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Cheese! :D

Art by my friend, RocatArt :3

Make a vote! ^ w ^/ This'll determine the order I release the new character info sheets when they're all done~ (I'm getting close! ; w ;/ ) Who are you most excited to learn more about?~ 

114 deviants said Hana
97 deviants said Ella
96 deviants said T***i*a**
89 deviants said Adelaide
81 deviants said Hiromi
64 deviants said Leuedai



Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 
Hey y'all!~ :P

Gonna try and run through this quick~
So I had my first week of university this last week, and lemme tell ya, it's gonna be a busy and stressful year... =   o = But then again it's my senior year! So I'd kind of expect there to be a heavy work load XP Thus, I won't be able to put out as many drawings as I have in the past \>  o</ Doesn't mean I'm gonna stop drawing completely tho!~ :3c hehe I'll keep posting every now and then!

Also, it came to my attention that there aren't many people who understand the OmniV story, world, lore, or many details about my OC's (because I haven't done a great job of making these things clear... >   w >), for example Ella's eye color changes. I noticed some of you were confused about the eye change in the colored animation I did, so here's what I'm planning on doing: I'm in the process of making new character sheets for Ella, Hana, Hiromi, and Leuedai (the original four) going deeper into their characteristics and powers and backstories~ Maybe I'll do a new one for Adelaide too, since I feel like she may need a new sheet as well. And who knows, I may be working on a character sheet for a new character while I'm at it... >;3c mwehehe... I'm also planning on putting more info together on the OmniV world as a whole, so going into greater detail of MAVRO, Alabaster, Aoriku, Omnivoyant, etc. Hopefully this'll help clarify the story a bit more to everyone! (As well as helping me get everything reorganized XP haha) Then after that, I think I can start doing a bit of simple storyboarding for the next series of comics! \>   w </ (among other projects lol)

Anyways, I'll still be doing DiD draws throughout the semester since I know some of you may be worried about that too XP Donchu worry~

I think this is about it for now? :thinking: If there's anything else I'm forgetting I'll update this journal XP Sorry y'all~ Lots on the mind rn cuza schooooool (_ =     o   = )_ haha
Welp, until next time! :D



Omnivoyant World and Story Infos
XP yay pdfs~
Whew this took some time to put together XP haha I know I said I would have this ready by last Monday... but school =      w   =

I know it says in the text itself, but I'll reiterate:
Lots of information won't be revealed until I reach the point in the story to reveal them (most of which will be in the next series of comic pages and beyond~ This is to keep certain things mysterious until they are revealed later on) Certain things will make more sense once I post those comics~ :3 So if some things seem a bit vague or certain things aren't explained or some things don't make much sense now, they'll moooost likely be answered soon. In addition, certain details are subject to change as I make it further into the story, but this is where I'm at for now :3c
Anyways, hope y'all enjoy a bit of history and infos about my story world involving Ella and friends! ;      w   ;/

If you're trying to read from the app, here's a link where I think you can read it from:
Omnivoyant World and Story Infos for App Users~
Then I think if you hit 'Download PDF' you should be able to see it pop up! :3
Previous Gril Line-up by Magnolia-BaillonUpdated Gril Line-up by Magnolia-Baillon
(XP Laughing at myself for the quick Addie edit in the first line-up draw hahaha)
With Leu's character sheet being posted recently, here's the new, updated line-up of all the current grils of the OmniV team~ ;    w ;/ Pretty crazy to see the change in style from 2016 to now >   w </ hehe they still make similar poses as they did two years ago tho~

I'm going to spend the rest of today relaxing after a stressful school week =      w  =/ So I'll make that post with world information tomorrow or Monday instead~ Thanks for all the supportive words and comments and notes guys!~ \>   v </ I'm glad you like these info sheets~ I'll try and get to responding to those tomorrow too! :3c
(Edit: School got busy since Monday so I'll organize and post the world information when I'm free and able =      w  =/)
Leuedai Character Sheet
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Qhroma
Hair Color: Dyed pink with blue (Born blonde)
Eye Color: Pink
Mark Location: Left Arm
Common Nicknames: Leu, Pinkie (by Cross)

An interesting girl with a propensity for partaking in bondage activities, Leuedai is the skilled sharpshooter recruited into Rev's team after the Kasaikōri sisters joined. She is sometimes lazy and is an easy-going girl, but when the time comes for her to get serious, she becomes one of the most reliable and strong-willed members of the team. She often finds herself in distressing situations while on missions, most of the time on purpose. However, she has become an expert escape artist due to the number of times she successfully escaped those scenarios. Additionally, she is somehow always successful in completing her mission objectives (unless it involves not being seen or captured...).
The loudest snorer of the team~

Leuedai was born to an unmarried couple, and her mother named her Lillith upon her birth. Leu was noted as having a distinguishing blue streak in her otherwise platinum blonde hair and for her piercing pink eyes that she inherited from her mother. However, those were Leuedai's only relations with her mother, as she abandoned Leuedai and her father shortly after her birth. Leu's father was a wealthy businessman, who spent much of his time either at work or out on the town enjoying Qhroma's nightlife. As such, he was rarely ever home to spend time with his daughter, and when he was, he was always intoxicated. Leuedai was essentially raised by cheap nannies who only cared about the payment and not the childcare. Because of this, Leuedai's childhood often went unsupervised, and due to her father's lack of children's toys, she spent a lot of time either watching television or playing video games, developing a lazy personality early on. It was a very difficult and lonely existence for her, as a victim of child neglect.
Leuedai battled depression as she got older, sometimes resorting to physical harm in order to get the attention she desired. After many years of enduring this, she finally ran away from her home. She abandoned the name Lillith and took the name Leuedai, determined to make a new life on her own. However, it was a lot harder than the youth anticipated; she spent years on the streets scrounging to survive. Eventually, she became desperate and started to steal to survive. After an unsuccessful theft attempt, authorities were called in and she attempted to fight her way out of the ordeal. With no other choice, the authorities cuffed her hands behind her back with electronically locked handcuffs and placed her in their vehicle. Coincidentally, Leuedai's Omnivoyant powers manifested for the first time, sending nerve signals throughout her body that gave the girl a feeling of excitement. Her handcuffs suddenly disengaged, and she managed to unlock the vehicle door just by touching it. Leuedai made her escape from the authorities, but would end up keeping the handcuffs. For some reason, she felt a surge of excitement whenever she put them back on. This was the beginning of her addiction into the world of bondage.
A newly self-confident Leuedai would continue to live on the streets for many more years, making an art out of her thieving skills and using her Omnivoyant powers to her advantage. She even managed to steal pink and blue hair dyes, which she used to change her hair from long and blonde to short and pink/blue, officially erasing a remnant of her former life. She had also been exploring MAVRO facilities, since they had awesome new technologies to check out and "borrow" (weaponry especially caught her eye), and as she learned, they had a 'fun' way of dealing with Omnivoyant intruders. Leuedai would frequently sneak into these facilities and get caught on purpose to satisfy her cravings of be restrained, but she would always manage to escape and steal something on the way out. One day while escaping with a new piece of MAVRO tech in hand, Leuedai walked right into a purple-haired girl who was trying to sneak in to steal the very piece of tech Leuedai had in her hands. Surprised and impressed at Leu's skills and noticing the Mark on her left arm, the purple-haired girl introduced herself as Hiromi and offered to take Leuedai back to her hideout and join their OmniV team to fight MAVRO. This meant that Leu wouldn't have to live on the streets any longer, and she would have her own shelter and a newfound purpose in life. She happily accepted the offer before attaching one end of her handcuffs to Hiromi's left wrist, locking the two together. Leuedai gleefully told Hiromi to lead the way. Hiromi obliged, but with a hint of regret in her voice...
As a part of the team, Leuedai used her thieving skills to gain supplies for her team, including weaponry. Guns interested her from an early age (due to her playing shooting video games in her youth), and she would continue to train her skills in using these new weapons she acquires, quickly becoming the best shot on the team. Despite her new roles and duties, Leuedai still couldn't resist her desires of being restrained in bondage, and would continue to get captured on purpose to satisfy her desires. 

Special nerve signals are constantly coursing throughout Leu's nervous system, which allows her touch to influence the behavior of other electric/electronic objects. For example, if a security alarm is disabled or broken, Leuedai could simply touch the alarm and "tell it" to reactivate, temporarily blaring the alarm and sending guards in her direction.
Hana was able to develop a way for Leu's nerve signals to be read more accurately to a point where an object can now adapt freely to her thoughts and her will, as a way of trying to weaponize her OmniV power. These came in the form of finger scanners, that were modded onto the weapons Leu uses. Depending on her thoughts, she can change the effect the bullets will have on her target, change the intensity of her rifle's energy projectiles, change the type of energy projectile from her rifle, etc.
Leuedai always only thought about using her powers on electronic objects. However, Rev believes that if she broadens her scope and practices well, Leu can eventually influence the sensory input of not just electric objects, but other people as well (who also use electricity to send signals to and from the brain), potentially causing them to see/hear/etc. whatever she wants them to.
Additionally, it appears that it is because of her powers that she is constantly thrill-seeking and constantly seeking the pleasure she gets from her bondage kink: the feelings she gets from the nerve signals during these times are far more electrifying and exciting than a normal person would feel. You could say she has just a liiiiiiittle bit of an addiction to bondage...
Her pupils turn white when her powers activate.

-Camille is her modified handgun and her favorite weapon. It has various features including a built-in accelerator for additional power to its shots, a suppressor, and a finger scanner to read Leu's nerve signals. The scanner sends Leu's signals to the bullets in the magazine, changing the effect the bullets will have on the target depending on what Leu wants to do. For example, Camille could fire electrifying rounds to disable tech, incapacitating rounds with concussive effects, etc. The bullets were acquired from a MAVRO lab and modified by Hana to better suit the effects of the scanner.
-Levène is her modified rifle and her most versatile weapon. Its default mode is as a semi-automatic rifle that can fire strong energy projectiles, but with the accelerator attached to the barrel, the shots are amplified and Levène can fire powerful beams of electricity or quick but powerful blasts of energy more akin to a bullet projectile. 
-The button Leuedai wears on her beanie grants her access to numerous abilities in conjunction with her Omnivoyant powers, including: heightened weapon accuracy and precision, accelerated reading, accelerated processing of visual information (allowing for quicker reaction time), and x-ray vision. Supposedly, it had previously belonged to a Kuro Specialist who donated it to MAVRO scientists to study. Leuedai snatched it while escaping a MAVRO lab in Qhroma, and was able to use her OmniV powers to access the enhancements within. It's almost as if the button was tailored for her powers specifically... 0:
-She carries a small pack on her lower back (unseen on the character sheet) that she uses to carry various useful items, including extra magazines, duct tape, rope, a ball gag.... yeah.

-After abandoning the name Lillith, Leuedai got her name from her favorite cartoon character at the time. She was a strong, independent, and free-spirited hero, something Leu aspired to be like. Her personality began to shift from the depressed child to this new persona as she grew older, eventually becoming the crazy Leuedai we know today.
-Her pajamas consist of her underwear, rope, tape... you get the idea XP.
-She is very good at video games, but has still never won a multiplayer game against Hana.
-She's ambidextrous, but considers her left hand to be her primary.
-She has a thing for naming her favorite weapons. 
-It is strongly suggested that Leuedai's mother worked as a prostitute in Qhroma and got unexpectedly pregnant with Leuedai after a time with one of her 'best clients', Leu's father.
-The handcuffs Leuedai wears on her right wrist are the same ones that restrained her when her Omnivoyant powers emerged.
-She loves getting attention (since she was neglected as a child and got little to no attention).
    -As such, whenever she gets tied up, all of the captor's attention is on her. (Leuedai loves this, and loves bondage even more for this as well).
-If she feels that the person tying her up isn't good enough, she will give them instructions on how to make it tighter, which would often lead to confusion by the captor and a gag for Leuedai.
Hiromi Character Sheet
Hiromi Kasaikōri
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Aoriku
Hair Color: Dark purple
Eye Color: Orange
Mark Location: Right side of her abdomen
Common Nicknames: Campfire (by Deirdre/Banshee), Nénés (by Adelaide)

A serious girl and a fierce fighter, Hiromi is the oldest member of the team and the eldest 
Kasaikōri sibling. She and Rev are the best fighters on the team and natural leaders, and as such, she is his right-hand woman. Hiromi trains constantly to bolster her powers and skills, hoping to someday become strong enough to match her mother's skill levels. She prefers to go on missions by herself, making better use of her stealth capabilities. Hiromi also rarely ever smiles and doesn't really have a sense of humor... opposite to her younger sister, Hana. Despite her serious (and sometimes cold) demeanor, she cares greatly for her team, especially of Hana.
The sorest loser of the team~

Hiromi was born to Himari, daughter of the Aorikuan emperor, and Tamotsu, a noble warrior who protected the family, four years before the fall of the empire. Unbeknownst to many, Hiromi's mother was a powerful Omnivoyant, possessing powers of fire and ice, while her younger sister (Hiromi's aunt) possessed powers of wind, and her younger brother (Hiromi's uncle) possessed powers of electricity. They were some of the most powerful Omnivoyant in Aoriku. As a teen, Hiromi's mother would often spend her nights as a masked vigilante protecting the land, going under the alias '
Kasaikōri'. She had special tutelage under a close friend of the family who had previously taught her father (the emperor) how to use his powers. However, the friend ended up leaving Aoriku in hopes of researching more on the history of Omnivoyance a few years later. Regardless, 'Kasaikōri' became a very powerful guardian and was well-known and loved among the populace, even getting some action figures and other merchandise. When Himari eventually became pregnant with Hiromi, she desired to move on from the vigilante life, but knew that the people would still need protecting, especially with the growing threat of MAVRO looming over Omnivoyant. Himari used an old family secret to keep part of her Omnivoyant powers and transfer the other part of her Omnivoyance to Hiromi when she was born. Himari ended up losing her fire abilities, but would continue to serve as the 'Kasaikōri' with her remaining ice powers while also training her younger brother to take the mantle someday. Eventually, Himari felt he was good enough that she could finally put away the mask and focus on her family, eventually becoming pregnant once again and planning to pass on the remainder of her power to her second child. 
During Hiromi's first few years of life, she showed a growing interest and admiration for 'Kasaikōri', oblivious to the fact that it was her mother. She often watched old videos of 'Kasaikōri' in action, and her favorite toys were the 'Kasaikōri' plushies. After Hiromi turned four and her sister was close to being born, their lives would take a turn for the worse. A group of armed people made an attempt on the emperor's life and succeeded, killing many of the guards and staff of the palace as well. Hiromi would also end up watching her father die to give her and her mother time to escape. In addition, her Omnivoyant aunt and uncle seem to have vanished, but Himari believes she saw her sister being taken by some people clad in black. Suspecting MAVRO's responsibility in the coup d'etat and wishing to protect her remaining family (now down to just Hiromi and her unborn child), Himari fled the palace with Hiromi, utilizing her stealth experience as a vigilante to her advantage. Arriving at a safehouse, Himari gave birth to Hiromi's sister Hana, before escaping on a boat to Qhroma.
Abandoning her surname to hide the truth of their lineage, Himari tried to find a safe place in Qhroma for her children. Eventually, she came across a little orphanage and foster home away from the major Qhroman cities, and with nowhere else to go, she reluctantly left her children there. Tearfully bidding her children farewell and with parting words to Hiromi to always protect her sister, Himari departed back to Aoriku, intent on donning the mask of 'Kasaikōri' again, find her siblings, and save her home from MAVRO. She knew she would see her children again.. it's just a matter of time.
Hiromi's childhood at her new home was a trying one. She started to develop a cold personality due to past traumatic events, but tried to maintain a strong persona for her sister's sake. They didn't make any friends.. quite the opposite actually; Hiromi had to constantly defend herself and her sister from bullies and delinquents. One day however, she did meet another, equally troubled child at the orphanage: a fiery-haired girl named Deirdre. The two became quick best friends and spent much of their childhood together and with Hana. Years later, one day while defending Deirdre and herself from a violent group of bullies, Hiromi's Omnivoyant powers manifested. As if out of instinct, she clasped her hands together to make a hand sign and channeled a large stream of fire from her hands, badly burning some of her attackers. Horrified, Hiromi fled to her room. Deep inside her mind, a certain intuition was trying to tell her to leave the orphanage and search out a specific location that was unknown to her. Believing this was the best course of action (to also prevent herself from hurting others), Hiromi prepared to leave alone. She thought Hana would be safer away from her dangerous fire powers and planned to leave her there, but remembering her mother's parting words, ultimately decided to take Hana with her. Hiromi planned to take Deirdre with her too, but she soon heard the distant sounds of sirens headed towards them, and was fearful of what would happen if she and her powers were discovered to be responsible. With Deirdre nowhere to be seen nearby, Hiromi quickly wrote her a note, hoping to see her again someday, before barely evading the authorities and fleeing from the orphanage with Hana.
Arriving at the location her intuition was leading her, Hiromi and Hana found themselves at the isolated home of an old man. He took one look at the girls before realizing they were Aorikuan like him. Hiromi revealed themselves as the daughters of formerly Princess Himari, and the old man warmly welcomed them into his home, revealing that he was a close friend of their family and taught their mother how to use her Omnivoyant powers. Hiromi learned then that the '
Kasaikōri' that she idolized as a child was in fact her mother, and that her mother had managed to use her powers with amazing strength to defend others. The old man took the girls in and raised them for many years. And Hiromi, taking the surname Kasaikōri in hopes of upholding her mother's legacy, trained with her new mentor with the intent of becoming as strong as her mother.
Soon after Hiromi learned all the old man could teach him, he passed away. Hiromi and Hana returned to their old orphanage and foster home in hopes of reuniting with Deirdre, but discovered it as a smoldering pile of ash and debris. The pair were shocked, but had no time to despair due to the large squad of MAVRO operatives still lurking in the area. They were soon spotted, and Hiromi fought fiercely to defend her sister. Things were starting to look grim for the the girls, but another figure suddenly emerged and helped Hiromi dispatch the rest of their enemies. He revealed himself as a blue-haired boy with a robotic arm, stating he was planning on putting an end to MAVRO. With nowhere else to go, the two girls offered him their assistance, becoming the first members of the team that would eventually see the additions of Leuedai, Ella, Adelaide, and Tsukimaru over the next several years.

Hiromi's fire powers are a reflection of her sister Hana's ice powers. Having trained since around the time her powers first manifested, Hiromi is proficient at using many of her abilities, however she has to perform specific mudra for each power and focus on conjuring it. In addition, there are a few powers she is still unable to master. Even her mother was unable to use said abilities. The main powers Hiromi can use are listed:
-Fire generation and manipulation.
-Briefly turn into a smoke cloud.
-Regain energy to stay functional and at 100% longer (but after this new energy is used up, she becomes even more exhausted).
-Heightened senses and awareness of her surroundings. 
-Engulf other objects with fire with her touch, either burning it or imbuing it with a fire element (if it can withstand the intense heat). In the case of her kunai, it becomes so hot it can sear through metal.
In addition to her range of powers, Hiromi is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and with melee weaponry.
Hiromi's pupils appear to disappear and blue specular highlights appear on her eyes whenever her Omnivoyant powers activate.

-The kunai she wields was a weapon her mother used decades ago. It was gifted to the old man upon his departure from Aoriku, and was returned back to Hiromi for her to use. It's made of a rare metal that can withstand intense heat and cold. Hiromi keeps it close, intending to return it to her mother when they meet again.
-Hiromi's main weapon is a blade that Hana helped develop. It uses magnetic rails to protrude the blade from the hilt near-instantaneously, and can emerge from either end depending on which switch is triggered on the hilt. Hiromi does not use this weapon to kill however. It's more of a tool and scare tactic if she's questioning people for information.

-Hiromi's current attire is very similar to the attire worn by the vigilante, '
Kasaikōri', her mother and childhood hero.
-The mudra were inspired by Taoist hand seals, nine of which can be seen here:…
-Her powers keep her warm in cold environments (given her lack of clothing).
-Her favorite activity (other than spending quality time with Hana) is meditating.
-The mask she wears is made of a special fiber that creates a form-fitting seal around her face. This prevents it from moving around and she can still breathe, but it prevents her from opening her lower jaw.
-She often uses the revealing nature of her outfit to her advantage, incapacitating enemies when they show the slightest sign of being distracted. 
-Ironically, Hana's ice powers would be a better match for Hiromi's colder and serious personality. Likewise, some could say Hiromi's fire powers would better match Hana's energetic and 'sunshiny' nature. Kinda funny XP.
-She feels incredibly guilty for Deirdre's fate. While she hopes they can see eye-to-eye again, she will not back down if a fight breaks out between them.
-To date, her first encounter with Banshee is the only time she has been captured on a mission canonically. She hates the feeling of being a damsel-in-distress because it gives her a sense of failure, submission, and loss.
-She hates losing.
-Supposedly, Hiromi still has a '
Kasaikōri' plushie from her childhood somewhere in her room...


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