Forced Sleepover

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Full Summary: Tired of their rivalry and hatred for one another in Canterlot High, Sunset and Adagio's moms force them to have a sleepover while they go on a three day vacation, when something unexpected happens... Something that both girls have in common...

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6 PM

"Sunset, you had better get in this car, or you're grounded!" Sunset's mother yelled out of her red mini cooper.

"God, Why!" Sunset said as she packed her bag containing a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and other necessities. She walked downstairs with her feet stomping on the carpet and quickly entered the car as they drove off.

"Mom, I don't see why I have to head to... Her house, she's like my worst enemy!" Sunset felt like she was about to throw up.

"This is for your own good, me and Adagio's mother are sick of having bad reports sent every other week your school, just because of some stupid rivalry you guys have." Sunset's mother glared at her for a moment before driving off to Adagio's house.


"I can't believe you made me spend my money for this, I had to buy snacks and everything, you even made me spend twenty three fricking dollars on a crappy chick flick that was in a flea market, all for a girl that I wish I can just beat to a pulp." Adagio said grinding her teeth, her mother glared at her.

"See that, that attitude is why were doing this..." 

"Why the hell are we doing this, if she comes here i'll... i'll"

"Treat her kindly and with hospitality" Her mother finished her sentence.

"Pff, yeah right..." Adagio crossed her arms and turned the other direction, her mother signed and placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"Try not to burn the house down, and especially no mind control..." Adagio's mother said narrowing her eyes, Adagio looked down at her red pendant.

"Fine..." Adagio growled when she uttered that word, after a few minutes there was a knock on the door, the Dazzling moaned as she opened the door, right in front of her was the girl she had despised for years, staring her right across the face.

"Hey Red..." Adagio said in a mocking voice.

"Hey, you... you... mustard head!" Sunset said struggling to find a comeback.

"Alright that's enough you two, Sunset's mother said, both of them started to calm down, the two mothers hugged and stared at their daughters.

"Now Adagio, please. In the name of everything that is holy, don't fight with Sunset Shimmer, the reason why we are doing this is to see if you guys can get along, who knows maybe you guys might have something in common" Adagio's mother's voice was fierce and asserting, Sunset rolled her eyes.

"Your mother is right Adagio, and as for you Sunset, I don't want to hear anything bad happening when were gone."

"Yeah Sunset, do what your mommy says." Adagio mocked, Sunset glared at Adagio.

"Don't test me..." Sunset narrowed her eyes.

"I just did..."

"Stop it you two, come on we're going to be late." Adagio's mom said to Sunset's mom.

"You guys behave yourselves, if you need anything, just call our numbers, we love both you guys." They waved a goodbye to them and proceeded to leave the house.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me..." Adagio groaned, Sunset just ignored Adagio and walked over to her couch, she turned on the T.V and began to flick over random channels, putting her legs on the clean table and munching on the snacks 

"What are you doing!?"

"I'm your guest right, that means you have to tend to my every whim..." Sunset smirked.

"Like. Hell. I. Will!" Adagio eyes felt like flames of fury, here she was. Her enemy, relaxing on her couch and munching on her snacks.

"I'd mind control you right now if I wanted to..." Adagio's pendant began to glow.

"Oh be careful. You don't want me to call your mom, she'll be so disappointed in you..." Sunset reticulated, Adagio sighed as her pendant faded dark again, Adagio knew that Sunset was right, she had to calm herself or else her mother wouldn't trust her again, so she did the unbelievable.

"Sunset?" Adagio said, Sunset turned to face her.

"What is it?" Sunset asked,

"Let me take your bags to my room..." Adagio couldn't believe she said that, she would have punched her brain if given a choice.

"Hmm that's more like it." Sunset handed her bags and everything she came with to the dazzling as she went upstairs, she placed them in the closet as she went downstairs.

"What the hell is happening to me." Adagio thought.

It wasn't until the next few hours the two began to carefully bond with each other, they played video games and shared selfies with each other, the Dazzling and the Princess of Canterlot High was having a great time, the two never realized that had so much in common, Adagio even braided and ironed out her hair, she was really impressed. 

"Wow, you're really good at this Adagio, where did you learn how to braid hair really well?" Sunset gasped.

"Heh, my mother taught when I was a little girl, she just wanted me to learn it I guess."

"Well, how do I look." Sunset stood up and struck a pose, Adagio blushed a little bit, she secretly did think the redhead was irresistibly cute with her natural curves and her purple red short shorts and tank top.

"Really... Adorable." Adagio said biting lip, it was now Sunset's turn to blush.

"Thanks, and thanks for that compliment." Sunset winked.

The two went downstairs to grab something to eat, the girls decided to make some hot pockets with fruit punch.

"You know, you should see how you talk when you have your month full. It's kind gross, but sound really funny. Adagio said, biting her food.

"Adagioooo... Stop teasing me!" Sunset whined, hoping that she would stop. "Ahw is wittle Sunset gonna crwy." Adagio asked is a baby voice. This made Sunset more whiny, but she didn't reply to it, after they finished their dinner, the girls watched the crappy chick flick that Adagio bought, they watched the movie for a few hours, Adagio kept complaining during the whole viewing, until it ended.

"Why do you like this, its so fake!" Adagio said eyeing the girl on TV. "Its not fake, its so sad, everything is going wrong and now she's crying!"

"Red, its fake! Its a movie!" Adagio said rolling her eyes.

"I know what! But surely there's really somebody who is living like that in the world." Sunset said sniffing away a tear." 

"Oh brother..." Adagio mumbled, she was glad the movie ended, Adagio pressed the off button on the T.V and DVD.

"Lets go upstairs, I'm pretty tired..." Adagio said yawning.

"Can you carry me?" Sunset said raising her hands.

"You got to be kidding me!" 

"Pretty please." Sunset said with pleading eyes.

"Sigh, your such a loser sometimes..." Adagio said groaning, she carefully lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom, she placed Sunset on her bed and then placed her phone in the charger, that is until she got a text from Trixie.

Trixie: Haha, I'm on a date with my boyfriend, where's your lover. Oh that's right, you don't have a lover,  and you never kissed someone before#greatandpowerfultrixie  #failatlife #lonleyforever loser MGI - loser 

"Ugh." Adagio said in a disgusting way.

"What is it?" 

"Trixie always sends me these annoying messages, saying that I'll be lonely forever and stuff." 

"Really, she's so mean." Sunset said as Adagio climbed on top of her bed.

"I wish I can just kiss someone, so I can prove it to her, that I'm not lonely.

"Yeah... Me too, I've never kissed anyone before." Sunset whispered, Adagio stared at Sunset, with a puzzled look.

"Really, I thought you were dating Flash."

"Flash was a great guy and all, but I never liked him." Sunset said shrugging.

"Wow, it all makes sense now..." She thought.

"Do you think... We should... Kiss each other, just to see how it feels..." Adagio was shocked that she just said that, she was expecting a punch in the shoulder, that is until Sunset smiled reached for her hands and held them.

"Let's do it..." Sunset said, blushing deeply, Adagio gulped as her heart began to beat, was she really going to have her first kiss?

Adagio lifted up the redhead's chin, and slowly leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. Sunset's cheeks were an explosion of red and embarrassment, her kiss was soft and gentle. The dazzling wrapped her arms around Sunset's waist causing the princess to moan, they both pulled away with an elastic saliva trail.

"That was... Amazing, you're a really great kisser" Sunset said panting.

"You think so..." Adagio said, rubbing her back, blushing, Sunset nodded, they just lay on the bed for a couple of minutes looking up at the ceiling, until Adagio broke the silence.

"Sunset, why do we fight we each other." 

"I think we were just jealous of our qualities for one another." Sunset said shrugging.

"I guess your right, I never knew how much I had in common with you until today, do y-you think we can start off fresh again, and maybe go out with me..." Adagio whispered rubbing the back of her head while a light blush spread across her face, Sunset smiled and kissed her nose.

"I think I can make that happen." Sunset said, showing a cheeky smile, Adagio shriek joyfully and buried her face into her chest.

"Thank you!" Adagio said happily, Sunset giggled uncontrollably as her former enemy was now her lover, thanks to their caring mothers.
Trixies Ego is very laughable :D

:iconjack-a-lynn: OWNS ART, Not me

Thanks for voting, is there any stories that you think I should do, or any MLP Yuri pairings that I should write about?
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I'd love to see maybe a GildaxDash kind of thing or an ApplejackxFlutttershy
I always liked those ships. :3
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It would be really cool if you do a Sonata x Pinkie :o (Eek) 

'Cause.. you know.. that silly personality and randomness :u3d: U: 3D derp 

Nice story btw :D
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Ugh, can't really call Trixie's ego laughable (unless by laughable you mean pathetic), but this was pretty funny and cute. Also, this kinda reminded me of my story "Not as easy as you make it". I guess they're lucky there was no accidental body swaps. :)
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Yeah, I meant pathetic because she boasted about it XD
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Soooo cute X3
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Welcome. So I'm guessing you stopped making sonaria stories no more huh because of sonatas dying love story
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LOL nope, I was only kidding.
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My god man you almost brought me to tears when I read the end
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My own comment:

"Nice story for Sunset Shimmer & Adagio Dazzle."


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"Why thank you MagnificentSparkz."



Rabbit hole :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: Woohooooo! #1 *yawn and stretch* Star!But I Didn't Listen! Icon/emoticon 
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I ship them so much :XD: that story was so sweet.
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Could you write one about Twilestia too?
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Hmm, I'm not sure, I'll think about it.
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That kiss came really fast but I like it :D
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Yeah, I wanted to do a quick story, thanks for reading Hug 
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No problem I really like your stories :)
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