Brian and Kelly Part 5 - Finale

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Brian and Kelly Part 5 - Finale
by MagnusMagneto (MagnusMagneto23)
Commissioned by Urza2 of DeviantArt

Brian's Journal

Wednesday, May 2 (written in class)

The hallways were abuzz with people gossiping about Kelly's amazing accomplishment.  Some people theorized she was on steroids.  Fortunately, those with at least an average intelligence realized that she was way too feminine, and steroids wouldn't help much with the likes of archery.  Some theorized that she was secretly a super-hero, or was becoming one.  Others thought that maybe she's an alien, or a government experiment.  Regardless of their theories behind her new-found strength, everyone was talking about Central High's Super-Girl.

Everywhere she went, Kelly was swarmed by people. I was unable to have a one on one talk with her, which was really disappointing.  During class I received a text from her asking if I could join her in the gym, to which I responded that I would.

Wednesday May 2 (written at home)

No need for introductions.  I'll let the words speak for themselves.

As I entered the gym, Kelly immediately ran up to me and lifted me off the ground with a hug.  She was immensely strong, but careful not to hurt me.  "I heard you coming down the hall.  Super hearing and all that.  Sorry we didn't get any time alone during the day today." she said sincerely.

"Oh, it's no big deal, I understand, lots of people are going nuts over your accomplishment." I replied, looking up at her.  Her height of about 6' flat put her an entire head taller than me.  "So what's today's plan?" I asked.

"Well.  This is going to sound a little crazy, but I think my ability to grow muscle is... growing."  Kelly explained.

"I kind of figured as much when I noticed your biceps growing before everyone's eyes during arm-wrestling."  I replied.

"Mmhmm.  So I was thinking..." Kelly opened her backpack and revealed five metal water bottles, presumably all filled with the super-protein.  "That today I go all out!"

I audibly gulped.

"Don't be nervous Brian..."

"It's just, still crazy to me is all."

"Look, I know this is all a lot to take in, but I want to grow as much as possible before too many people realize what's going on with me."

"Alright." I replied.  "So what're you starting with?"

Kelly led us over to the bicep curl machine.

"Well..." Kelly put the pin on the bicep machine close to the bottom, setting it to 120 lbs.  "Theoretically this will work..." she said as she took a huge gulp from one of the bottles.  She then proceeded to grab both handles with one hand "Come here Brian, feel this." she calmly commanded, referring to her bicep.

I sheepishly moved towards her and put my hand on her 16" arm.  

"Both hands.  Squeeze me." she ordered with a smile and a wink.

I obeyed, placing both hands on her arm and failing to encompass it within my fingers.  I clamped down a bit but was unable to remotely dent her steel arms.  There was a certain pleasure to futilely squeezing Kelly's bicep.

She then pulled both handles with her right hand, giving her 120 lbs of resistance, and slowly started to curl it.  At first she visibly struggled to move it at all, but suddenly, like magic, her bicep started growing.  In between my fingers I could feel what was easily an entire inch of powerful muscle growing, separating my fingers even farther, as she brought the handle up to the halfway mark.    

Kelly curled the weight again, this time much more easily. Again, her bicep grew, this time at least a quarter of an inch, spreading my fingers even further apart.  She kept curling it over and over, each time more easily than the previous effort.  Not only was her bicep growing slightly larger with each repetition, it was getting harder too.  I'm not even entirely sure how that's possible since it was already impossibly hard to begin with.  

"Are you even squeezing?" Kelly asked with a giggle.

"Y-yes..!" was all I could muster.

"Oh, I can't feel it anymore.  I mean, I can feel your fingers on my skin, but I had no idea you were even applying pressure..."

I dug my fingers in as hard as I could.  Kelly saw this and started giggling harder.

"Nope, nothing at all!" she was taking immense pleasure in her neigh invulnerability.

"This is harder than diamond... we need a new term, Kellium or something..." I offered.

"Mmmm, Kellium, I like it!  However, we should wait just a bit before we settle for just how hard it is.  Can you put the pin down to the bottom?" she asked me.
"Err, that's 160 pounds, but alright..." I adjusted the weights as asked.

She started curling it again, this time without any muscle growth and with much more difficulty.  Seeing the lack of immediate progress, Kelly grabbed the bottle, finished the rest of it and let out a refreshed 'ahh'.  "I've realized that my body..." she curled the weight, adding yet another inch of muscle.  "Is somehow able to synthesize proteins..." she curled it again, adding more size.  "Super efficiently..." another curl, more immediate power.  "And not just proteins..." another curl  "But all kinds of vitamins and minerals, which is why my senses are sharpening..."  She continued to curl the weight a few more times until she grew bored.

"The best part" she declared, flexing both arms, causing twin 20" biceps to rise up "Is that even if I work out one side of my body, the other side grows symmetrically!"  

I was absolutely speechless.

"Hmmm.  I made a mistake.  Shoulda started off working on my base." Kelly said, leading me over to the squat rack.  She nonchalantly grabbed two separate 100 pound plates, slapping one on each side.  She did this again, bringing the total weight, bar included, to 475 pounds.  Kelly got underneath the weight and squatted down.  I could see her visibly struggling to rise back up.  "Brian... I need you to feed me." she explained, referring to the protein.  For the first time in a week, Kelly seemed... vulnerable.  For a moment I contemplated not giving her the powder, not letting her become even more incredibly powerful, but I realized we had come too far to stop.  I brought the second metal water bottle over and brought it up to her mouth.  She drank a long gulp, and before she could even take another, her body began to immediately turn the super synthesized protein into powerful quadriceps.  Just the mere act of holding the weight on her shoulders was causing Kelly to gain muscle.  Her already mighty thighs gained over an inch. She took another gulp, and her legs grew a little more.  Her butt and calves also developed substantially as well.  After a third, I took the bottle away, and she brought the weight up.  She performed a few repetitions, each time getting just a little bit stronger than the last.  Eventually she was no longer challenged and racked the weight up.

"Oh... uhhm" was all I could muster as I looked up at her, pulling my head back even further than earlier today just to see her face"

"Yup, it looks like I grew a couple inches from that!" Kelly proudly exclaimed.

Kelly grabbed the bottle and finished it off.  She moved over to the metal plates for the squat rack, and casually grabbed two separate 200 lb plates, one in each hand.  The mere action of picking these plates up caused almost every muscle in her body to grow a bit.  Kelly noticed this, grinned a bit, and started doing lateral raises with them.  The muscles in her back started expanding rapidly, causing the fabric of her tank-top to stretch to its limits.  Next she performed some makeshift bicep curls, causing her 20" biceps to gain another 2" of sheer power.  Satisfied with this, she put the weights onto the squat rack, bringing it up to 875 lbs.  Kelly brought the weight down, struggling again just as before.  Without a single spoken word, I brought over the third bottle and started feeding it to her.

"You're the best Brian!" Kelly said with a big smile before taking a big gulp.

Just like before, the simple act of holding so much weight caused her muscles to immediately grow.  Her legs were more than twice mine in size.  "Brian.. can you add on a 100 lb plate on each side?"  she asked, holding the weight in place.

"I'll try..."

I walked over to the plates and started to grab one.  It was a lot heavier than I imagined.  With significant effort, I was able to lift one plate up by using my entire body.  I slowly brought it over to the squat rack and placed it on the bar.  How on earth did Kelly lift two of these at once?  Never mind that, how did she lift two two-hundred pound ones!  After a moment of rest, I grabbed the other plate and placed it on the other side.  

Immediately, Kelly's legs began to adapt to the weight.  Without missing a beat, I brought the protein over to her, from which she took another gulp.  She slowly stood up, lifting a total of 1075 lbs.  Her quads had to have grown to at least 30 inches.  I looked up, she must have grown a bit taller as well.  Kelly continued to squat the half-ton weight, and just with everything before, it had grown trivially easy.

"There's no more space to add weight to the bar..." I mentioned, looking around.

"Yeah, not to mention I don't think this bar can support any more weight."  Kelly started thinking.  "I've got an idea...  Brian I need to drink the rest of the protein in that bottle first..."  

I obediently brought it over and she eagerly gulped down the remainder.  

"I hope this works..." Kelly said before lifting her left leg off of the ground.

"Holy shit Kelly..." was all I could mutter.

Immediately he right leg started swelling up with sheer muscle.  "Get another bottle!" she yelled out, having underestimated just how much weight she was putting on her leg.  I quickly ran over with the fourth bottle and she greedily gulped some of it down.  Her body instantly reacted.  She drank some more, and motioned for me to take the bottle away.  Feeling reinvigorated, she began her herculean task of squatting 1075 lbs with a single leg.  As with before, her legs immediately adapted to the task, and after a few repetitions, her quadriceps were at least 40" round.  To top her leg workout off, she performed some single leg calf raises, causing her calves to swell up to well over 30".  As with before, her left grew in perfect symmetry.  At this point, her former athletic short-shorts had turned into more of a thong, barely covering up her bottom.

After racking the weight up, she beamed triumphantly.  She stood at least a foot taller than me.  Due to her long legs, I barely came up to her eight pack abs.  "That's pretty cool, huh?"  Kelly asked, stroking her abs.  "Looks like they didn't want to be left out and grew along with my legs!"

She grabbed the half-full stainless steel water bottle, finished the contents and casually crushed it with one hand.  "Always wanted to do something like that" Kelly explained with a giggle.  Kelly made her way over to the bench press and loaded it up with two 200 lb plates on each side.  "850 total... too light!" she exclaimed, slapping another 100 lb plate on each side.  "That's more like it."  She got underneath and grabbed the weight.  Immediately her chest started expanding to accommodate her action.  She brought the weight down, and slowly pushed it back up.  The immense growth of her pecs caused her entire top to snap off, revealing her perfectly shaped breasts resting on top of a mountain of muscle.  "Woops.  Hope you don't mind seeing me next to naked!" Kelly yelled out with a wink as she continued to perform repetitions.  Her muscles seemed to be adapting faster than before, and it wasn't long until benching this weight was almost pointless.

Kelly got up and grabbed the last protein bottle.  The sheer size difference between us was staggering.  Kelly must have been at least 3 times larger than me in almost muscle group.  She chugged the entire bottle, walked over to the 1050 lbs on the bench press, and grabbed the weight with both hands.  She picked it up, and started to curl it.  My mouth literally dropped.  She was barbell curling over 1000 pounds.  Her muscles immediately exploded to match this, gaining inch after inch of pure power.  Unsatisfied with merely curling 1050 lbs with two hands, after a few reps, she let go with her left hand and performed curls with only her right.  Her biceps exploded to over 30 inches each.  "I think my muscles are actually getting more efficient too... meaning that each inch of bicep lifts more than a regular persons" Kelly explained.

Finally satisfied with her workout, Kelly dropped the weight on the ground, causing a massive crashing noise.

"So.. uhh.. what's the plan?  You're practically naked."

"Who cares.  Who's gonna stop me?" Kelly asked with a giggle, scooping me up in her arms and carrying me out of the gym.

"So, uhh, wanna go see a movie?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask!"


While Kelly didn't grow too much larger physically, her strength continued to increase whenever should could find a way to challenge herself.  Kelly competed in the next Olympic games, taking gold in every single event she had time to compete in.  After that year, she was banned from the Olympics. She became something of a celebrity and found herself making a lot of money from performing cameos in various movies, television shows and advertisements.  Despite her newfound fame, she never forgot Brian and remained loyal to him.  After he finished college the two of them got married.  Even though Kelly was far, far physically superior to her husband, Brian still managed the family finances, and ironically, opened the pickle jars.  The two of them have a baby on the way, a girl.

"Hopefully she'll be just like mother like daughter, right?"  Kelly asked giggling upon hearing the news of her baby's gender.

"Hoo boy.  Two super powered girls in the household." was all Brian could reply with, chuckling a bit.

The End
If you enjoyed this story, please consider checking out my Patreon: www.patreon.com/magnusmagneto  and you can purchase previous exclusive stories on my smashwords page:  www.smashwords.com/profile/vie…

Here it is. The finale of Brian and Kelly, the story commissioned by :iconurza2: !

Things have obviously veered into the realm of fantasy, and that was indeed the intention from the start - to have Kelly become more and more supernatural.

Hope you enjoyed it, and feedback/comments are always appreciated!
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I can't find the commission😥😓😭😢😰 
hugegirlover's avatar
Loved the story  and the happy ending.   I enjoyed Kelly pushing herself and she always was Brian's best friend and she always stood with him and loved him although he might have not known.
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Thanks for the kind comment =)  Glad you enjoyed it!

There's a remaster of this story I released in 2015, as well as a sequel series (that's currently abandoned unfortunately), and I'd like to revisit the character of Kelly in the future.
hugegirlover's avatar
Your welcome   I loved everything, where would I find the remaster  And pls don't abandon the kelly sequel  I want to read it.   My  email  jeffaltmen@gmail.com   I know some people in the stories are real and some are fiction.

 I want kelly to be real,  is she a real person you wrote about in your life of fiction.  I'M hoping for real   I wish  I was friend with her  or someone like her.

  thanks      Jeff
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Hey there, 

The remaster was released on Patreon, and later sold on smashwords.  The first 30% of part 1 is here: www.magnusmagneto.com/preview-…
The sequel, similar story - the first 30% is here:  www.magnusmagneto.com/preview-…

Kelly unfortunately isn't real, and I haven't met anyone like her.  That's why I had to create her I suppose ;)
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PoorKnighHobbyist Writer
Brian your out numbered 
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And deeper into the rabbit hole of madness I go...
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Always a great story! I think ive read every one of yours!Clap Clap 
MagnusMagneto's avatar
I'm glad you enjoyed it again!  Which story of mine is your favorite?
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mvdrProfessional General Artist
Going back through these to finish up a complete Magnus archive, and just wanted to say how much I loved this story. I've read the comments above, and while not aiming to be combative, I will say that there are those of us who love a lighthearted FMG romp, and those of us who love so see someone in a relationship becoming effortlessly, unstoppably, and yes, even selfishly superior. It's all in the realm of good fantasy, and as long as it's done well (such as this story is) then all is well.
One of the key elements in stories that pull this off well is the sort of balance between caring and affection, and undeniable or almost unintentional narcissism and self-improvement. It's a bit like mixing the flavors in a dish between sweet and sour. The result is ultimately more satisfying.
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Glad you liked it so much..!

I'm obviously biased, but I agree with your sentiments - I've always felt that this story in particular has a really nice mix of everything I personally enjoy in an FMG story. This was probably due to this story having very few constraints placed on it by the commissioner.

Hopefully a future tale of mine will achieve this balance again =)
OrionPax09's avatar
Oops. I forgot to mention the fact that Kelly did in fact remain loyal to Brian, despite everything. That was a nice touch, but...well, I do think it would have been better if Kelly had something more to repay Brian for his kindness during the story proper. Love and trust are things that have to run both ways in a relationship, and I think this story would have benefited from Kelly helping Brian with his exercises, to repay him for the protein, something like that.
MagnusMagneto's avatar
While I completely understand that you'd like for there to be more give and take between the characters, I'm afraid that the majority of readers (and the commissioner) seem to mostly want to watch the girl grow greater and greater, and don't really care all too much about the guy.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the long run, demanding reimbursement for $300 would have been really petty for Brian. In the epilogue it's explicitly stated that Kelly goes on to earn a lot of money, so one can very easily infer that over time she's actually given him far more.

To be completely honest man, the only stories of mine I can actually recommend to you are the commission for Iceman I am currently writing (not released yet), and when the time comes, your commission. Frankly, the rest of them are probably not going to be suited for your tastes.
OrionPax09's avatar
No, no, that's not what I meant. I didn't mean that Brian demand that he be repaid for the protein powder. I meant that Kelly should have done something of her own accord to repay him.

I mean, no offense, but think about. Brain (admittedly by accident) gives Kelly an expensive gift, and given her new interest in bodybuilding, it's a gift that she really wants. Now, I did double-check that scene, and found the part where she kisses him and says he's the best, which I had admittedly forgotten at the time I had left my previous review. But...I do think that things would have worked a bit better if Kelly had offered to spring for dinner or something like that.

I realize that the focus of this story if FMG, but the only times Brian and Kelly's relationship seemed to advance was when Brian called her attractive, asked her out to the movie, that sort of thing, while she spent most of her time around him showing off. I would have liked to have seen her showing that she was genuinely interested in him, and not just as long as he's her Number 1 fan.

I dunno...maybe I'm making something out of nothing. But something just felt really...one-sided about the development of Brian and Kelly's relationship. This story was good, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but think that it could have been better.
MagnusMagneto's avatar
I can see where you're coming from. The relationship aspect of the story was definitely secondary to the growth. I might be mistaken since it has been a while, but if I recall correctly I actually added more relationship aspects to the story than originally asked in the initial commission. It was something I sprinkled in to make the story a little more emotionally involved, but was never meant to be a main focus for it.

Honestly, I wasn't really considering the implications of the characters' actions in regards to their relationship in a truly realistic manner. I intentionally went for exaggeration (which I often do)

The protein bit was meant to be twofold - It showcased that Brian liked Kelly enough to not flat out stop her from taking the stuff, and to continue characterizing Kelly as very whimsical and pixie-like... Almost like a supernatural ninny. The kind of girl who accidentally drinks your super soldier serum to your dismay, but you forgive her because she has a heart of gold.

Granted, you are absolutely correct that if the story were meant to portray a realistic relationship it would be fitting for her to repay him sooner.

Having said all that, I still stand-fast in my belief that I made the right choice by putting the relationship in the background. While I fully understand and respect that you look for things like the intricacies in the relationships between the characters, this tale was always meant to be a lighthearted FMG romp. Honestly, unless I've missed or forgotten something somewhere, you're the first person to point out the lack of reality in their relationship. Which is fine, don't get me wrong, I'm glad that there is somebody in the vocal part of my audience who does care about that, but it's not really something I was actively considering when writing the story.

I do plan at some point to have some stories with realistic relationships, such as Iceman's upcoming commission. I think Jessica and Trent was a decent first foray into that area, and of course, there's always room for improvement.

Having said that - the vast majority of my stuff will still continue to be primarily about growth. As I've indicated a few times, you're really probably not going to care for the vast majority of stuff I put out. A lot of it will feature selfish girls taking all that they can, and relationships with men that you'll find dubious at best. All I can really say is different strokes and all that.

Anyways, this rant has gone on way too long.

For what it's worth, this was my first full length story ever written. Even glancing back on it, I can see a myriad of little things I would have done differently if I wrote it today. And on that note, I still (and likely always will) consider myself a novice writer.
OrionPax09's avatar
Well, you did a good job of characterizing Kelly as a ninny with the protein scene, anyway. And while it did show that Brian liked her, I still felt a definite wave sympathy for Brian.

And fair enough. To be hones, I'm satisfied that you acknowledge that, in a realistic relationship, it would have been fitting if Kelly repair Brian sooner. While there are issues that you and I clearly don't see eye-to-eye on, and there are some thing that I cannot fathom how anybody can derive any pleasure from, I do think that you're a good writer. And I would like for you to become better still. There's always room to improve in my opinion, and I have to be honest here, I don't think I would have become as skilled at writing as I am now without the feedback from my reviewers and them pointing out things I either missed or didn't consider important at the time.

And believe me, I know what it's like to look back at my older works and wonder if I actually did that or why I did it that way. Brother, do I know!
OrionPax09's avatar
After reading this story, I have to say, I really have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, there were more than a few cute moments to it as things went along. On the other hand, however...I really don't care for how this relationship developed. Everything is so one-sided, with Brian doing so much for Kelly, and Kelly doing...well, basically zilch in return. She calls him her Number #1 Fan, doesn't bother to repay him for the $300 in protein she got from him, doesn't bother to offer help him become stronger or anything like that, and seems more focused on becoming more powerful than anything else. Everything that happens seems to be exclusively about her.

With Jessica and Trent, Jessica does do thing for Trent. She cooks breakfast, she actively cares for him, and she reassures him that she's comfortable with him without him being as strong as she is or anything like that. And while understated, that story did have emotion that supported what was happening. This story, though longer, falls flat in that regard.
J2001's avatar
Great story, I loved it :) Still I can't help being disappointed for the lack of a more "dramatic" ending (like taking over the world and stuff xD) :D
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Glad you liked it! I write as commissioned and it was requested that Kelly be sweet and the story end with her growing nonstop - Different strokes and all that =)

World domination will have to come for a different story..!
J2001's avatar
But I didn't mean an *evil* world domination... a sweet and caring one! :D
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Heheh, well I'm sure that eventually I will have a story with sweet and caring world domination..!
fbbSURGE's avatar
One thing, it would have been interesting if somehow she realized that the protein was not exactly intended for her.

Still, she realized she would not have been that strong if it was not for her boyfriend's gift of protein, I like the happy ending of them staying together, and her being loyal with him all the way and not hooking up with some guy athlete in the gym.
MagnusMagneto's avatar
Glad you liked it =) I had the idea of that epilogue for quite some time now, lol
polybcarbonate's avatar
In my opinion, this is your best story (so far). My favorite chapter was the 2nd one (which I think is one of the best ones I've ever read).
There's one thing that bugs me about this last chapter (maybe it's just me) - Kelly grew about 15% in height, this makes at least 50% increase in mass (that's a lower bound, just from getting taller), that's at least (again, lower bound) 100lbs increase, which supposedly came from 5 bottles - This kinda breaks the rules of this world for me.
I fully realize that it's really hard to keep both attractive story-telling and (semi)-real-world plausibility, but if the latter is important to you, I'd like to encourage you to keep trying (if you want, I have a couple of undeveloped ideas you can explore).

Also, Happy birthday!
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