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DAZ3D Forest Landscape study: Night

This is the last of four forest landscape studies done in DAZ3D studio. 

The focus was on the overall mood, light and shapes while optimizing the use of ressources, at best not exceeding the weight of one average DAZ character.
Also all forest landscapes should be merged into one set for easy combination and accessibility. The idea came during the work of another forest related piece where I ran into a couple of problems.
When Andrey79 published his new tree set at DAZ, I decided to rework my old forest base. 

If you're interested in the setup - there is a journal to this landscape setup in the Creative Process series here:

Creative Process Part VIForest Scenery setup example - A little side track into the forest, so to speak.

Please note that you can find the other entries here: 
As I wrote before, landscape is just another character in the image and there are similarities and differences to setting up a useful (i.e. reusable) and resource friendly scenery.
In this case I felt I had to update my trusty old forest set from Andrey, since it was not really optimized for Iray and it could become a bit heavy on render time. Since Andrey put out a new beautiful Fir tree set, I decide to create a new forest scenery.
Also I wanted to be able to reuse it for different kinds of forest, so I could economize on reusable parts, like backdrop, atmosphere, ground, camera setups and lighting, the latter arguably being the most time consuming.
There are a number of forest sets around, but I was not satisfied, especially Harpwood Trail which relies a bit too much on instancing for

Main sets featured: 
Nature - Plants Pack 1 | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
Nature Trees Pack 4 | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
The Harpwood Trail for Daz Studio | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
Wild Borders | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
3D Scenery: Deepwood Gorge 3D Models ShaaraMuse3D

DAZ3D Iray Render, some PS & Topaz post work. 
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Totally my mindset as we speak. Magnificent!

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Thanks a lot! Guess sometime I've got to follow that path along :D

respect bro.

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:) No words can be nice, too.

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Well done. Night scenes are always tricky with lighting.

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Thanks so much. I'm still completely puzzled by the reception, since it was likely the least favourite of the four pictures with me, mostly in to complete the light situations and add the gorge setup. ^^;

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You shouldn't be. It's an absolutely lovely image!

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Omg I just want to be there..


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Are you not afraid of the dark ;)?

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lol, no not in a scenery like that :P!

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it's impressive. Game of light and fog... Atmospherical!

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I'm glad you liked the way it turned out. Maybe at some point I'll follow the path a bit further ;)

realmente bello

honestly this shocked me awesome....

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Whoa... I hope the shock did not hurtSweating a little...  :o (Eek) 
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