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Ultimate Icons : Windows + Mac

    Windows + Mac Icons Pack

    :pointr: ICO + PNG Icon Package

    :pointr: Windows + Mac for Start Button -- [link]

    Try it with
    :pointr: iDock for ObjectDock -- [link]
    :pointr: iDock for RocketDock -- [link]

      What if ... Windows and Mac are merged together? :D

      maybe this would be the answer ...
      it just came onto my mind. :bounce:

      Tell me what you think.

      I don't know if someone has done this idea before but i haven't seen one.

      " What's SO great about this ? " :#1:

        :pointr: 256 x 256 icon size support
        :pointr: 9 Variations -- to choose from
          :pointr: Glimpse -- is Apple with the Windows colors as outline
          :pointr: Glow -- as the name says it
          :pointr: Luminous -- is pretty much on the colors
          :pointr: mini -- mini Apple on box
          :pointr: Orb -- is the WinPle version of the Windows Orb + Media Center
          :pointr: Shaded -- is like normal but with shadows
          :pointr: Washed -- like Glimpse but thicker outline and much obvious colors
          :pointr: White Out -- solid white Apple logo
          :pointr: Win + App -- the Original One! ;)

        :pointr: Each variety includes
          :pointr: Basic
          :pointr: Shadows
          :pointr: White Shadow
          :pointr: Reflections
          :pointr: Boxed
          :pointr: Grey Boxed

          :note: well except for the Orb + mini

        :pointr: ICO for Windows + PNG for your dock -- isn't that great?

      " please do :+fav: and add your comments. " :D

        MUCH RESPECT :bow:

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kirmos's avatar
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C'est bien inspiré!
iDR3AM's avatar
ozl's avatar
wow i love the shiny Win7 Style black and white apples xD
EmoElmo199's avatar
How do you change the start button?
you can change the start orb using this [link] :D
MeXuT's avatar
lol... this is cool. :)
i guess these would go well with my mac-rip wallpaper. :)
Thank you.

Yea~ I'll make a wallpaper based on this icons too. :aww:

i'll note you. :D
yethzart's avatar
Start menu Icon?
no, these are icons for your dock and windows desktop.:)

if you are looking for start menu icon get it here -- [link]
get the same icon for start button replacement here : [link]
Misaki2009's avatar
LOL this is just AWESOME!
Misaki2009's avatar
i made it for myself as windows orb, hope you don't mind because i used your resources, it's just for myself, i won't post it anywhere :D
yes. it's ok. it is for sharing anyway.

i don't mind that... this is for personal use.

if you want to share it on net... use the deviation's link :strip:
Misaki2009's avatar
thanks :D maybe i will post it here after i fix some bugs on it :( when it's pressed the image is a little bit bigger than when it's hovered.
are you putting this for windows start button?

HERE : [link]

Misaki2009's avatar
already downloaded <3 looks great :D posted one i made today too :D [link] , i credited you on the info :D thanks again :D
Thank you! :D

Please link this page on your deviation as well.

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