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Please check out my website for my commission info ------>
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200 dollars is really expensive. Can you do a commission for any cheaper?

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here's a section of my FAQ you might be interested in:

Why so expensive? Unfortunately hand crafted work does tend to run pretty high cost-wise! Keep in mind that on top of material costs I also need to account for my time and expertise, overheads like machine maintenance, rent, power, etc, and that as a registered business I also pay taxes. I do understand that prices can get pretty high and I'm always open to discussing budgets and payment plans.

The rest of my FAQ can be read here

17Reshiram's avatar’ve done quite a lot of details onto the plushes that I wish that I want one, specifically a Lunamon plushie🥰. But with these prices... yeowza😅

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Hey, is there any regular interval when you take commissions (like each month, each two months or so)?
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i'll def be commissioning you in the future !
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i sent you a email for a commission to your email through hotmail :3
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commissions will only be picked after 9pm EST tonight
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can i still ask you for one, though? Eevee Emoji 
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You can send a request anytime today but I'll only be looking at them after 9
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It'll be a while before I can afford to commission a plush from you, but I'd like to know if you're okay with making Pokemon like Doduo/Dodrio?
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yesh definitely! 
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please email your request as instructed above ;) 
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oof...sorry, in all that excitement I must've skipped over that too fast haha.
Will do <3
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i saw a leopard gecko you made a couple years ago, would that be a possible option?
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yep, though not with the same spot pattern because that one was replicated from my client's real life gecko 

I’m obsessed w/jackalopes & their furrocious Bavarian cousins, the wolpertingers.
for some reason, jackalopes aren’t easy to find (even on a full moon) & I only captured a wolpertinger once... I tried to ensnare a wolpertinger when I was in Switzerland, but I didn’t have any luck. I had to order him online from Germany. :-)
I was wondering if you are making your wolpertingers. I’m interested in the natural coloured one.

Also, are you able to ship to the States? I live in the Northeast/ New England area.


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I do make Wolpertingers! Since I already have the pattern for them they can be ordered through  my shop at any time, I have a listing for the original brown one and the option for custom colored ones :)…
Shipping to the US is no problem at all either, and would be $25 for a Wolpertinger
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Hello, I was captivated by your flawless work and was just curious mainly about more specific price ranges and details for the reason that I can be a little slow ^^; 

I once saw a commission you did a couple years ago for Involuntary Twitch for his fakemon Raptorch.  I was curious about the price range to one of those plushies because I absolutely loved the game! For this example, let's just say I have the creator's permission for the Pokemon.  If I chose one of the game's fakemon, it would have to be the Pokemon Orchynx.  I have a large collection of Pokemon plushies and I'm not sure what their sizes are so let's use the same example as you did with Raptorch back then.  
Do I need to add more information for this scenario? Thank you so much for your time and sorry for the long comment!
Love your work! :meow: 
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Please send me a note or an email at plushiluv(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to discuss a specific price quote, otherwise I'll just say to refer to the price ranges listed in the journal ;)
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Say I wanted to commission you sometime in the future, my character has some gradient patterns/fur...
Would you have to change the fabric to a solid colour or is it possible to have gradients?
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