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Greetings, all. I have decided that I would still maintain a viable, albeit limited, presence within this platform after all. Suffice it to say, I have resolved some pressing issues, and now I feel as though that I can continue to make strides in the right direction. My sincerest apologies for anyone startled or unnerved by my consideration of terminating my account. To anyone reading this, I wish you well in life.

Also, special thanks to turnip007 for being a wonderful friend during a difficult personal issue that I was dealing with at the time. Please visit his page; he is a fantastic, underrated artist.

   I have been noticing for quite some time now that there are a few suspicious-looking DeviantArt accounts that have recently added my deviation, “Humanoid Vixen,” to each of their favorites gallery.

The accounts thus far are listed as follows (in order of when the upvote was granted by each individual):

btlawDayesxINemanjaNedicmrinvisibletapeveyhanoweneftikiJessicaRTnumbers00900 and euanwallace

And, each of these accounts all (or at least most of them) share the following characteristics:

    -     They have posted no deviations or scraps of their own.

    -  They have posted no comments, critiques, or forum posts.

    -     They have no watchers (or they have literally no more than 3-4 people watching them).

    -     They have minuscule pageviews as well as visitor traffic.

    -     Their last visits are listed as being away for months and even years.

    -     They have no status updates or journal entries posted.

    -     They have a deviantID section that displays bare minimum information with no profile picture.

  -  And, most notably, within that very same section, they all have websites listed along with descriptions thereof (that have bizarre grammar) suggesting sexually explicit content with the prospect of dating (or “hooking up”).

Here are just a few examples (I would also advise actually visiting any of these websites lest your computer may potentially become infected with malware. Proceed at your own risk, otherwise):

“ᴡᴡᴡ.19sеху.рw - Hоt krоsоtki wishing lоvе yоu аntiсipаtе hеrе.”

“ᴡᴡᴡ.19sеху.рw - sех dаting with thе mоst pаssiоnаtе girls hеrе.”

“ᴡᴡᴡ - plаusiblе yоung girls lоvе sех sех оn оnе twiсе wаiting fоr yоu hеrе.”

“ᴡᴡᴡ - Wоmаn lооking fоr sех buddy соmmuniсаtiоn rеlаtiоnship thеn соmе in hеrе.”

   I presume that all of these accounts are likely fake ones, and bots at that. My question is: is this anything that I truly need to be concerned with? Because I have a feeling that these accounts upvoting my “Humanoid Vixen” (as well as potentially any other of my deviations) are not going to stop anytime soon. And, I obviously wish to face no detriment because of such upvotes from them. Any suggestions, be it though public comments or private notes, on this particular issue would be greatly appreciated.

   Also, I just want to explicitly state THAT I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS OR THEIR RESPECTIVE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT WEBSITES THAT THEY ARE SEEMINGLY PROMOTING! Not to mention that the only watchers/followers and favorites that I desire should be from actual human beings, rather than any sort of bot; I am a person who favors integrity, not someone desperate for false approval to enhance my own reputation therein.

My sincerest apologies for the inactivity, everyone. I have had much to deal with these past couple of months that have significantly hindered my ability to create art (I was not able to participate in this year's Aiers Contest) and even respond to messages and so forth within this very platform. I shall do what I can to remain more active on all four of my artistic platforms. That being said, if there is anyone I forgot to thank for a watch/favorite or just have any questions/concerns in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, I bid you all happy holidays and a Happy New Year's. :)

    This took quite a bit longer than I had originally anticipated. But here I am with a significant follow-up since my last journal entry.


    Firstly, have established new accounts on three additional art-based websites under my condensed username, “Magantith,” by which I can also be followed there:…

    I may also provide full reviews pertaining to my experience on each of these different websites sometime in the future. In addition, I have also registered for the “DeviantArt Eclipse” waiting list, which I also intend to review to see if, indeed, DeviantArt is making any progress that legitimately caters to the majority of us (the omission of those abhorrent advertisements actually does seem at least somewhat promising. But only time shall time if this is, indeed, a step in the right direction).


    Secondly, I need to state that, despite all of its current flaws, I shall remain active, here, on DeviantArt as it shall also act as my primary “base of operations.” However, because I now have auxiliary accounts to manage, I shall also not be quite as active on DeviantArt. But, worry not, as I shall still respond to any comment, note, etc. in a relatively timely fashion (or, at the very least, I shall try to respond swiftly enough). Furthermore, my updates shall be reduced to being posted every quarter or third of a year (depending upon certain circumstances), as opposed to being every single month, henceforth.


    And lastly, there are a couple of projects that I intend to have completed within the relative near future (and, hopefully, by the end of this year):

- A project for Aiers: Antythor Chronicles that shall also serve as an entry for “Aiers at the Time of the Third War of the Power” contest:
 Aiers at the Time of the Third War of the Power by Shabazik

- And a private request (which I treat much like I would an actual commission); I am not at liberty to elaborate upon any specific details


There are also some additional projects for the future that I am considering after the completion of the ones stated from above:

- A second redesign of the Antythorian Stone-Dweller Armor (I just feel as though I can do better; it does not look 16th-17th century-esque enough to me…):
Antythorian Stone-Dweller Armor Redesign by Magnus-Antithesis

- A depiction/lore of a member of the Ash-Strider branch (reconnaissance division of Antythor’s military/security)

- Some miscellaneous Illustrations/lore based upon Aiers: Antythor Chronicles

- A self-portrait (I figured that it was high time that all of you have at least some idea as to what I look like :))

- Two private art trades with a couple of good friends of mine, here, on DeviantArt (something that has been in planning for quite a while, now)

- A collaboration with another friend on DeviantArt (though, I have yet to ask this particular individual to agree upon such; only time shall tell)

- Some actual fanart based upon some of the video games that I enjoy (however, I have no specific project in mind)

- And a private project based upon another collaborative universe that I am also cultivating, along with that of Aiers


    Also, as a final note, I intend to fully devote all of my future art pieces utilizing purely the digital art medium, as opposed to any pencil-digital hybrids. That is not to say that I will never return to utilizing the pencil-based medium; rather, it is one that shall be dismissed for quite a while.

    Once again, should any of you have any questions, concerns or otherwise, please do not hesitate to do so whichever method (public comment or private note) that you would prefer.

Yours truly, Magantith

DeviantArt's 18th Anniversary

I shall simply allow my coloration to “speak for itself,” as it were. Although, I will admit that my version, especially in comparison to many others, certainly beckons my namesake in a particular regard (I imagine some of you may decipher what I am exactly insinuating). Regardless, I wish the users of this very platform well as time progresses for both us and the conduit by which many have devoted our artistic craft within.

Submission Entry for:…

UPDATE: If you wish for some actual context proceed here:…

Original Template: lovethefailedartist

Modified Template: Jirvey

Template Assortment: Moe-Kai

Coloration/Editing: Magnus-Antithesis 

Medium: Digital


Coloration belongs to Magnus-Antithesis (aka Magantith)





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