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I tend to draw what I feel like . . . landscapes, creepy pictures, abstract, animals, and sometimes fanart. All of my work is traditional, and I tend to use Prismacolor or ink (or both).

Random Favourites

Rain in Wonderland by magnusti78 Rain in Wonderland :iconmagnusti78:magnusti78 588 158 Working together by illogan Working together :iconillogan:illogan 98 47 of the Night. II by zemotion of the Night. II :iconzemotion:zemotion 9,848 679 The Angel and His Shadow by Dagger-13 The Angel and His Shadow :icondagger-13:Dagger-13 6 19 Assassin Set 1 by ncajayon Assassin Set 1 :iconncajayon:ncajayon 21 8 Alethia by joereimer Alethia :iconjoereimer:joereimer 311 31 Joker - ACEO by Sofera Joker - ACEO :iconsofera:Sofera 45 40 Love for Life by behindeverything Love for Life :iconbehindeverything:behindeverything 66 27 A Rocky Path by artsyone39 A Rocky Path :iconartsyone39:artsyone39 38 48 play with light by aramismarron play with light :iconaramismarron:aramismarron 853 165 Stealing Tattoo Designs by rleathers Stealing Tattoo Designs :iconrleathers:rleathers 23 2 Michaelangelo's Moses Statue by rleathers Michaelangelo's Moses Statue :iconrleathers:rleathers 3 1 Wall Flower by rleathers Wall Flower :iconrleathers:rleathers 24 1 Impossibility by rleathers Impossibility :iconrleathers:rleathers 5 5 The Lion King by leanpork The Lion King :iconleanpork:leanpork 479 25 Days For Ducks by mycat-theastronaut Days For Ducks :iconmycat-theastronaut:mycat-theastronaut 263 79
My faves are really random . . . I'll fave pretty much anything I like. I like a LOT of different kinds of art, although I usually am drawn (bad pun XD) to traditional work.


I still cannot get the app to work for the time being. I've been posting all my recent art on Instagram (along with some throwback posts). I also post art on my tumblr, but rarely (I mostly just post fanart on there, and if I do more Hetalia art, I'll probably ONLY post it on my tumblr).

Hope you check it out, if not, no pressure. I miss DA, and hope I can post again, but for now, this'll have to do :)
I'm going to be starting a commission drawing soon. It'll be 11 x 14 inches. I'm trying to figure out if doing this drawing on watercolor paper would be a good option or not. Sadly, my regular drawing paper of that size is all damaged, unless I'm missing something.

I tried researching it, but I came up with advice on paintings, and it's a drawing. It'll be mostly Prismacolor pencil with a little oil pastel for the highlights. So that's what we're working with here. I know with watercolor paper I couldn't roll it, so is it safe to ship it flat?

11 x 14
watercolor paper (140 lb)
Prismacolor pencils with oil pastel highlights

If anyone is experienced with shipping different kinds of paper in different sizes, advice would be appreciated. I'm VERY new to shipping work; it always gives me anxiety in fear that it'll get damaged. I've always shipped drawings on regular sketchbook paper. So this is my first time with a different kind.

I know this isn't the most exciting topic, and it's probably fine, I'm just the kind of person that HAS TO DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY PERFECTLY ALL THE TIME OR IT'S A TRAGEDY. Which... isn't a great mindset going into this, I know, but yeah. Thought I'd try.
EDIT: I had my friend download the app and use my password (a temporary one only for this purpose) to login. She was able to do it no problem. So I think it's a problem on my end, either my phone or my internet. Still very weird and makes no sense. My phone is almost 4 years old btw, and is a Kyocera hydro. Idk why other deets about my phone and have no clue about that stuff so don't ask. It's all gibberish to me.

I know this will probably get deleted, since it's a problem with deviantART, but there's just one problem:


So I have the app, and as of right now, that is the only way I can post art. For the most part, it works fine... except that lately, I can't even login! It automatically logged me out, and I can't log back in no matter what I do.

To note:

1. My password is correct. I've tested this on Chrome (also on mobile), and it works fine.

2. I've uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, then re installed the app. No dice.

3. I've cleared browsing data.

4. I've looked through everything I can think of on the site itself, and I'm at the point where I HAVE to ask for help.


6. I have been on this site for ELEVEN YEARS and have never had to contact the Help Desk, so I actually don't even know how it works.

7. I am a complete moron when it comes to technology, so I am probably missing something really big and obvious.

Basically, my complaint is this: MAKE THE HELP DESK ACCESSIBLE FOR MOBILE USERS! OR AT LEAST HAVE A MESSAGING SERVICE OR SOMETHING GODDAMN (if there is and I'm just an idiot, please let me know what it is).

Yeah. I'm pissed. I'm pissed to the point where I'm considering not using this site (I'll keep my profile up still) if this continues for much longer.
I want to apologize for the journal a couple days ago; I deleted it, not wanting it to take up space.

I'm not going anywhere, even though I can't post art right now... I'll keep trying. I really don't know what's going on, especially since I can login via Chrome just fine. I even tried downloading the app on my tablet, and nope... same thing. I actually can't even message Help Desk with this problem, since I need a desktop to do so :/

But yeah, the journal was... melodramatic and whiny. Tbh I'm frustrated, and it's not just with DA. I didn't realize how much posting and sharing my artwork really meant to me, as silly as that sounds, and it just seems like nothing is going right lately.

So yeah. Just wanted to sort of apologize for that journal.

I have pics to post, but the app automatically logged me out. I've tried logging in several times, but it fails every time, even though I know I'm using the correct password. I even changed my password (I was still logged in on Chrome and was able to change it) and tried logging in again, but it fails every time.

Stressed because I have a minimum goal to upload 5 deviations a month, and I actually HAVE 5 pics to upload, but I can't just because the app is being stupid. I even uninstalled it, then re downloaded it. No dice.

Is it because I failed to log in a few times, thus it's locked me out temporarily? Shouldn't it say so if that is that case? That doesn't make sense anyway, because I used the correct password (I mean, I've had it for ELEVEN YEARS*, I think I know it by now... feels weird using a new one).

Yeah, this is just super annoying. Just know that I AM working on art (I actually completed the seasons series and am now working on another series), but I can't upload until I figure this out.

*I'VE BEEN ON THIS SITE FOR ELEVEN YEARS WTF?! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! Also, if it's still around and I'm still around when I'm 34 (and I don't plan on leaving), I'll have been on this site half my life. Weird to think about.
I still cannot get the app to work for the time being. I've been posting all my recent art on Instagram (along with some throwback posts). I also post art on my tumblr, but rarely (I mostly just post fanart on there, and if I do more Hetalia art, I'll probably ONLY post it on my tumblr).

Hope you check it out, if not, no pressure. I miss DA, and hope I can post again, but for now, this'll have to do :)


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 27-year-old Inventory Associate who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Hetalia and draws mostly to keep her sanity. One day I do want to be at professional level.

Quick facts:

Germ phobic, tomboyish, awkward, pessimistic, and somewhat shy
Likes: FOOD, Netflix, hiking, nighttime, reading, drawing, horror, daydreaming
Dislikes: dressing up, crowds, slow-ass computers, shopping, hot weather, millipedes, very early shifts



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