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Pirate (4 - 1)

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Location  Pacific ocean
Still trapped within the event horizon. Another NaNoWriMo Sketch I did mainly for myself. 

There is no human strength that fate can't break at leisure. Nothing stands between us and despair but each other. 

This is an alternate picture to this scene:

Pirate (4) by Magnus-Strindboem 

Main storyline starts here:
Pirate (1) by Magnus-Strindboem 

DAZ3D Iray Render, minor PS & Topaz post work. 

Pirate: The Pirate herself. 
Pirate: Officer Background 
Pirate: Setting and Plot 
Pirate: Concept and Summary 

(Only the rescue team gets to see the nice bits, lol.)
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I have to say, Calavera has a constitution to endure things that would finish of most people....

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haha I'm a firm believer in that hero characters should be a cut above average. But yeah, alone she'd likely not seen the evening.

On the other hand, having in mind stuff from the Civil War, it's actually crazy how much some people can take and live.

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love the pose and composition here ! Really nice job ! but how did you posed this coat here ? Looks very realistic !

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Thanks. I dforced it into place first with some manipulations to get rid of the presets, and then used the mesh grabber tool to manipulate the mesh where necessary.

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Fav fella (Badge) Fav fella (Badge)Fav fella (Badge)Fav fella (Badge)Fav fella (Badge)

S U P E R ! ! !


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Hey, thanks a lot. More illustrative than for visual impact, but I like how it turned out - helps me with writing, too.

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As a child, I always came across boats in which there was water at the bottom, I had to take a scoop and from time to time throw out the water.

I always thought that this is a design feature, but it turns out that it should not be so.

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Actually I put in a water plane for exactly that purpose, but it did not show up in the render :( I admit I was to lazy to check what happened. Of course she's lying in a puddle.

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uhm... ab bit less, but yes... kinda like that. That would be the point to throw it out faster.

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I put it from memory. Our hardcore boats had even higher water levels. I don't think this is normal.^^;

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The coat looks like angel wings.

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It did not occur to me, but you are right...

I like that!

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I feel it really warms up the scene.

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Great work on the outfit!

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Thanks so much. I did a lot of reworking the fabric and condition, so that it would look like some finery a pirate would steal and then wear to death ;)

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For some reason, I prefer the alternate.... but I like the intimacy feeling of this one :)

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They're really complementing each other. The other one was mainly done with the overall appeal in mind. It's certainly better from a composition aspect. But I did a lot of work on the shaders and textures in between, there's a reason I did no close-ups at first.

And of course the second one is more intimate (lol, actually more intimate than the version I posted) but it's mostly to complement the writing which is done from the male protagonists point of view.

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