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The most fluent Windows timer for automated functions.
Puts you in charge of your system schedule, you may leave your system running with no worries
and now added with new features for monitoring network activity and computer idle time.

:megaphone: Shoutout: for interested pre-beta testers you may find Shandra builds here [link] :D
Latest build is 167

Timepad 0.6 is here!
:bulletgreen: advanced monitoring for network activity
:bulletorange: advanced computer idle timer
:bulletgreen: improved alert notifications + sound alerts
:bulletorange: improved UI and introduction to panels
:bulletgreen: more customizable settings
:bulletorange: run programs or files after countdown
:bulletgreen: windows 7 superbar integration
:bulletorange: command line arguments

release notes and other info are included.

Beta open for feedback & suggestions
Want it? Test it. Love it? :+fav: it! and give :points: :woohoo:
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Have something to ask? Post it all here.
Tell us what you think... Share us your feedback. :pencil:

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Thank you very much! :aww:
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Can this work for Win7
TheRadiationMaster's avatar
Yay!!Ribbon UI!
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HeyItsJonoHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome! Just a suggestion, maybe make it so that one of the options you can do with the timer is set off an alarm or also make a reminder pop up?
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Desi-SparkStudent Artist
Love it .... looking for this kind of app. :headbang:

i saw all features .. but i got error.
i have Win 7 ultimate SP1 and .net framework 4.5 final latest.
i hope you are working on it :)

eagerly waiting for the next release.
all the best. Good Luck. :D
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P5YD3XHobbyist Photographer
i've been looking for something like this.
Would be amazing tool if it's "One-file-only"
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I just discovered this program on coincidence. I was actually looking for skins for the Vista Shutdown Timer, also a good program, it does what it should, but it is so ass-ugly lol

This one looks great, has the same and even more functions, very great work.
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Hi friend, thanks for a nice program!

Works fine with Windows 7 Pro x86.

I would like to suggest one thing: My interest on the program is to lock the screen when PC went idle. But we don't have any way to automate this? Such as: By default, anytime the system becomes idle for 10 seconds, the program will lock the screen. When I unlock, the program starts to count again automatically?

Thanks a lot for attention!
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any further development on this great app ?
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MayFlyArtHobbyist Digital Artist
cool :tunes:
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This is so AWESOME!

Thank you very much for this great app!

I wish there could be a small popup notify/reminder tool in the same way like yours
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
Thank you! you're very much welcome.

That's a feature we will be having in the future. :D
mikejon45's avatar
Latest release now working fine for me...many thanks for working on resolving the issues on x64.
is there a possibility you could add an option so that the program remembers it's last location on your desktop please?
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
no problem. happy to hear that its working fine now. :aww:
sure thing, we'll have it on the next release.
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Since I'm using Windows 7, I think I have same problem like mikejon45 has - 0.6 not working.
I'm using Soluto, so right after I start Timepad, an "error" comes that Timepad has crashed.
If I disable Soluto's crash handeling, nothing comes up.
I even tried to start .application, but it says that I have to install VisualBasic PowerPacks (something like that).

BTW Thanks for name change :D
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
thank for this report i am able to trace the faults of vb powerpacks.
that gave me the idea that the problems doesn't just exist on x64 alone.
but with any system that are missing components such as this. :thumbsup:
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I'm running 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
could you give this a try :D [link]
robotkoer's avatar
It works! But don't laugh at he's problem :D
robotkoer's avatar
I have a question: why Settings and 2nd About screen are not tabs?
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
that's good. no i'm not laughing i just like to smile. :D

good question. it's because they will lack too much space (width and height)
if i were to put all their contents on the ribbon bar.

or should i say a ribbon bar with too much height doesn't look good,
so i put them up as "panels", which you can easily access
without having to open up new windows for settings and other things.
panels are resizable and content friendly, it also hides as icon
after switching to tabs to maintain the compactness of the app. :nod:
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
mikejon45 is on x64 but it's strange
that you also encountered the error since you're on x32.

i'll look into it. :D
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TangmeisterHobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome update! :) But I feel like the ribbon gets cluttered by too much text b/c of the Start and End time. :(
MAGNUMHEARTEDProfessional Interface Designer
hello. let me ask you something
i just need to clear out something in my mind
do you have visual studio or any sdk installed in your system?
what windows are you using? :D
thank you for your cooperation.
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