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Emperor Palpatine Puns

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Hey that's not congruent it has to be the same size and shape
You forgot one. The Death Star II blows up. "Blew it."
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So much laughs have been laughed this 5 minutes..
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This is briliant,i can't stop laughing xD
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Ha ha... Until this moment, I never really knew the depths of depravity, to which a Sith Lord could sink. :D
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Stew it.
Screw it.
Jew it?
Blew it.
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don't do it !
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Palpatine, what colors do you want on the walls in your room?

"Blue it"!
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Han: Palpatine what should I do with Greedo?

Plapatine: Shoot it
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I think someone's a Game Grumps fan spongebob rape face 
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Ha ha to funny 😂😂😂
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lol! love the kazoo!
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I got one!

Me: Hey Palpatine, how do you feel about Sonic Boom's designs?

Palpatine: Don't blue it.
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Sorry but I'm to busy laughing my ass off :rofl: you're brilliant!!! 
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