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Commissions are now closed and here's the new list! I'll be contacting everyone in the morning thank you all for being so interested in my work, I'm sorry I can't accept everyone but I appreciate you all so much. ;w; I got 24 requests and could only accept 10 OTL
The new commissions are...!
Shiny Tyranitar
Onigiry OC
Cosmo/space wolf
Kiwi OC
blue bunny
OC Lucas
OC baby
Blue Onyx
Netherwing whelp
Odin OC

Commissions are open and will remain open until 9pm EST after which I'll pick 10 commissions! Remember to email your form (which can be found in my COMMISSION INFO ) to, notes will not be considered for a slot! If you've gotten a quote beforehand please include it to make things easier for everyone! 

Good luck!
Alright I only have a few projects left on my to-so list so it's time to load up again! Commissions will open at noon EST and will remain open until 9pm EST. If you're looking to get something in time for Christmas(that can't just be ordered from the shop ), now's the time to place a request.

Countdown to re-opening:…

Be sure to read my Commission infoRemember that my prices are now in USD!

Feel free to ask for quotes ahead of time but if you decide to send in a request for a commission slot on the 12th please include any quotes and details we discussed to make things easier to track!

Also, if you're only looking to get a quote and are not interested in placing an order at the time being please ask before or after my commission re-opening on the 12th. I'm happy to answer quotes any other time, when I'm not being flooded by emails ahah 

As always feel free to ask questions if you have any! :)
I plan on participating again this year! I always do my best to attack back :D
Alright time is up and I've picked the new list! Most requests were OCs this time around, which was surprising (and nice!). Again, I wish I could accept everyone but I had a total of 21 requests and I can only take 10 at a time to avoid crazy long wait times ;3; 

So with that said, the new commissions are:
1- Frederic OC
2-Kylo OC
3-Shiloh OC
4- Devery OC
5- Kidking pkmn Sage
6- Tracer puppy
7- Gaomon
8- Stormfly
9- Açai OC
10- Chibi Blue Eyes White Dragon

As always thank you so much to everyone who applied, I'll be getting in touch with everyone who got a slot tomorrow!

Also, as a note to those who just wanted a quote: I'm clearing my inboxes from all the commission request clutter, so if you still want a quote I would really appreciate if quote messages were resent to me next week, so I can get the current commissions worked out and not miss quotes. Thank you <3

Commissions are open and will remain open until 9pm EST after which I'll pick 10 commissions! Remember to email your form (which can be found in my COMMISSION INFO ) to, notes will not be considered for a slot! If you've gotten a quote beforehand please include it to make things easier for everyone! 

Good luck!
edit: reopening today! 

WHEW FINALLY MADE IT TO THE END OF THE LIST!! I may have taken on a few too many complex project woooops, so at least for next time I'd like to stick so simpler, smaller projects  ahahah. 

Before I get into commission details there's a few other things! 
First off: I'm no longer working out of my spare room at home, I now work in a shared studio alongside two other talented ladies! 
20180603 152251 by MagnaStorm
(my cutting table is around the corner ahah. Drawing desk is my roommate's.) 

The change of work environment is a massive welcomed change that's for sure! Actually having to leave the house to go to work has really put me back on track with, well, my entire life really lol. I no longer get super distracted, I work regular hours, and my leisure time is back to being just that, instead of extra hours to work. All this means that I feel refreshed and more productive than ever, so I'm really expecting my commissions to be done A LOT faster than the last couple re-openings. 


Next up: In order to streamline and unify my pricing, my commissions prices are now in USD. I've decided to make the switch to be consistent with my Storenvy shop, which can only be USD. So if you've gotten a quote from me before now it is now void, but of course I'm more than happy to give updated ones!


And finally, what you've all been waiting for:
Commissions will open at 3PM EST June 21st and will remain open until 9pm EST. As usual I'll be picking 10 projects after the time is up, this is NOT first come first serve! 


Be sure to read my Commission info! Remember that my prices are now in USD!

Feel free to ask for quotes ahead of time but if you decide to send in a request for a commission slot on the 21st please include any quotes and details we discussed to make things easier to track! 

As always feel free to ask questions if you have any! :)
So I was straight up declined from my biggest con of the year lol so I've got all these prints and original artwork that I need to do something with.  $15 buy two get one free for the 8.5x11 prints, $25 for the small (5x7 including the black mat) marker drawings, includes shipping. No 11x17 posters because shipping costs more than the print itself. ):
All by MagnaStorm Picture by MagnaStorm

marker drawings;

Nier by MagnaStormVoltron by MagnaStorm
Matted by MagnaStorm
So this has come up like 5 times in the last two weeks lol so!! I don't use Amino. If you see someone going by (any weird variations of) my username and posting my plushies they're impersonators at best and scammers at worst. The only other places I can be found are
and my official shop is
(I also have a personal Insta, @/lizoobear, but it's not plush-exclusive )

While I'm at it I also do not reach out to people to offer "cheap commissions" ( a scam that's been going around Tumblr)

Always take precautions when shopping online! If you're suspicious of anything contact me on any of the platforms above (or here of course), I'll tell you immediately if something is legit or not!
Alright so after much debating I've come up with the new list! I got a ton of requests holy moly, I'm so sorry so many had to be left out ;;  It's really late here and I'm super tired, so I'll be getting in touch with everyone tomorrow, good night guys :heart:

the new commissions are;
1- Veemon
2- Kitamon OC

3- Nameless OC
4- Phineas OC
5- Fire Sword Doble
6- Frigimon
7- FF VIII Bahamut
8- Patchwork OC
9- Meta Knight
10- Bananamancer


Commissions will open at 4PM EST and will remain open for a 5 hour window. As usual I'll be picking 10 projects after the time is up, this is NOT first come first serve!


Be sure to read my Commission info!

Feel free to ask for quotes ahead of time but if you decide to send in a request for a commission slot on the 17th please include any quotes and details we discussed to make things easier to track!

As always feel free to ask questions if you have any! :)
Alright I got plenty of requests so I'm closing these up! Thank you for the interest everyone! ;w; 

2018/04/16: Haven't done these in a while so I'm opening for some art commissions! Completion time on these will be pretty short, I can't imagine them taking longer than a week to finish.

$10 for a full body, flat-colored digital sketch like this:
Grumpygrum by MagnaStorm Gremtest by MagnaStormKienan by MagnaStorm

Or for $20 I'll clean it up and throw on minimal shading like this;
Artfight10 by MagnaStorm Artfight09 by MagnaStorm Artfight01 by MagnaStorm

And my popular traditional markers are also available
$50 for a black and white bust drawing on 5.5x8 light cardstock, includes mailing the original to you!

Marker 005 by MagnaStorm Marker 003 by MagnaStorm 002 by MagnaStorm

Will draw pretty much any character(fanart, OC, CS, feral, furry you name it), send me a note if you're interested :)
Edit 17/09/20: two left! I'd really like to see these go. ;v; Not looking for much for the Gipaun, around $25's worth in artwork. Also very open to offers on the Mawmaw.

Edit 17/09/16:
mawmaw no longer tentative! Also tweaked my 'looking for' list!

So here it is! I've started naturally moving away from CS because of time constraints and whatnot, so I figured it was time to let some of my characters go.

So anyways here we go!


- art (more specifically illustrations! I have specific stuff in mind so please do not be upset if I turn down your art offer ;A; )
- pouflon! (especially for the mantibab and mawmaw)
- Esks
- HQ anthro one-offs ( I'm a fan of werewolves and tiger-themed characters!)
- maybe grem2s
- plush?
- I don't know, try me??

not looking for
-art slavery
-most CS unless they're listed above!

Commented or noted offers are fine! 3 way trades are fine! if you make a 3 way trade journal leave it in the comments bellow! :)


Gipaun by XNightMelody
Has a bit of art and a running icon
Chai by MagnaStorm


Mutant MawMaw by were--beast
A bit of art
 Auction  Soul Snare  Closed  By Snappledragons-d9 by MagnaStorm


Birdfolk designed by al-kem-y
Good amount of art
Pending to xeshaire!
Solaire by MagnaStorm

Elnin MYO designed by me
Good amount of art
Pending to engare!
Desi by MagnaStorm

Alright here we go, this has been looong overdue!! If there's mistakes, typo, missing or broken links, please let me know!

This FAQ provides short and sweet answers about a variety of subjects.


Do you take commissions?

Yes, but they are not always open! I usually have brief re-opening windows where I'll load up on projects before closing up for a few months. Be sure to check out my Commission info for more details.

How do I know when your commissions are open?
I always post a journal announcement a week in advance and then several reminders leading up to the re-opening date. I cannot message people personally to let them know my commissions are re-opening, so be sure to follow my journal updates!

I emailed my commission request when your commissions were open why did I not get a slot?
I get a pretty large volume of requests every time my commissions re-open, and I can only accept a limited number of them, sorry. ): This does not mean I do not want to make your request! You're free to re-try the next time my commissions re-open. If your request is something that I really do not feel comfortable/capable of doing, I will let you know.

Do you take points commissions?
I do not, sorry!

Do you have and online shop?
Sure do! You can order remakes of plushies I've made in the past here. If you're interested in a remake of a plush that isn't listed, please contact me!

Why so expensive?
Unfortunately hand crafted work does tend to run pretty high cost-wise! Keep in mind that on top of material costs I also need to account for my time and expertise, overheads like machine maintenance, rent, power, etc, and that as a registered business I also pay taxes. I do understand that prices can get pretty high and I'm always open to discussing budgets and payment plans. See "how do you price your work?" in the next section for more on the subject!


How do you make your patterns?

I draft my patterns with good ol' pencil and paper! I start by determining the finished size and proportions of the plush, usually by drawing a fullbody side and/or front view, depending on the character's design. I then break down where I want the seams to be on the plush, and draw pattern shapes accordingly keeping the size, volume and fabric stretch in mind. Once the pieces are drafted I test them out in scrap fabric, usually the same as what the final plush will be made of so I know exactly how the fabric will behave. If I don't get the result I want I go back to my paper pattern and make corrections, add seams or darts, etc, then test again. Rince and repeat until I get the desired result!

Can you give/sell me your pattern?
I have a few tutorials available here… but otherwise I do not share my patterns sorry!

How can I get started making plushies?
You don't need any fancy equipment and supplies to start making plushies! Some fabric, stuffing, pins and hand sewing needles are all you need. Then you might want to start by using a pre-made pattern instead of drafting your own, to get used to the materials and sewing techniques without having to worry about your pattern working correctly. Check out the next question for pattern recommendations! From this point on, just create! Try new patterns and techniques! Don't be affraid of experimenting!

Do you have tutorials and pattern suggestions for beginner?

I highly recommend Choly Knight/Sew Desu Ne ,Teacup Lion and BeeZeeArt patterns if you're just starting out! All of them have great patterns (free or payed) and some awesome tutorials.

How do you price your work?
Pricing can be pretty subjective when it comes to artwork, but there are definitely some pointers that can be followed! I wrote a more in-depth journal about pricing here


What fabric do you use and where can it be bought?

I use Shannon Cuddle 3, also known as minky, and I buy it from , and . My faux fur is usually Shannon Luxury Shag also from

Where do you buy safety eyes/joints/plastic armature/etc?
My safety eyes and noses are from and my joints, plastic armature and other hardware are from . The wire for my wire armatures is galvanized steel in either 14 or 16 gauge, depending on the project, and I just get it from my local hardware store.

What machines do you use?
I currently use a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 for regular sewing and a Baby Lock Ellure Plus for machine embroidery.

What embroidery software do you use?
I use Stitch Era Universal (standard edition) on a yearly subscription…

What stuffing do you use?
Regular stuffing from Wal-Mart! Runs about $20 for a 4lbs bag, which is a lot when we're talking about super light stuffing!

Where do you get printed minky? ! I also have a review about printed minky here


Where else can I find you?

Facebook Twitter Tumblr

How can I contact you?
I prefer to be contacted by email at plushiluv(AT)gmail(DOT)com but I will answer notes/dm, just not as reliably.

How long have you been sewing?

I learned how to use a sewing machine as a child, but I've been making plushies for about 13 years! I've been taking commissions for about 6 years.

How long goes it take to make a plush?
It depends on size and complexity! A small simple plush like my In-Training Digimons can be done in a few hours, while super large and complex projects like Super sized Toothless can take 60+ hours

Do you make plushies full time?
I do! It took 3 years of making plushies in every bit of spare time I had between college classes to make the big jump to full time.

Will you design a prototype for my factory-made plush line?
Probably not, sorry

Will you sew 10+ plushies for a promo event/limited run/etc at a special rate?
Again, probably not. As an independent artist I cannot offer bulk discounts.

Do you do trades?
Generally no. I will sometimes ask for trades for very specific things, but usually unless I offer first the answer is no, sorry.

What camera do you use?
A Canon T5i with the default lens!

edit to add: yes the printed minky is washable! I didn't wash mine, but according to spoonflower "Wash separately in cool or warm water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles." Although please don't machine wash a plush, ahah. Just the fabric.

So I recently got the chance to play with printed minky! Here's a sort of review about it

Bought from:

Price: $28/yrd. Very expensive, but for a very versatile product of this quality it's definitely justified.

Shipping: Only $6 to Canada, with tracking, took about a week and a half to arrive once shipped, no duties. A+

File prep: spoonflower has very simple requirements that are easy to follow. I scanned my pattern pieces, cleaned them up and colored them, then I copied them into a file that was set to spoonflower's specifications (150dpi, set to the width of minky. I added length as I needed it). To make sure my pieces were going to turn out the right size I drew a 1"x1" square on my pattern before scanning and used that with photoshop's rulers to scale my pieces to the right size. 

Print Quality: Excellent. Very clean and crisp print. Not a hair of minky out of place. Colors accuracy exceeded my expectations. As it's been said by other artists, because of the way dye sub works, the ink does not reach the base of the fabric but it does soak a few mm in so the print isn't strictly on the very surface of the fibers.

Fabric quality: As good as I expected. At first I thought it was shorter minky than regular Shannon but the fibers are just laying super flat, probably a result of the printing process. It's very soft, but not as fluffy as Shannon minky. Feels a little thinner. Because the fibers lay very flat it's actually pretty difficult to brush it against the grain, which is a good thing in this case. The fabric doesn't feel clumped or stiffened by the ink at all, like it would with paint. Same texture on printed and unprinted areas. I would not mix printed minky with shannon's because the textures are clearly different(unless I'm going for different textures of course).

Down sides: Dark colors will show the white base at seams and points. Light colors will show it too but it's not as noticeable. I would not print a dark plush.

My biggest worry is how this fabric will hold up with time. I wonder if with age it would start showing more of the white underneath the print. 

Also, unless someone can show me a method to line up embroidery perfectly every time I WOULD NOT DO EMBROIDERED EYES AGAIN. It looks great but lining up the eyes with the print was a nightmare and it ended up taking a few hours to embroider two eyes. o___o so unless I made the eyes into sew-on patches, they would also be printed.

And finally, onto some detail pictures!

Finished plush;
Milo the Bagbean by MagnaStorm

a few closeups to show print quality. Super crisp.
Untitled by MagnaStorm
Untitled by MagnaStorm
Untitled by MagnaStorm

White pokes through the seams, especially at the tip of spikes.
Brushing your seams minimizes this, though doesn't completely get rid of the white(these are brushed seams). Filling with a marker in a matching color might be a solution, but I'm iffy about using markers on plushies.
Untitled by MagnaStorm

Comparing to a plush made with Shannon minky. At a glance they're very similar
Untitled by MagnaStorm

Closeup to show the difference in texture
Untitled by MagnaStorm

So here ya go! Overall I'm very happy with the results and it's something I would definitely do again. As a matter of fact I have one more printed plush I need to assemble, and that one has GRADIENTS!! The white showing through dark colors is definitely the worst part of printed minky, but considering the overall look and possibilities printed minky opens up (I repeat--GRADIENTS!!) it's a drawback I'm ok with. Printed minky will be available for commissions by request!

Pricing 101

Fri Oct 11, 2013, 7:23 AM
Pricing 101
How to determine what you should charge for your work

In light of the absolutely horrendous commission page DA started up which encourages artists to sell their work for literally pennies, let me talk about pricing artwork. Or more specifically, how I price my work.

Note: Advice? Thing? Highlights what I've learned about pricing throughout the last few years. I do not touch on the subject of beginner pricing, simply because there are no set guidelines for that and beginner pricing usually ends up being extremely subjective. This guide assumes that the reader is somewhat experienced in their craft and is looking for pointers on pricing. However I still highly encourage beginners to read! This is what pricing should be like, not mere pennies for hours upon hours of work. This also focuses on crafts and sewing but a lot of it is still applicable to other art forms.

-Material costs
    Keep everything in mind. Fabric, stuffing, thread, paint, wire, poly pellets, safety eyes, stabilizer, everything.
Ex: Wolpertingers- 3 colors, 1/2m base color, 1/4m both secondary colors= 1m at $16/m(fabric shipping cost factored in) +thread at $2/spool+1/4 poly pellet bottle at $2/bottle= $.50+1/4 stuffing bag at $20/bag=$5+felt at $.25/piece+fur(varies, but for the sake of this let's say $4 for the piece of fur)+plastic nose at $.13 for a total of $27.88 for materials alone, not including things that I'd only need extremely minimal amounts of, like paint for the shine in the eyes.

-time cost
    What is your time worth? Do you have education and/or training that you use in your craft? It's up to you to decide the value of your time, but remember that this is a trade that requires experience and (probably) training. It's a specialized job, odds are you want to be payed more than a no-experience required job at a fast food chain.

Ex: Minimum wage in my province is $10 an hour.  I try to pay myself around $20 an hour. I have seamstress education/training and 4 years of experience behind me.

    This is probably the trickiest one, and it's super subjective. High demand means you can probably raise your prices until your supply meets your demand but it's also a risky game. Go too far and you'll lose your clientele.

Don't really have examples of this, not sure what they could be really. I don't play this game very much. 

    Paypal fees, custom fees, currency conversion, taxes, all those little things really do add up. Paypal fees are 'only' 4% but that adds up like crazy after a while. If you're using DA's commission system they take (an unacceptable, in my humble opinion) 20%. Keep these in mind as well. If you're declaring your income from your craft you'll have to pay income taxes as well.

Ex: I end up shelling out between $20-$60 in Paypal fees only every month.

    Don't forget that there are a couple more things that go into shipping than just the cost of sending the package. What's your plush packed in? What materials did you use to pack it? Here I also have to pay taxes on shipping. These are, just like fees, small things that end up adding up at the end of the month.

Ex: I usually give myself a $5-10 margin to work with depending on the size of the package.

    Probably what gets forgotten the most. The machines you use weren't free, neither is maintenance for them(mine are $80-$100 in maintenance each every year). Said machines are also not likely to be powered by pixie dust so they also use power. Where are you working? Do you pay rent for your work area? What about getting supplies? Do you have a car that you drive to go to the store and the post office? Or maybe you take the bus and pay transit fare. These are all things that should also be kept in mind to a certain extent. Overhead cost are usually a tiny fraction of the total cost, but should still be thought about

Ex: I pay rent, power, and internet. I use my car to do errands. I've calculated the daily costs of everything which comes up to about $5.95 for rent(my craft room only), $3/day for power, $1.90 for internet, and $2 for gas. So if a plush takes me all day to make I should add $12.85 to make up for my overhead. However I'll be the first to admit I often forget about overhead costs because they're so easy to take for granted.

So here you have it, this is how I work out my prices for my commissions. Maybe it'll help someone or maybe it won't, but at least now if anyone's curious about how I come up with my prices it's all up there. 

Honestly bottom line is everyone is free to price their work as they see fit, but I'm hoping that people will make informed decisions and not fall for DA's points trap. 1000 of something isn't necessarily a good thing so please do your research first! 


Sun Jan 22, 2012, 10:16 AM
UPDATE: In order to streamline and unify my pricing, my commissions prices are now in USD. I've decided to make the switch to be consistent with my Storenvy shop, which can only be USD. So if you've gotten a quote from me before now it is now void, but of course I'm more than happy to give updated ones!




Will make
pokemon, digimons, anime/game/cartoon fanart, original characters
***Note about original characters: I will not make an OC that doesn't belong to the commissioner unless the owner of the OC messages me giving their consent.***

Will not make

Robots, overly complicated characters, gravity defying plushies, Homestuck characters, Disney characters, anatomically correct plushies

Price info
-All prices are now in USD
-Prices do not include shipping fees.
-prices are for plushies made out of minky with machine embroidered details unless stated otherwise
-Price quotes are valid for 3 months

Small plushies
6 inches to 9 inches tall or long: $200-$400
  Jenna by MagnaStorm Tero by MagnaStorm chibi Dranzer by MagnaStorm

Medium plushies
10 inches to 15 inches tall or long: $300-$600
Ferrette by MagnaStorm Damasath by MagnaStorm Flaaffy by MagnaStorm

Large plushies
16 inches to 25 inches tall or long: $500-$800
Braixen by MagnaStorm Lil Tarecgosa by MagnaStorm Garurumon by MagnaStorm

Giant plushies
26 inches and up: $1000+
Giant Pinkie completed by MagnaStorm  Super sized Toothless (SOLD) by MagnaStorm Giant Yveltal by MagnaStorm
please note: I'm willing to make giant plushies, but keep in mind that not only are their production cost high, shipping them is also expensive enough. Expect $150+ for shipping for plushies over 4 foot tall/long. I cannot ship giant plushies overseas!
Please also figure out a size before messaging me. I am more than happy to give input about sizing but please at least have a general idea of the size you want beyond 'life size'. The only exception are Pokemons but note that I go by Bulbapedia measurement which are the GAME measurements not the ANIME ones.

-Payment can be done via paypal
-I will be invoicing you.
-Payment can be done in full upfront or in two installments for plushies over $300(including shipping fee). Longer plans can be discussed for plushies over $600
-The first payment is due within 48 hours after I invoiced you. If the payment is not made within 48 hours, the commission is canceled.
-The second half of the payment is due max. 2 weeks after the plush is completed. Plans for plushies over $600 may have more time.
-If you must cancel your commission, know that the first payment is non-refundable once the plush is started. If the plush was payed in full, I will be refunding half the amount.
-The plush will not be started until the first payment is received.

Commission Slot info
-one plush per slot. If you want multiple plushies you would need to send an individual email for each request when commissions are open.
-The amount of commission slots I take varies, I will announce the exact amount I'll take each time I'm about to re-open
-I can cancel a commission if need be(very last resort)
-If I do not hear back from you within 1 week after your commission is accepted, your commission will be canceled.
-email your commission request to using the form bellow with the subject line reading "____ commission request" (blank to be replaced by what you are requesting) when commissions are open. Request sent without using this form will be disregarded. I no longer accept commissions via notes. However you can still get a price quote through Deviantart notes.
-you can use the form to get a price quote from me while my commissions are full, but you will have to re-send it when I take new commissions.
character wanted: (picture reference please, especially if there are multiple versions of the character out there)
size: (smallest I can go is 5-6 inches, largest is the biggest box UPS will allow me to ship)
specific requests: (painted eyes instead of embroidered, wired, specific style)
payment method: (full or payment plan)
address: (all I need at first is your postal code/zip code for a shipping estimate. I will only need your full address if you get the slot)

Shipping Info
-Shipping costs are not included in the base price and will be calculated on a case by case basis
-I ship worldwide (do note that shipping can be expensive depending on your location and the size of your plush)
-plushies are shipped expedited within Canada and airmail everywhere else, both with tracking. Untracked airmail for international orders can be requested but I do not recommend it
-I will notify you once I ship your plush
-I ship once a week, usually on Fridays.
-I am not responsible for the plush once it is shipped.


-Plushies can take anywhere from a week to 2 months to be completed depending on the complexity of my orders
-I complete plushies that were payed in full first then those that are payed with a payment plan
-I cannot promise to meet any deadlines