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Pokemon Time Substitute

By MagnaStorm
Been a while since my last large plush! It's also been a while since I've wanted to keep a plush this badly. xD Too bad I don't have room for one of my own.

Substitute is 20" tall, made out of minky with machine embroidered eyes. I stuffed him a little looser than my usual plush so he gives great hugs. :D He's greener in real life, my camera just didn't want to capture the right shade.

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katamariluv's avatar
Ooh, a substitute doll plushie, how very nifty!
Vinatrishe's avatar
It hurts to imagine how much stuffing went into that thing. :D (Big Grin) 
(Okay i wrote this comment before seeing ever more GIGANTIC plushies, now it hurts even more haha.)
MewtwoZoroark325's avatar
Pyrogoldenwheel510's avatar
this is so cute and awesome X3 keep up the great work :)
porgo0's avatar
OMG i love it <3 (o@)
mclaranium's avatar
75 EUR would be good price !
MagnaStorm's avatar
Commission info
These are handmade, not mass-produced.
Dracoqueen14's avatar
(plushie battle) caterpie use substitute (switches with substitute doll)....and the plot thickens  
NekoRory's avatar
I tried to buy every size of Substitutes and I managed to get the biggest available in Pokémon Centers, and I'm still angry for not being the one who owns this plushie nor the money to buy it. (Btw, how much this would cost?)
CookieMonsta409's avatar
I FREAKING WANT IT. Its really cute!!!!
ChaosKomori's avatar
So simple, but SO cuuuuute!  *___*
Tiiria's avatar
ASKDFGHIJKL! This is awesome.
Tehcuddlemehcreeper's avatar
What? School?!? Nah! * places substitute * heheheheh
PokeLoveroftheWorld's avatar
very very cute plush. Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  him alreadyHug 
gymnosophist's avatar
:XD: :iconawwplz: :heart:
All your work is so wonderfully adorably loveable...
Kingofsouls's avatar
My friend substitute would love this!
dgytc11's avatar
Haha that's adorable! Also, love your hair btw :3
MyokoAkane's avatar
so adorableeee!
MaiMint's avatar
I need this in my life. Never would've though I'd want a Substitute plushie this badly. XD
madre-superiora's avatar
you're so talented :-) it looks really professional. 
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