Kiss Of Boredom! A TwiDash Story

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Friday night was movie night for the Human 7, with a special permission from their Dorm President, Derpy Hooves, the rest of the girls were allowed to do what they please, so far as it was safe.

However, not all girls wanted to spend their night watching movies like normal teenagers, back in the classroom two students chose to remain, they sat beside each other in a stool. Only the lamp on the other side of the room illuminated the place. It was cold but the temperature was very much to their liking.

"I'm bored, Twilight!" said Rainbow Dash who sat on the left, her wavy rainbow hair glowed within the dimness of the room.

"Me too Dashy" Said Twilight who sat beside her, her flaxen hair, which was tied up in a pony tail, complementing her purple lab coat.

A couple minutes later, Twilight popped her arm upon the table. "I wish we watched a movie instead, but no... you made me play computers games with you in class." She remarked aloofly.

"Atleast I beat you in those games, cause I'm awesome." Dash said rubbing her neck softly blushing.

"Lets just take a break, surely there must be something to do around here." Dash said gently rested her cheek against her knuckles. "Anything." She added, yawning and smacking her lips.

"Ohh, I have an idea." Twilight's words resurrected hope in her fellow Band member.

"An idea to do something?" She assured.


"What is it?" 

Twilight turned her head to face Dash. "Kiss me."

For a moment, Dash thought she was plainly hearing things out of boredom. But once she was able to process things clearly in her head, she turned to face Twilight, reluctant at first. Dash gazed upon Twilight dark purple skin, expressionless face. "Surely she was only joking," She thought.

"Kiss you?" She asked, coolly.

"Yeah," Twilight replied with a nod.


"You said that you were bored."

"I am."

"Then kiss me."

"What happens if I don't." Dash said, crossing her arms with a smug look on her face.

Twilight kept her silence for a moment. She needed to think of a good answer which Dash could not retort against. She wanted her to kiss her. Not for something serious or something fun. She just wanted to know if Dash's lips were far more delicious than anything she's ever tasted.

Besides, she said it so herself. She needed to do something, anything, to escape boredom.

Awaiting her answer, Twilight watched as Dash pulled a box of Equestrian Pocky from the pocket of her pants. As she held it between her hands, she wondered why she hasn't open the box of sweet yet.

Twilight glanced at her. "If you don't kiss me, then I won't let you copy my homework anymore."

Dash froze. Underneath her skin, she was terribly shaken.

"Are you serious?" She asked, calmly. Dash highly doubted Twilight would do something as crazy as that.

Without responding, Dash tore the box's lid open. But in doing so, she cut the tip of her right index finger. There was a slight twinge of pain. But she didn't mind, she did it on purpose anyway.

"Oh look..." Dash brought her wounded finger before Twilight's face. "I cut myself."

The raw fragrance of Dash's blood whiffed across Twilight's nose. In a blink of an eye, Twilight took her care her wound by rubbing hot water and ointment on it, she also placed a band-aid on her injury.

"There, much better!" Twilight said smiling, Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, Twilight giggled and reached for her backpack, what she brought made Rainbow Dash drop her jaw.

"You brought handi-snacks and you didn't tell me!" Dash yelled, Twilight nodded as Dash struggled to the the snack from her hand.

"Give me some! I'm so hungry I can eat a horse!" Dash said as her stomach growled.

"Nuh-uh, kiss me first." She commanded, wagging the snack in her hand, Dash groaned and noticed that the crackers were being crushed by her hand, she thought she was going to die inside.

"How hard is it to give me one just one kiss, Dashy?" Twilight asked. She was right, she thought. How hard was it to press her lips against hers? It wouldn't take an eternity of her life but just a mere second of it.

"Fine," she replied, impassively.

Twilight's eyes widened, surprise that Dash gave up that easily. She wish she didn't though, her next act was supposed to have her middle finger cut by the Pocky's foil when she opens it. But playtime was over, Dash was really going to kiss her for more snacks.

Reaching for her shoulders, they both stood up. Dash grabbed her fair wrists tightly and held on to them, her blood red eyes clashed with her clashed with her clear, purple ones, at that moment, their lips tangled with each other, Dash's warm lips met Twilight's cool soft ones, without paying attention, Dash ran her fingertips up Twilight's forearm, leaving a trail of hard goosebumps blooming in their embrace.

"Dashy..." Twilight said, a faint color of pink spread across her cheeks, she was obviously tensed by the moment as well since they've never done something like that before, for boredom's sake that is.

"Happy now..." Rainbow Dash said blushing intently.

"Here you go..." Twilight said softly as she handed the handi-snack to Rainbow Dash, who placed it in her backpack.

"Lets continue studying, I don't want to do this tomorrow." 

"S-should we continue then." Twilight said still, happily shocked by her kiss with Dash.

Lesson Learned. Next time, they were definitively going with others to watch a movie. Even if there was nothing good on a Friday night.
One-Shot :D Its Friday and boredom Strikes, Dash and Twilight wish they could've watched a movie with the other's instead, "An Idea to do something?" "Yeah, what is it?" "Kiss me."

READ, FAV and REVIEW, Thanks :happybounce: I am a dummy! 

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Sooo cute oh ma gaaaa La la la la
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I think I once read that RD was you favorite pony. Heh, you sure took your time to write about her.
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Hmmm, I don't seem to remember saying that Dash was my favorite pony.

But I remember asking :iconchameleonman55: Who his favorite pony was, to which he said Rainbow Dash, and I said Fluttershy, so you probably got that switched or something Free Shrugs! + PLZ 

 chameleonman55.deviantart.com/ Scroll down to Apr 7, 2015 

Don't get me wrong, I love the Mane 6 in MLP, and when bronies/pegasisters argue about which one is better. 
Its just very frivolous and unnecessary  Yawn 
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Ok, I wasn't sure anyway.
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heh this is a cute little story but I see one problem... "Are you serious?" She asked, calmly. Dash highly doubted Dash would do something as crazy as that. I don't know if Dash highly doubted that Dash was intentional or was a mistake. just wanted to point it out. don't get me wrong I love this story xD
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Fixed it, thank you lol.
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Cute story :meow: I don't really ship them but that was some interesting plot :XD: it made me secretly hope they would end up together hahaha
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Ok, now I officially love you! :D

This story is so cute! :aww: And I love you used one of my pics as the cover! Thanks for crediting too! :)
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Nice fanfic,I like it ^^
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I ship! Love the blush!
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