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chibi Fluttershy IV

Chibi Fluttershy, this time with machine embroidered eyes! I actually made a mistake while resizing her eyes and they turned out smaller than I wanted, but I think she's still pretty cute. Didn't have enough fabric to re-embroider them anyways. xP Her cutie marks are still hand embroidered.

She's 6" tall, is made of minky and has decorative sand in her legs. She's posable too!

Fluttershy is for sale!</b> She's $73+$10 shipping in Canada/US, $15 shipping anywhere else. Note me if interested! Sold! thank you!

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Supes adorable! By the way, what is decorative sand?
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So adorable /)^3^(\
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My resting place is here.
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OMFG.. Her little legs! <3 so adorableee :heart:
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This is wonderful! Might I ask how you did the nose/mouth? Is it machine embroidered as well?
MagnaStorm's avatar
the nose and mouth are hand embroidered :)
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how much would it cost if you made another?
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my chibi ponies with embroidery are $73+shipping
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how did you make the eyes?
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I machine embroider them :)
ladynakita's avatar way to make them by hand huh?
MagnaStorm's avatar
it's possible to hand embroider, but it can be time consuming. I'm pretty sure you could google hand embroidery techniques to learn how to do it
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X3 or I could ask my Mom. She might know how XD. Thanks anyway :3
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I just got her in the mail and I love her!
Cuter then in the pictures.
Thank you so much for your great work!
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Glad to hear she made it safely! :D
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Why my heart? Why?
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so....SO ADORABLE! :iconrainbowdashsqueeplz:
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This is completely adorable. :D
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oh! you are using your new embroidery machine already? yay congrats!
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yes, my embroidery setup is up and running! A lot faster than I expected too =P
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