Sonata's Dying Love

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It was a rainy Sunday night, Aria was looking inside the small refrigerator.

"Is this alright?" Aria asked her softly.

Sonata looked at her and didn't say anything but she nodded her head slightly. She smiled a little, her cheeks lukewarm, and slowly, she scooted closer to Aria, she was drinking her orange juice, careful not to disturb Cynthia who was sleeping beside her.

She always loved her mother's scent and embrace. But unfortunately. This will be the last night the small child will ever get to spend with Sonata. 

The young family was at Canterlot Hospital, a few weeks ago Sonata was given the devastating news by her doctor, she was diagnosed with a mysterious disease that was slowly killing her inside her body system. 

When she told Aria about it, all she did was cry for weeks until there was no more tears left, how will she get by? How will Cynthia get by? Aria knew she couldn't take care of Cynthia by herself, but Sonata assured her that everything will be alright, and that she enjoyed every second with her and Cynthia.

As soon as Sonata finished drinking the orange juice, she scooted back to Cynthia who was curled up like a ball, a single bitter tear rolled down her face, she didn't want this to happen? how did she get this disease? why was there no cure? 

Aria leaned and carefully caressed Sonata's hair, she felt fingers in her hair-the end strands of her ponytail. Sonata was lying down on what seems to be her death bed, though on life support. The blue angel knew she was dying and there was nothing they could do, almost everyone who knew Sonata Dusk sent her get-well-cards. Principle Luna and Celestia even gave her the best medical care money could buy.

Time was slowly fading away... Sonata just held their daughter close to her chest.

"I just d-don't want to go... Cynthia, I love you too much to leave."

Aria saw their embrace on bursted in to tears, her wife was nearing the point of death.

"Sonata... I'm so sorry for ever being mean to you were we were little teens, I'm so sorry for any insults that I spatted out in your face. I... I just had a huge c-crush on you when we were little kids and I didn't have the courage to tell you sooner!" Aria voice cracked when she uttered those last words.

"Its okay Aria... I never held a grudge against you because of those experiences, I'm proud that you proposed to me, and I'm very thankful that I gave birth to our daughter Cynthia..."

Sonata's voice was quiet as a whisper. Her body system was slowly shutting down, Aria wrapped her arms around her as she began to sob loudly, tears were rushing down her face. Sonata slowly looked toward the plug that was on the wall. That was what was keeping her alive. The blue angel turned and faced her lover.

"Aria... do it."

Aria looked deep in her eyes, she knew what she meant.

"I can't Sonata... Please don't make m-" 

"I can't go on Aria, just do it for me... do it for Cynthia..."

Aria was hesitant, if she pulled the life support plug she would be gone forever, but if she didn't, Sonata would have to suffer, a million thoughts ran in her mind.

The purple rebel nodded slowly, Sonata reached for her hand and held her tightly with all her inner strength.

"Thank you Aria... Thank you for everything, when she gets older tell her stories about us, how we used to argue with each other, but had a growing bond, which turned into... love." Sonata said as she laid her head toward the side of their daughter, and kissed her forehead." Aria tearfully smiled as she gazed upon the love of her life, she slowly walked toward the plug and slowly pulled it off, the mood was as quiet as a million midnights, her life support was aborted. 

Aria gingerly turned her face around.

Sonata Dusk, has passed away.

3 Weeks later...

Aria was wearing a black dress, she was carrying Cynthia who had no idea what was going on, there was a picture of Sonata smiling, her beauty exceeded beyond perfection, all of Canterlot was in attendance, including the Rainboom Seven, Aria slowly walked towards her grave site and layed pink lavender flowers and got a seat. The priest came up the stand and held his 'dead people' speech. The song Aria had requested to be played was Sonata's favorite song that no one knew, it slowly faded in.

My baby, I love you so much forever you and I
I love you oh` I love you so much forever you and I
My baby` I love you so much forever you and I
Please Tell me why
I love you until eternity.

As the song played, Aria heard a few sniffs of cries coming from Luna and Celestia, also coming from Adagio and the rest, Aria's tears rolled down her cheeks.

We were made for each other
Out her forever
When you are gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
All the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it okay
Baby, I miss you.

As soon as the song came to an end, Aria was met with sympathetic hugs and comfort, everyone that Sonata was in a better place now. And wished Aria and Cynthia good luck with the loss of her wife, burying Sonata and leaving her to her eternal resting place.

A week After...

Aria placed Cynthia to bed, the first week was excruciatingly hard, sometimes Aria would eat anything, and sometimes just stare at her late wife's clothes that were not disturbed since her death.

The Spirit World

Sonata was with her late grandmother Sara, they were both on a cloud looking down on Aria and Cynthia.

"Grandma, I left them too soon, look at Aria..." Sonata said.

"I know my child, she's really hurting." Sara said as she held her granddaughter close to her.

"I need to comfort her, I can't take this anymore!" Sonata said as she stood up.

"Sonata, you can't do that. Its against the rules!" Her grandmother cautioned.

"I know, but I can't see them suffering like this." 

Sara stared at Sonata then slowly nodded, Sonata glided down gently, phasing through the house. She saw a completely wrecked Aria who was crying in the corner.

Broken      And Yet I Sing   By Skycatcherequestri by MagnificentSparkz

Sonata gently floated towards her and embraced her by hugging her, Aria was completely terrified, she thought she might turn insane, but she heard a little whisper.

"I believe in you Aria, I'll always watch you..."

Aria quickly wiped her tears, she knew it was Sonata's voice.

"Thank you..." Aria said smiling gently.

Sonata then quickly phased through the other room where Cynthia was sleeping, Sonata then covered Cynthia up and gave her a quick peck on her cheek.

"Goodbye Cynthia I'll always be here to support and watch over you, mommy loves you..." 

As Sonata quickly vanished to return to the Spirit World, Cynthia quickly opened her eyes and noticed a picture of Sonata that was on the side of her crib, Cynthia smiled and slowly grabbed her late mother's picture, embracing the loving picture before returning to slumber. 
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If my body would allow tears I would be crying but it won't. I'm serious I have tears in my eyes and I can't get them to come out :(
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I teared up.  I won't lie.
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It was cute but same timw so SAD! I REALLY CRY!
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This is beautifully sad.
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I know, I was acutually crying yesterday....
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This is hard I'm do starting to cry please take good care of this story and this is so said
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Your welcome.man
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 Cry  w-why her?

Anyway, g-ood story, I'm crying, not kidding... :')
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Sorry for making you cry...
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I'm not crying, i-it's liquid pride... X3
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You know I wanted to draw a sad tragic Sonaria pic that's similar to this but I don't know...Awesome story though it got me to the feels.
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This is all just Aria's nightmare, right? :prettyplease: - NaNoEmo 5/30 
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So there's a chance! (Hey, if you can joke about this story, so can I.)
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T___T Quite heartbreaking. So this is your last fic, huh? At least you gave closure...will you post elsewhere or you just entirely moving on from the net?
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LOL, I'm just kidding. This isn't my last fic. I'm going to be uploading regularly, I alwyas wanted to do that to see what reactions I get :D

Thanks for reading
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Oh wow, you got me on that one. ^^; Well, the story was still good. I just didn't know where you were going with this.
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Oh my goodness... :( This is tragic... Waaaah! 

I loved all your SonAria fanfics, why did it have to end so soon! :(

I hope this isn't the end of your Sonaria fanfics, you made them so well including this one...
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Yeah, About that. I think this will be my last Deviation on DA, I've just taken a tire to this website...
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