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It was the week before their anniversary in Canterlot, the weather was supposed to be very cool and sunny, people in Canterlot were enjoying themselves strolling around and minding their own business, Everyone seemed to be having fun. All except for one young Equestrian: Master Skywalker, Sky was oblivious to the beautiful weather around him because he was on a mission of greater importance, finding a gift for his sexy mage; Winterous Flame, the two had been dating for quite some time now and they enjoyed every pure second of it.

Sky has been looking for a gift for hours now, his fingers sweaty from all the pressure, but he couldn't care less, he had to find the perfect gift for her sexy mage Flame.

"Maybe I should consider those jewels that are on sale?" Sky mumbled to himself as he passed by the jewelry store the ninth time. Flame probably wouldn't like them, considering that she has a ton of diamonds at home. Sky groaned in frustration, their anniversary was fast approaching and he hasn't got the faintest idea what to his beloved flame, Sure they were close. But after knowing her for such a long time he hasn't had the right mind on what to get her. He gazed out the shops in front of him, the shopkeepers are outside beckoning everyone that passed by their store to check out their products.

"Half-priced summer flip flops! Get them here!"

"Flame doesn't need that, she has cute heels." He said blushing.

"Summer clothes! Enjoy a hot summer with your loved ones!" I can't give her summer clothes, it'll make me look cheap...

"Imported chocolates from Equestria! The perfect gift to show how much you love your significant other!" Sky stopped walking, he looked at the different chocolates from their pony counterpart universe. No-no, we have so much chocolate to eat at home. I have to give her something that comes from the heart... Sky said, shaking his head, in the next shop he sees an old man with a basket of fabrics.

"Give your loved one something to remind them of you. Buy our quilt-"

Wait, huh?" Something to remind them of you! That's perfect! Sky turned towards the old man and said "What are those?" The old man and said "What are those?" The old man smiled at him and said. "These sir are fabrics which can be used for quilt making." Sky grinned as an idea started to form in his head.

"Oh, okay, I'll take some of those please, but may I see more designs?"

The old man turned around and opened the door of his shop, gesturing Sky to come in.

"Of course sir, we also offer quilt making services so that you don't have to do the hard work."

"No thank you, I'd like to this myself as much as possible."


A week has passed since Sky went Anniversary shopping, it was the eve of summer and he was nowhere near done with Winterous Flame's gift, Sky insisted that they exchange gifts at midnight instead of summer morning since she was very impatient, now Sky regretted his decision. He locked himself in his room for the whole morning to work on his gift, there were patches of different square fabrics everywhere, but instead of pinning the fabric, he pinned himself, causing him to scream.

"Ow!" Sky exclaimed as he raised his bleeding finger to his mouth to suck the blood, "This isn't going so well" he mumbled looking down at his bandaged hands. He lost count on how many times he pricked himself, sky thought about getting help, but his pride got in the way. He didn't want anyone to help him, it was his sexy mage's gift after all. He looked accusingly at the half-finished gift in front of him.

"This quilt isn't going to finish itself..." And with a sigh, Sky picked up her pin and continued working, occasionally pricking himself in the process.

Sky finished the quilt just in time for dinner, he laid it their bed to get a good look at it. The quilt was as big as his own blanket, the square fabrics were in their different colors, Sky touched the softness of the quilt and rubbed it on his face, blushing in the process.

"I hope my sexy mage likes this, even if it still looks like garbage..." Sky grumbled to himself as he picked up the wrapping paper on the floor and started wrapping her present.

It was quarter to eleven, After preparing supper for them, Flame yelled out.

"Boo... Dinner is ready."

"Oh. Uhm, I'll be right down." Sky said as he looked at the door, the lovely couple was eating their meal in silence, Sky took a sip of her fruit punch as he looked at the gift behind her, it was wrapped in green wrapping paper, and it looked like it was wrapped in a hurry, he sighed out loud as he realized how bad the wrapped gift looks, flame looked at him and asked. "What's wrong boo?"

Sky took his eyes away from the gift and mumbled. "Nothing's wrong."

He felt a finger under his chin, suddenly his head was tilted up and he was looking in his girlfriend's confused eyes.

"Boo, tell me." Flame demanded, her eyebrows furrowing together.

Sky sighed and looked away from his girlfriend. "Nothing, it's just that I don't think you'll like my present. That's all."

"Aww Sky." She hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I'm sure I'll like anything, as long as it came from you, besides, there's something I need to tell you..." Flame said, blushing rubbing her head, all sky could think about was giving her that present.

"Here, take it and open it!" Sky giggled going behind her to retrieve the present.

His sexy mage tore the wrapping paper off, after a few seconds of tearing, flame finally saw Sky's gift. It their colors, soft and plush.

It's a Quilt.

A quilt filled with patches that have different shades of their colors in them. Yellow, green, blue, and purple the fabrics have a design of leaves of different sizes. The other fabrics had different patterns on them like green polka dots and yellow stripes, Sky's eyes widened as the quilt wasn't perfect, there were some unequal fabrics on the right side.

Sky choked as tears formed in his eyes, he put his mouth and looked at his sexy mage.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for it to look so bad, I spend over a week and so much hours completing it, look at it, its such an abomination." He continued cry until his girlfriend hugged him softly, shocked at what she saw.

"Sky what are you talking about? This is amazing!" She said, feeling his hair.

"You think so..." Sky said, huffing his tears.

"It's perfect, just like you."

Sky felt himself smile. "She loves my gift, she thinks I'm perfect, my sexy mage thinks I'm perfect."

"We can use when the air conditioner is on, so we can snuggle with each other."

Sky felt his face heat up.

"Besides, I have a confession to make." Flame said in embarrassment.

"What is it?" Sky said no longer sad.

"I forgot to bring you a gift." Flame said holding back her tears.

"You what..." Sky was shocked, it was the first time he ever heard her say that.

"I'm sorry my love, I was just so busy with school finals. I didn't mean to be mean or anything! I'm a terrible girlfriend." Flame said crying onto his lap, Sky was shocked to hear her say this, even more flabbergasted to see her in this position, Sky quickly lifted her up and petted her hair.

"Its okay sky, we have our imperfections, you know what the best gift that you've ever given me?"

"What is it?" Flame said.

"You..." Sky said as he held her hands, now it was her turn to blush. Sky chuckled softly as he held to her sexy mage's cheek and pulled her into a sweet kiss, he had her hands around her waist. Flame was blushing massively and kissed back.

After they parted, both their faces were extremely red. "Thank you Sky, thank you for being with me..." Flame worked up the courage to say, they continued to eat their dinner together, happy for their summer vacation.
:iconwinterflame14: I hope you like it, sorry for delay. XD
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Omg yas thank you!!!!! It was perfect <3
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I'll give you your points when I get home for school, it was 20 right?