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YM Themes : Adobe CS4 Skin

    Y! CS4 Essentials™
    Adobe CS4 Skin for Yahoo! Messenger

    version 1.0

    :pointr: Mac OSX Aqua Skin for Yahoo! Messenger -- [link]

      Inspired by Adobe CS4 Products.

      This changes the whole interface to match the latest Adobe CS4 Software

      Uses the original elements taken from Adobe CS4 Products.

      This will be my 3rd theme for Yahoo! Messenger
      and hopefully my 2nd theme to be published on :devart:

      it's the 1st release of this theme ... still many to come :w00t:

      " What's SO great about this ? " :#1:
        :pointr: Installing is simply as 3 clicks! -- installation is in wizard

        version 2.0 -- Coming Soon!

      " please do :+fav: and add your comments. "

      MUCH RESPECT :bow:

      :highfive: ADD ME TO :+devwatch: FOR MORE UPDATES

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how did you make this?

i tried to make a skin that looks like window7 frame

but it always become all black
note that you can't use images with transparency, for some reason it will render black pixels instead of the alpha channels. :aww:
KayBizz's avatar
omg I have this skin! But I found it off another website, I don't remember the name. But a definite thanks for such a wonderful yahoo skin. Now all you need is a CS5 Yahoo to match my new software :P
your welcome. :D

kinda busy right now i'll give an update if i'm on it so make sure to :+devwatch:

does the site you got it from contains the original package together with the credits? :o
KayBizz's avatar
Yeah I just tried to look for the website and it does credit you *whew* lol. It's on
ok. thanks for the info. :D
C1PR1ONE's avatar
Any news? v2.0? :D
AngelAngeles's avatar
2nd here... i like this skin.. something for cs5??? and a cs5 icon??

(and a dark version)
MekF's avatar
awesome theme mate. thanks
AceAttorneygirl's avatar
Lucky I installed Yahoo! Messenger again XD
This skin looks pretty cool :)
This will be my skin for the messenger now :XD:
Thanks for uploading^^ :hug:
your welcome. thank you too!

it really makes my work worth it. :love:
AceAttorneygirl's avatar
No Problem :)
Would be freaking awesome if you could make Windows 7 Themes where I don't have to replace explorer.exe :XD: *Shot*
Mr-Thien's avatar
Wonderfuly:D Good job:)
thank you... :strong:

thanks for the greetings! :winner:

hope this brightens up your new year!

cheers! :mwahaha:
Misaki2009's avatar
awesome, keep the skins coming because they're awesome :D
thanks mate. :w00t:

really appreciate it!

my next theme will be unique

and i'll make something different next time.
AngelAngeles's avatar
create something dark because many wants dark theme.
Misaki2009's avatar
:D can't wait for it :D
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