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These are the rules for using my textures. I made them very clear, so anyone who is new to dA can understand:

-Credit if you use. (If you don't know how, check here FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites? the Avatar linking, or the Username linking)
-Link back to the deviation page. (Copy and paste the link provided under the Details in any deviation page, you may use the thumbnail if you wan to)
-Send me a link to see your work and fav it ;) (So, why don't you +fav my works as well?) - Step by the page of the deviation you used, and drop me a link of your art/deviation to see it and + favorite it if I like it.
-You may use them without asking, they're absolutely free.
-You may use/share them out of dA, BUT first you have to send me the links. And Keep the download from dA, it's free after all.
-Do NOT use my resources in any mature/explicit work under any circumstances. (If you already did, I will have to ask you to delete it)
-Do not claim them as yours. (Which means the credit is a must)
-For personal use only.
-Most importantly, enjoy them ;)

If you have any question do ask, I don't bite :P

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Read the terms used you specific that is by "personal use". The question if i used your texture by 
I done tittle in forum is ok? Of course, I give credits at you. I hope explained me.