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Twilight Sparkle

woa, 200th submission in the plush category. That's a lot of plushies, and that's not even including the doubles and convention plushies I made!

Anyways, here's another Twilight! She was the one I originally wanted to make before I realized I didn't have enough fabric last time. She was made with my 20 inch tall pony pattern, so she's huuuuuge! She's made of minky and her accessories are fleece. They're all removable as shown. Her eyes and cutie mark are machine embroidered. Her maned turned out longer than I expected, but it makes it really easy to pose/flip. I also made her bangs a little different from the smaller Twilight.

this plush was a commission, not for sale
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orsm'ly cute ^.^
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Adorable! She looks so cute...and soft!
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Three months of winter coolness and awesome holidays!

Ahh, she's so great I almost starting singing Winter Wrap Up immediately upon setting eyes on her!
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this is a skilled work of art
a sewing machine would be your cutie mark
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Winter Wrap Up Twilight! :D And just in time for spring, too! XD
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So cute! :+fav:

I love the accessories ^__^
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the toughest part is shaping the horn with fabric... how do u do that???
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It's actually pretty simple. I just make a plain cone shape for the horn then I sew it onto the plush. Then I tie a thread at the base of the horn, wrap it around it and pull, then tie it off at the top.
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jeez, it sounds like a long process XDD but overall, the whole plush looks fabulous! :D
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Truly amazing work!
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Dang! Looks so huggable! /)^3^(\
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I was just thinking that if I ever made a Twilight plushie, I'd probably make all these outfits to put her in, including her Winter Wrap Up scarf. She looks wonderful!
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Dang... That's biiiiiiiiig =)
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This is godly *0*
Twilight is amazing
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