamieG's avatar
thanks for the feature
magnusti78's avatar
sleekchic2k's avatar
Thanks to this i came across so many awesome pics. Salute! ^^
magnusti78's avatar
yay, thank you for visiting! :love:
For some reason all of the pics dont load anymore, at least for me, which makes this article a bit less colourful than it used to be :(
sleekchic2k's avatar
aww. it seems to work fine for me though :). I can see every single beautiful picture.
magnusti78's avatar
ohh okay.. for some reason i cant but some are just tiny gray boxes :(
sleekchic2k's avatar
aww that sad lil blue face needs some cheering. You could do with a dose of your own journal medicine so am attaching the link of one of my fav pics from your favs to help turn that blue face to a yellow sunny one :D Thats about the best i can do with my limited knowledge here in DA :P :)

magnusti78's avatar
awwwww you are the sweetest ! Look at this, it worked: :( -> :lol: :heart: :love:
sleekchic2k's avatar
Spamkiller's avatar
I LOVE when you do these neverending colourful features! :D
magnusti78's avatar
awww im so glad to hear that! Thank you for visiting again :love:
Spamkiller's avatar
It's my pleasure, really! :D
Hippopottermiss's avatar
Lovely article - I always did believe rainbows could heal the world :hug:
I'm sometimes sad & lonely but never short of something to do :) If only there were time to do all the thigs I should do... never mind the ones I'd like to :D
magnusti78's avatar
hehee i know the problem, it seems there isnt enough hours in the day. Sometimes it is nice to do something completely difrerent and seemingly in vain tho :D
Hippopottermiss's avatar
I do - frequently! :D
magnusti78's avatar
i wish i would have time! :D
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