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This plush was a huge challenge but I'm so happy with how he turned out!!

Lucas measures about 17" tall and is made out of minky and various polyesters and cottons for his outfit. His shoes are actually baby shoes ahah. As shown his outfit is entirely removable! His little jacket even features a working zipper and functional pockets (not that I know what would actually fit in them, they're so tiny ahahha). His tail is wired, and so is his neck in order to support his head.

Lucas belongs to my client!

commissions are currently full 
Commission info, shop, etc now on my official website here!
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I'd love to order one of these sometime. They look beautiful!!
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Cute little dude!
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This is adorable!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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This. Is. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the outfit!!! If you don't mind my asking, how much did/would something like this cost? I'll have to save up to commission you again sometime! 
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complex outfits like this run pretty high...honestly I don't generally make them because they tend to end up costing almost as much as the plush itself ahaha :'D
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That makes sense! Gotta equate for time! Thank you for the info <3
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are thoose vans classic half cabs
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They're $15 baby shoes from amazon lol
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omg this is epic
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