Sonata Dusk x Reader: Taco Date!

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You walked to the red wood door and knock three times slowly your palms were sweaty for this date, all of a sudden you heard quick footsteps nearing, it was at that moment she open her front door, you squealed internally to what she was wearing. 

She was wearing her favorite fluorescent pink skirt and tank top, she also had her beautiful hair down. Sonata gives you a big grin and then hugs you in a tight embrace.

"Yay, you're finally here, now you can help me!" Sonata said as she dragged you to her kitchen.

You guys have been hanging out for a couple of hours now, playing video games and eating gummy worms, you always loved her bubbly carefree personality, where you fallling in love with her?

You were sitting close to her, and scooted closer to her, shivers ran down your spine.

"She is really pretty, maybe she wants to be with me... Or maybe were just... Friends." You said slowly, hoping it doesn't result to that, Sonata noticed your daze and began to tap your shoulder.

"Um, hello..." Sonata said, snapping her fingers, you turn your head and noticed that she was staring at you with a puzzled look.

"Are you okay, you looked like you were staring at the stars..." Sonata said giggling.

"Yeah, I'm okay..." You said, rubbing your neck blushing, your heart was pounding, you were truly in love with the Dazzling Sonata Dusk. You couldn't help it, she was too adorable, she is the perfect lover for you, her presence gives life to anybody that was around her.

"Are you ready to make the tacos that you promised me at school today?" She said with pleading eyes, you blush and nod slowly, Sonata smiled and lead you into her kitchen, she went to her closet and brought out her kitty apron. You started spreading the beef on the bottom, and the cheese on top, Sonata noticed this and slapped your hand away.

"What are you doing, you don't do it like that silly willy. You're suppose to put the cheese on the bottom and then the beef on top, so the taco can break more easily, here like this..." She softly grabs your hand and then uses it to spread the cheese on the bottom and then the beef on top, she places both the tacos they made in the oven and set the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

"What would you do without me?" Sonata said in her cocky voice, you grabbed her hand and lead her to the living room, you grabbed your phone and made a suggestion.

"Are you kidding me, we can't do that, we will get in so much trouble!" Sonata said nervously, you hug her waist seductively and then her cheek, trying to change her mind. Sonata moaned and gave in.

"Okay, but ONLY ONE TIME!" You cheered and then hugged her passionately, you start pressing numbers, you tried to hold your giggles.

"So who are we calling?" Sonata asked.

Riiiiinnnnnggggg! Riiiiinnnnnnnggggg! Riiiinnnnnnnnngggggg!

Principle Luna: Hello?

You (With fake voice): Yes, this is Professor Teachness, are you Principle Luna?

Principle Luna: Yes, who is this?

You: Congratulation, you've been nominated for principle of the year!

Luna: *Pencil Snaps* Really, I can't believe it! Why would you honor me.

You: For showing integrity and being nice to the little kids of Canterlot High *You chuckle quietly*

Luna: Wow! Where do I get my award!

You: Meet me at the gymnasium at  Canterlot City Hall on Saturday, we'll be all waiting for you, they'll be chocolate cake and goodies, especially lots of young male teachers who are looking to meet you.

Luna: *Twirls hair* That seems very pleasing *blushes* I'll be there...

Phone call ends...

You and Sonata both fall down laughing, "I can't believe she fell for that, she's so gullible!" Sonata said, wiping a tear from her eye, you both hear the bell ring from the kitchen.

"Ohhh, the Tacos are ready!" Sonata said, clapping her hands with excitement, "Are you hungry, because I sure am, the lunch in our school kind of sucks..." the Dazzling said, showing a disgusted face, you nod in agreement. The taco dinner was brought out and Sonata poured you a glass of fruit punch and gave you a bib so you won't dirty your clothes, the dinner was silent but enjoyable. All you just did was stare at the girl in front of you, she was munching happily with her mouth full but closed, you always loved her cute manners.

As soon as dinner was over, Sonata went upstairs to wear her something more comfortable, you wait for her in the living room, as soon as she was fully dressed you stared at her and blushed a dark red. She was in her favorite pink short shorts and wore her pink socks high up to her knees.

"Whats with that weird look, this is the only thing I had to wear so don't think about anything creepy..." Sonata said looking down at the floor, her cheeks blushing softly, you nod slowly. After a couple hours watching cheesy flicks, Sonata began to yawn.

"Hey, is it alright if you stay the night with me, sometimes I get lonely in this house all by myself." Sonata said grabbing your arm with rubbing it, trying to persuade you to stay, you were about to say yes until your phone started buzzing loudly.


You covered your face in embarrassment as Sonata just laughs, "Let me guess, your mom is calling you to go home..." Sonata said narrowing her eyes smiling, you nod slowly and stood up, Sonata also stood up to see you off at the door. "Awww, don't worry. We can still hang out another time, thanks for hanging out with me and making tacos, despite me doing all the work..." Sonata mumbled slowly. You giggle slightly and wrap your hands around her waist. 

Sonata did the same and placed her hands around your neck. You share a passionate kiss and proceeded to go home , even though you got hugs and kissed from your soul mate. Your date didn't turn out the way you planned it... All thanks to your 'get-some' mom...
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Would you like to be my girlfriend Sonata? You are the sweetest charmer after all.
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Cock blocking Mom
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Heh, even as a guy who doesn't think he's ready for a girlfriend, I found this pretty fun (although I would've liked a different ending ).
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0w0 ok this is really cute, but I'm more used to aria x sonata but it's AWESOME!! :D