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Twilight as starswirl the bearded
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Published: May 23, 2012
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I was a little hesitant about posting this tonight since I already have a massive amount of messages from that DD on Kyogre, but I know if I don't post it now it'll slip my mind later. So I'm sorry in advance if I take forever to reply to messages! ;A;

Twilight, made with my new pattern, wearing her Starswirl the bearded costume. As you can see, her costume is also fully removable! I decided to go with pompoms for the bells on her outfit, since real bells would have been too heavy for her hat. Speaking of which, I -think- I've figured out how to make hats with this one. Though I'm still not too keen on making plush hats. xP A correctly constructed one takes as longs as a small plush to build @_@

Twilight herself is made out of minky, and her outfit is made out of fleece so she's still cuddly while wearing it. :) The rim of her hat has a wire going around its egde to make it posable. She's 15 inches tall on her own and 25 inches with her massive hat.

this plush was a commission, not for sale
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This present was for me, and it's awesome. :D
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Ahhh I'm really not a MLP fan, but you still got her perfectly. I just found your gallery so I had to comment on something u__u It's all beautiful! You're a great.. seamstress? : D
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takysaProfessional General Artist
ASDFA;SDLFKJASD;LFKJ so happy!!! :D She's for my husband XD Thank you so much!
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Oh, that's great! :) I love the fact that the costume's removable!
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Accessories! Squee!
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SamagirlHobbyist General Artist
Amazing as always!
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Wadusher0Hobbyist Digital Artist
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
If I had it!
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bleedingrockHobbyist Traditional Artist
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i hope to get one sometime X3
and i love this its so awesome :D
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J-AimlessHobbyist Digital Artist
omg this is great! btw have u been getting flak for ur plushies like :iconwhitedove-creations:? ive yet to get any real info on whats going on but apparently layers are involved =/
You'd think if it was really a problem making these plushies, Lauren Faust wouldnt have bought one from her.
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MagnaStormProfessional Artisan Crafter
I've just now learned about her problems with Hasbro.
While what's happening to her could very well happen to any pony plush maker at the moment, I chose to not let it worry me and only think about it if it actually happens to me. And if it does, then I have very simple solutions in place for this type of situations already.
And Lauren Faust bought a plush from her as just another person wanting a pony plush, not representing Hasbro. So what she endorses can be very different from what the company does. Sadly that's just how things go >:
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J-AimlessHobbyist Digital Artist
Well I do hope its resolved soon. And I also hope this isn't the front of a large anti-pony-plushie campaign from Hasbro. Id be one upset brony.

It would be different if Hasbro would release a line of plush toys but so far they just have the giant awkward looking Twilight Sparkle. Which I, as a HUGE Twilight Sparkle fan would NEVER want. But since they haven't (yet?) I don't really see why its a problem. Aside from the licensed characters of course. But then I could get into the whole "custom ponies" bit but I don't know much on the subject. It seems to me like they'd be more upset with people just modifying the little plastic toys and selling those at a premium than people making toys completely from scratch. But again, I don't know much of that stuff ^^;

Hopefully it never comes to that though, and I hope they don't come after you too. Cuz then I will be sad :( And I no like to be sad. :iconsadfaceplz:
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Its none of that with Hasbro. Someone reported the copyright issues to Hasbro and per US law they have to defend their IP. If they don't then that will warrant the IP null and they will lose ownership. Again, this is all per US copyright laws.
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J-AimlessHobbyist Digital Artist
IP = ?
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Intellectual Property. Sorry, just got a little quick with the thoughts. Pretty much their copyrighted material. ie: My Little Pony
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J-AimlessHobbyist Digital Artist
o ok. I heard IP and started trying to figure out what a computers address had to do with this lol ^^;
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EmuZSNESHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg@ <333
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Aleeart7Professional General Artist
too cute! :)
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A-Broken-HeroHobbyist Writer
Those big eyes make her so adowable~
I love how her costume looks ;w; you really get better with each plush :D
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CptCool2Student Interface Designer
I hope you don't suffer the same fate Whitedove did :\
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MagnaStormProfessional Artisan Crafter
something happened to her? I haven't had time to really pay attention to things going on here because of work
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A-chan--CreationsProfessional Artisan Crafter
Apparently, someone reported her to Hasbro, and she was asked to take down her commission prices. That's what I dug up in the last 10 minutes at least.
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MagnaStormProfessional Artisan Crafter
yeah, I've been doing some digging about it too. I think things could have been much worst from the snippets of conversations I've found; only being asked to take down commission prices is nothing compared to what Hasbro could do. It's still very unfortunate though, and I hope no one else will be reported.
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