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To the Death: Orc Lore

I've got me the new Genesis 8.1 Gerta from RawArt3d, she's got a very nice fantasy barbarian sculpt as is to be expected from RawArt3D.
She works very well with Cromwell, Dragonsbane or the Barbaric characters. I've put in a bit of RawArts She-Orc and a few minor changes, but not much. She comes with two body shapes and a dirt option.
Overall, I really like her, and even if you don't use her as is, her morph is nice to put some muscle onto another character.

For the picture, I tried to do a little Half-Orc theme with her, even though she would owe at least part hof her built to her human side and a lot of physical excercise ;)
Still, I did a little series with her, so you can decide if you like her. I haven't yet decided on a name, though I'd have to, if I include her. She would make a good To the Death gladiatrix character.

So here some more Orc-Ecology.

Original orc races:

So let’s start at the beginning.

The first orcs:

The very first orcs would be the captured elves, mostly Avari. Tolkien mentions that Melkor would somehow bring them to betray their own kind by fear of himself and torture. Now everyone has a breaking point (it might just be difficult to find), so I find this pretty questionable as a mark of evil, but hey, it’s at least a start. These are your basic orc, still pretty close to wild elves, the first to be created, and maybe the last to go. They’re mostly tied to the dark powers by fear, and once this fear was removed, they might well shake of the shadow cast over them.

True orcs:

True orcs would be pure descendants of the first orcs with only minor adaption to the environment and need of the dark powers. As they are changed to become warriors and worker slaves, I would assume that males are by magic made to be more physically powerful but with a twist on their original elven character. Elves, too, can be hot blooded, single-minded and warlike and prone to evil deeds, as the Tolkien lore demonstrates. So I think you'd just have to push them a bit more in that direction, make them a bit more edgy with less long term attention maybe. They wouldn't be stupid, maybe in some ways more focused, but they might lack the famed elvish memory or taste for learning and imagination for long term concepts. That would leave them easier to be controlled but still very capable for their tasks. Maybe they would be a bit faster to reproduce than your high elves, so if there are losses and souls available, they might be closer but still not even close to humans.


But let’s say once they were malleable enough, another strain would soon be created, quicker to breed, more evenly distributed genders. But nasty Iluvatar set a limit to available elven spiritual supply, and if they would happily outbreed it, having little other fun in their miserable little lives, the more goblins produced, the weaker and more feeble they become. This would explain the huge but mostly useless goblin armies of Mordor. Still, they’re almost impossible to get rid of – they would become stronger and more cunning the more you kill off, and would start to multiply again, once they manage to get out of sight. These mongrel would be what you'd basically consider an 'orc'. 

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ThreeElves's avatar

I just have to ask... is the landscape or parts of it 3d or is it a stock photo?

It just looks amazing, just as the whole image.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

It's actually a set of hdri-pictures:

I'm not really comfortable with using HDRI for backgrounds for a number of reasons, but good ones can provide a beautiful lighting. In this picture the foreground is actually 3D.

But yes, it's a great landscape set, that's why I bought it.

MarcMons007's avatar

One of your best work.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Thanks a lot! Sometimes it's the simple things ;)

Kibosh-1's avatar

Another inspiring cinematic piece! Her physique looks very realistic and that mountainous environment really pulls me in and evokes feelings of a vast world to explore.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Lol... yeah it's kind of a barbarian and landscape pin-up. She really got a beautifully sculpted morph. Of course it's overblown, but I like to add a bit of RawArt morphs into characters, to make the body shape a bit more interesting.

Kibosh-1's avatar

I like that. "A barbarian landscape pin-up" Actually, the thumbnail looks superb too which is always a good sign.

That's the good thing about morphs - mixing and matching is fun!

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Yeah, that's one of the fun parts. Atm I'm trying to mix her with Catherine (the lady from the italian courtyard). I found out that you can't backward morph from 8.1 - i.e. you can put old morphs into 8.1 but not vice versa.

Kibosh-1's avatar

Bummer! I hate these minor upgrades which require you to re-purchase everything. Even renaming parts of the 8.1 mesh which means some things don't work.. what's up with that!!

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Well you can put Genesis 8 stuff on 8.1, textures (you just change the UV option in the surfaces to Gen 8), morphs and equipment work. It's just that they replaced the basic expression morphs and thus all expression morphs that were based on those old 3/8 facial expressions won't work with them.

You just can't use Genesis 8.1 textures and morphs backwards. But that kinda makes sense.

But you can use the 'PBR-Skin' shader on Genesis 8/3, it's just some work adapting the microtextures and glossy.

Kibosh-1's avatar

Yes, I guess we can't expect all old stuff to work perfectly with new stuff (it doesn't with every other consumer product out there) but I'm sure they change small things just to make it so everyone has to update (like the default pose between Gen3 and Gen8 causing a few fitting issues) - just like software and electronics.. isn't that what marketing and consumerism's end goal is - spending makes the economy work. :)

sodacan's avatar

She looks like she could hold her own against Orcs....

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Depends. Male Orcs tend to be stronger, though the dimorphism is less obvious in half orcs... like her.

sodacan's avatar

Yes. She is impressive though....

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

lol... just stay behind her... safe place, nice sight.

sodacan's avatar

:D That's quality advice.

AOGRAI's avatar

Those muscles are very much lacking in me!!!

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

lol... just enjoy the landscape :D

AOGRAI's avatar

yES I should avert my sore eyes! Well atleast I did some routine work out... no spinach in the fridge though!

Andrey79's avatar

Great job, atmospheric image!

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar
RobF4's avatar

Very nice render! Love the character and the scenery. I really enjoy how your art tells a story, almost like it’s historical.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Thanks a lot. Both the Mountain Lake HDRI as well as Gerta from RawArt are just excellent, maybe not what you usually do, but worth their money.

RobF4's avatar

Thanks for the tip, Magnus!

"What I usually do" doesn't always stay consistent. :)

I have to say, doing the sci-fi renders has taught me a lot, simply because every model I use is not optimized for Iray, so it forces you to tweak textures. But I still love doing people. Funny thing, though (deja vu... I think I've said this to you before), rendering people in scenes takes about 10 times as long to compose with about 10% of the views on DA. But... I wouldn't do the star ships if I didn't enjoy doing them. It's not all about page views and watcher numbers.

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