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One more Scarfox! Gosh this one turned out so pretty, pictures don't do it justice!

Opal is a little over 14" tall, made out of minky with machine embroidered details. All the gold embroidery is metallic thread, which was a pain to embroider but looks sooo nice on the finished plush ahah

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Is there. Templet for these I've always wanted to make somethiv like this, no I don't want to copy ur characters I'm still fairly new to sewing and really want to make one of these types of plushies. I mean its ok if u don't want to let me. I'm only asking
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I won't be sharing the patterns for this plush sorry. ):  This character is also a Scarfox, a closed species by @/kakiwa, and are not free to make your own. There's more info about Scarfoxes in their group, Scarfox-Realm . If you're looking for general sewing resources, is a great place to start with many beginner tutorials and several free patterns.
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Oh ok srry. And thank u I'll check that out.
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Oh wow, all of the details are so wonderful. I love the golden flecks in the braid! The embroidery on its arms and teeth are so wonderful. The pattern and colors are so wonderfully done! 
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wow so many details!!
How long does it take to make one of these?
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oh jeez I think this one took me about 20-25 hours? xD
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As a noob: Can somebody explain to me what a Scarfox is? xD
Is this from a TV show or something?
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They're a closed species by Kawiku 
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I need one of these >#< so pretty and well done and just I need it
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This looks awesome!  Well done!
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such a cool looking plush toy and character ^w^
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Is this from a fandom? If its not let me say that you are amazing!
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Scarfoxs are a closed species created by Kawiku 
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This looks very nice! Good job with the design and the doll!
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Gosh Magna, As I said before this is SO utterly and completely gorgeous… The detailing done here is absolutely superb. I LOVE how the opals on her hands are embroidered. Most of all and my favorite about the overall thing is the anatomy. It seems to be SO spitting of a scarfox. Particularly the thighs  and legs… The body is sown perfectly to it so it looks like a natural flow.. and I really love how the fingers and arms are done as well. They look so cute,chibi and floppy <3 even the little beads and details are so adorable. Everything about this is just great and I can't wait to have it here with me. Thank you so much again~
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she's beautiful! i just love the colors!
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Whoa so cool and so pretty! Unfortunately I don't know where this character is from.
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Is a Scarfox (A closed species by @/Kawiku) !
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very Pretty. 
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