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Giant Yveltal

Video here: [link]

Another giant plush done! Very happy with the outcome of this one.

Yveltal measures about 52" long, that's just over 4ft! He has a wingspan of 82" (almost 7ft) including the claws and weights 7-8 pounds. The details have been machine appliqued. He's made of smooth and eyelash minky. He has sheets of 3" thick foam in his body and wings so he used up less stuffing but also to make him super solid.

Sorry I couldn't photograph him on his own, he would have had to be suspended from something and I don't have anything that could have held up his weight. The background for these pictures were also heavily photoshopped since he was too big for even my largest setup, so some areas may look odd lol.

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I WANT IT!!! I’ve always loved yveltal and I even am making my own plush but this, this is pure talent people, pure talent.
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God I'd love to have one like that.
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Wow! That's amazing! ^^
$1000 is pretty expensive but worth it for something like that :happybounce:
Maybe I could commission some time when I've saved some money.....
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This is Spectacular! :3
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not to be rude but $1000 is a little to much don't you think. i mean yeah you put your work into it i agree with that but still.. again i'm not trying to hate or anything.
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$1000 isn't unreasonable when you have to pay small business taxes, materials cost hundreds, and it takes 40-50 hours to make
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But who would buy it for $1000 anyway? why don't you just keep it yourself? 
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I bet he gives awesome hugs too! ;u; Love him!
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Giant pokemon bird of death, lol! Love it! 
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I think its so big I could wear it like a Halloween costume! :pumpkin:
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OMGEH! i so want 1 of those XD lel. congrats, ur better at making these than the professionals,
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You made this??? Holy Arceus i need one!!!
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Wow, how long did it take to make it?
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He took about 40-50 hours to make I think? It's been a while so I don't remember exactly
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Now that is cool
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Ok, now that I have gotten over my fangirl attack, let me say that you are very talented! It must have taken a WHILE to make something as high-quality as that, haha~ Outstanding work! :clap:
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The holy grail of poke-plushies!
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