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Pink Donate Plz by YuikoHeartless
Hello! I'm trying to buy myself core membership for the six months (three months + three months)
so if you don't mind could you please donate!

2400/2400 :points:
Where I am currently:
481 /2400

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Well I am 1/3 of the way! I won a month of core for my second account which is now called Sodium--oxide! 

I decided to rather put that one month core on that account as I have been wanting to changes it username and organize its folders ever since I renamed this account Magnesium--oxide, and because I am still not very active on this account right now I will wait some more to get to my 2400 :point: goal to get six monthes of core on this account. Thanks for any support or donations in advance. 
Adding to previous status, I got a female Popplio, Rowlet and Eevee so if you want some of them then just ask!
Cause I still am not really drawing much, might as well breed some Pokémon and such, I only have a few mons I can breed now, well until I get a Ditto.

If you want me to breed any of these Pokémon and then trade it to you just add my friend code to your list and I'll add yours to mine, I tired to find another way that I can just send Pokémon but it seems like link trading via festival plaza is the only way 🤔🤔

Most of them are originally mine but some are from other regions.

My friend code: 5473-2834-8552

embedded_item1537203375146 by Magnesium--oxide
My page is still pretty bare, it doesn't look like that I will be able to get core again for the current time sooooo,

I put my donation pool on my page again to see if I can get enough points to pay for six months of core (1200 :points: + 1200 :points: to get six months)

I am currently at 461 :points: so some or should I say alot of help or donations would be greatly appreciated if you don't want to donate but rather pay for something then check out MGA grids and such on my second account:
So um still haven't gotten myself out of this art block thing/not wanting to draw anything thing (I am not quite sure what to call it)
I do appreciate the comments I have gotten from you guys but I still don't feel like art at the moment and it is getting a tad bit frustrating.

I have gotten something to try to put my mind in a better place though!
Remember about a month ago I talked about getting Pokémon moon? Well I did get it but on my laptop via crita, but now I have on 3DS itself (I got the games yesterday I have been playing non-stop it sooooo relaxing!)

So send your friend codes if you want to vwv. Story wise I am only at the beginning of akala island but still really nice.
Also if anyone wants a litten I can breed you one.

Just ask if you want my friend code <333

embedded_item1536993976741 by Magnesium--oxide
Not really feeling art at the moment, I am frustrated with my anatomy and such so I don't really feel like drawing much.

Also my page is empty at the moment as I don't like how it looked at this moment, probs will revamp it once I am more active on here again.
So you guys know a few days ago I made a status update about getting a certain game,Pokemon moon, well I got it! I have only played it for a few hours but it is really enjoyable, also I thought before I started playing that I was just gonna try to only catch the pokemon in my dream team (see last status)(aka pokemon I find cute) but after playing I weirdly see cuteness in any of them, My team currently:

Litten 725 by pokemon3dsprites
- Scratch
- Ember
- Leer
- Lick

Yungoos 734 by pokemon3dsprites
- Tackle
- Leer

Pikipek 731 by pokemon3dsprites
- Peck
- Growl

Magnemite by pokemon3dsprites
- Supersonic
- Thunder shock
- Magnet bomb

Alolan Grimer #088 by pokemon3dsprites
- Pound
- Poison gas
- Harden
- Bite

Probs still going to try to get my dream team pokemon (once I have the islands/grass spots and I have more experience)
Also after playing for a bit I now understand how having a good variety of pokemon of different types is.
I really don't post on here nearly as much as I used to. Right now I am hyping for a game I might get later this week, might. 
Pokemon Moon! I have never had or played a pokemon game before, so I am very excited, I don't know much about how the actual games work (and how hard each pokemon or how rare each pokemon is to catch) but I already have my team planned out, geez. Probably going to take a while to assemble the dream team because I have no experience, but eh.
Mimikyu #778 by pokemon3dsprites Espeon by pokemon3dsprites Sylveon by pokemon3dsprites Alolan Raichu #026 by pokemon3dsprites Klefki by pokemon3dsprites Litten 725 by pokemon3dsprites

All I know is Mimikyu is frick hard to catch and that it takes a long time to get a Pichu to a Pikachu. (I heard that from somewhere)

When trying to figure out what six pokemon I would want the most in a team I didn't expect fairy types, I thought I was more of a fire/electric type person. 
Litten is aborbs though, also Raichu. (Normal Raichu is cool but Alolan Raichu is my fav)

I also don't quite understand how it works in terms of how many pokemon you can have? Can you only have six on you at a time and then store more on the game  itself (At pokecentres??) (If you can store on the game itself is there a limit to how many you an store?) or do you have to use the Cloud/Online Pokemon storage thing?
If anyone is interested to know, going to extent BULK sale ( MGA grids,customs and commissions) till the end of the month.
Got some points from the sale eventually, so gonna do one  those who has open mlp customs, I have 236 :points: so throw your prices at me, first going to re-visit other people that I have gotten customs from though.
Haven't gotten any orders yet so boosting this again:
BULK SALE IS ON, applies to customs and commissions!
(Open) Mane six x my ocs by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Unicorns and Alicorns MGA (1) by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Cmc and friends and Spike MGA (1) by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Mane Six x Some Stallions shipping grid (2) by Magnesium--oxide
(Open) Mane six x some Mares grid (1) by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Mane Six x Some Stallions Shipping grid (1) by Magnesium--oxide
(Open) Mane Six Shipping Grid by Magnesium--oxide (Open) MLP The Movie MGA Grid by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Random MOVIE Grid by Magnesium--oxide (Open) Mane 6 parents grid by Magnesium--oxide


Now going to update the rest of the custom and commission info to fit into this bulk sale (Give me a few minutes)

You an have four of the same ship in a batch, all different ships etc. Though during this sale you can't order less than four customs (a batch at a time) Your batch need not only contain one type of custom eg. you can have shipping and non-shipping customs in the same batch.
All types of customs in this journal are open.
(Note for MLP I won't do the cmc and friends being shipped with adult ponies though I see thorax and spike as being in-between so I will do shipping of them with the mane six and such)
Will do shipping customs for mono or poly ships. Please ask to see what ships I will and will not do.
If unsure feel free to ask! : D
{BULK SALE} {OPEN} Commissions

Now going to update the rest of the custom and commission info to fit into this bulk sale (Give me a few minutes)

You an have four of the same type of commission (a commission = one character drawn) Though during this sale you can't order less than four commissions  (a batch at a time) You can have different types of commissions in a batch (eg. two chibis and two fullbodies, just calculate what a "single" commission is worth, if you don't feel like doing that just ask me to!)
Certain types of commissions will be closed from time to time rather than commissions as a whole.
Prices listed first then terms and conditions.
 Bullet; Red - Closed
Bullet; Green - Open
Hey, anyone here that is on team coffee, send me links to your characters >:3c 
(If you want to that is)
I am just kinda sitting here waiting for artfight
That moment when you realize you didn't change the eye colour on a base edit, heck
got my artfight username changed to fit this username

Can't wait for artfight


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