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Street Fairy - 25

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Moving down the road and fading into light,

they loose face as we pass them by, some linger on, some die.

Yes, Dan, by the grace of God they say,

But I say

Ding Dong the Bastard is Dead.

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Love the camera tilt. And the warm sun!

While this would also make a great stand alone image (conjuring up all sorts of story hooks and ideas) it is definitely a great capstone on the street fairy story.

Lots of room for interpretations, but also a nice sense of finality, of 'Job done - can move on now, at last'.

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Just a little memento mori... regarding the date in the diner (and the name over the door)... and the poster in the corner.

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Where has this biker been for so many years if he's so sorry?

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well in short... they met with her being 16... and she just disappeared. At that age, tracking her down in an adult environment wasn't really an option.

So when he picked up the trail, after coming across some clues, it was about five years later. So he came up on the corpse some time later. It's more or less set in the United States, but that doesn't change much - the statistics for missing kids and young women are staggering. It's probably up to tenth of thousands every year there that don't show up again.

And since there was no means of identification - who was the corpse in the train? Has he been building an imaginary person around her? Is there really some ghost? Not knowing what happened can be pretty much worse than facts - especially if there are so many shit things that do happen. The girl in the picture is one of those examples.

And then time passed. Some answers he got. But never a final one.

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This begs the question about the dna test.

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well... unfortunately you first have to have some dna to test against...

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The skeleton has a mouthful of teeth.

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He has no DNA of the 'original' so what can that test prove except for a basic congruence?

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The original is not required, forensic scientists could determine gender, age, approximate time of death, and probably some other information that could exclude the fact that this is the remains of that girl.

The biker now received the hope that it might be the skeleton of a stranger, but he decided to literally bury this hope.

The easiest way is to wave a cannon, drink whiskey as he does, but this story is not as hopeless as it looks.

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you're right on that of course :D hope dies last

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Is that an angel, or did she in fact beat her addiction and move on, or is this another character? So many options and great story telling/image again!

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When the narrator started to follow the girl at some point, of course he came upon many tales and tracks... you might guess... so what he's after is really the sum of many real tales... in this case, the very first picture can give you the answer.

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