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To the Death: Orc Trails


So in between here is a bit of Orc lore. This is the kind of trail Milky (who's actual name is Lelanja) was brought into Orc territory by the raiding party.

Again, for the confusion, this is later than this picture: To the Death: Sanctuary because if you look closely, you will see a little (half) Orc that is happily inside Kittens womb at the previous picture.
There is a very special story to this little one, and it's the same you see here: 
To the Death: Beautiful Creatures. So that might give you a little refernce.
And to complete the confusion, the picture shown above is in the same setting and time as this scene: To The Death: Dogs of War 

Sorry about that. So here is a little note about the way tribal Orcs travel and raid and control their territory:

Orc trails:

Orcs don’t build roads. Except of course if someone makes them do it.

So it’s not because they couldn’t, rather, except in rare cases of mining clans, it’s of little worth to them.
 But over time, they create an elaborate system of orc trails around their camp.

Orc trails are a system of natural trails or easily manoeuvrable terrain controlled by orc hunters.
And contrary to the racket attributed to them in LOTR, they’re actually pretty cunning about it. Those trails are carefully marked, kept inconspicuously clear and are watched for intruders and spies.

They touch natural water sources in regular intervals and if they are to be used by a war party, hunters will establish camps along the route and stock food.
This way Orc raiders can manage sprints of up to 50 miles per day in (seemingly) difficult terrain, practically impossible for a typical feudal posse to intercept or pursue.

Orc trails tend to run in zig-zag as not to give away the overall axis they’re following.
Also in case of possible pursuit of a raiding party, the hunters will try and cover the tracks or actively engage and divert enemy scouts and trackers.

In the picture you can see Kitten, who has taken on managing the trail system, setting up a hunters camp at a hidden spot next to a dried river bed.
Milky is tagging along but she has a different role that will be explained later. This also means it's a relatively safe and well controlled territory,
otherwise they would be more wary of bringing her along.

As a little side note, half Orcs usually tend to have brown skin, while true Orcs often have pale or blue or green tinted skin.
In mixed offspring, the human melanin based skin coloration tends to dominate.
Also, Orcs are more sensitive to sunlight than humans and tend to develop a strong coloring if living above ground for protection.

For this picture I used Andreys set for DAZ: Valley and Hills (Img01) but cut away the out of sight parts with the geometry editor, then retextured it and scattered plants and trees from these sets with UltraScatter:……

The clouds are from this set:…
not a hdri, otherwise you could not see the mountain peak behind through them.
Btw that's the place where the main Orc camp lies, but we'll get to that later.

I rendered it on the CPU System (Ryzen 9 3900) with a limited amount of logical processors (20) in the background for around 30 hours.
It certainly contains a few 100 k of instances, but once everything is set up I can just have it run and even use the system for other work.

(and yes if you look very hard you can detect mature content, but honestly, for three pixels of a 4k picture I won't put on the tag. Sue me.)

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Magnus-Strindboem, you write that you use DS Iray, but you only use the CPU for rendering? Iray render very well reveals its power in terms of rendering speed with Nvidia video cards. I think that even a 960 video card will be enough for your render to become at least 2 times faster. Naturally, modern models video cards will speed up the process even faster! Have you thought about adding a video card from nvidia to the system?

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

The problem is that these kind of pictures don't fit into the memory of the GPU. I'm monitoring system and gpu memory and load very closely when I work.

It might work if you have a large Quadro or 3090 with 24 GB, but with DAZ Studio, even a single Genesis 8 with strand based hair can use more memory than a 1080/2080 etc has.

It will simply fall back to memory, you don't have a chance to do these scenes like above with hundreds of thousands of instances. Of course I have GTX cards in both systems, but 8 GB of GPU memory is simply a joke for complex scenes. And of course I do use scene optimizer and all tricks to reduce required ressources. But that takes so much time, it's a horrible nuisance. Especially since Iray is leaking memory left and right (no the Daz Script does not help) and you have to restart the studio all the time. With loading times of 30 minutes and more for a scene, that's not acceptable.

On the other hand, a 3090 Ryzen with 24 logical cores and a very fast system and memory is not significantly slower than a 1080. And since it uses system memory, I can simply put in more modules, which is impossible with a gpu.

So the only thing getting me ahead would be a 3090 for 2000 $ or a quadro for 5-10 k. I'd rather get me one of those king size amd cpus with 64+ cores and no memory limits attached.

Which is nice but a bit steep for a hobby ;)

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Hmm, this is a little weird. I rendered large scenes at 960 4GB, they were about 10-17GB and this is without textures and I never got an error message. Of course, they are not as big as the one you gave as an example .. :)

And if you use a bunch of CPU + GPU?

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I never felt this was a useful option. You can see the used ressources in the render dialouge of iray, it will alway fall back to cpu if it hits the GPU board memory limit. A huge nuisance, because practically every scene beyond two characters and minimal background falls into this category by now. Don't even talk about strand based hair. So I'm pretty happy with cpu rendering. And the number of cores on cpu is steadily rising, by now, 64 logical cores is pretty much affordable.

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Really nice. To the left, the light playing off the leaves is nice. Ground looks pretty covered, like it would be rough traveling.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Yeah, that's what the people pursuing our orcs think, too :D

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Thank you! :) I wanted to put those fir trees on the hills set all the time... And that is just one location on that huge set!

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Die Landschaft ist der Hammer!

Mein PC wäre da an den ersten fünf Blättern schon in die Knie gegangen.

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Wunderschöne Waldlandschaft und beeindruckende Tiefe.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Ich wollte schon die ganze Zeit mal probieren, auf Andrey's Landschaften die Bäume zu scattern. Ganz so einfach wie ich mir's vorgestellt hatte, war es nicht, die sind einfach zu groß, aber ich werd' weiter experimentieren.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Sieht auf jeden Fall toll aus. Ich wurde nie so ganz warm mit UltraScatter, aber bei mir klingt denke ich noch MoGraph aus Cinema4D nach, was Möglichkeiten und Benutzerführung etc. angeht. Aber ich vergleich da auch Apfel mit Birnen. :D

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Naja... C4D kostet halt ordentlich...

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C4D waren ja glaub auch vor ~2 Jahren auf ein Abo-Modell gewechselt?

Hab meine ich nur ne alte Schulversion und 2017 ja nur ein paar Monate experimentiert, bis ich mich in DS verliebt hatte. Vermutlich hat Blender auch so was?

Wären der Unreal Shop nicht primär darauf ausgelegt, Produkte für kommerzielle Zwecke (Spiele) zu verkaufen (Preis) und hätte ich gaaaaaanz viel Zeit, hätte ich mir wohl langsam mal die Unreal Engine 5 angeschaut, sieht mittlerweile echt beeindruckend aus, was die in "Echtzeit" erzeugt. Im nächsten Leben vielleicht.

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I can see your gaming roots here! The perfect scene and environment in which someone would want to wander off and explore as an open-world... after fleeing from or killing the orcs first of course! :D

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

haha... well if it was a game, then you'd end up being an orc or ally, so it would be ok.

But yes, that would be the kind of game to enjoy.

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Very good. I have to make one with pines too.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Sounds great. I'd love to see it.

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