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Floppy eevee+evolutions

More plushies for Animaritime this weekend. These are made with a new pattern I worked out a while ago for super floppy plushies. I was hoping to get a full set of eevee+evolutions done, but I ran out of time for the rest. This year my table focuses more on my original plushies like the Wolpertingers and Gemstone Dragons

They're all 10" long, made out of minky(smooth and eyelash), and feature machine embroidered eyes. They have plastic safety noses and decorative sand in their feet for extra floppyness

Individual shots:

not for sale(yet! only for sale at Animaritime [link]
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They're all so CUTE and very well done, some of the best pokemon plushies I have seen before! :D
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Adorable and lovely! Awesome job! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
LeN-KuN-Fan's avatar
so cute I am a dummy! I love them all Nod 
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Ur missing glaceon umbreon and espeon other then that awesome
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D: but Umbreon though...
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I love how you do the eyes, they're adorable!
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Do u thing I could buy a Eevee its soo cute!
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I'm just curious, how many tries does it take for you to get a good result from a handmade pattern? In other words how many prototypes do you have to make?
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It depends on what I'm making. If it's something within my comfort zone like a simple animal then I might not even prototype it. For something I'm not so familiar with I make two on average, but there are plushies that have gotten me to make 8+ prototypes before getting it right
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OMG these are adorable! :heart:
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awman, commissions are closed. :( (Sad)  They are all so adorable, I would've wanted them all! Meow :3 Heart 
Aweh :3  bought that Jolteon at an Anime convention you were at! I love him so much, you are amazingly talented :)
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I have a couple of questions. Number one, where is the best place to get the noses? And what is this "decorative sand" in the paws, and where could I get that?

Thank you,
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I get my plastic noses and eyes from this great place here [link] , and the decorative sand I use is something I get from the dollar store. It's meant to be decorative vase filler but it works great to weigh plushies
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Omg! they're so adorable! I want them all!
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I managed to get the Flareon I wanted, it's incredibly adorable and I love him.It's really well done.I'm really impressed with him.
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Daww I want one. :meow:
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Beautiful work! They look so soft! :aww:
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Omg i want them all. They're all so adorable!!
NekoNekoGirl04's avatar
These are very cute plushies! Nice job with them. :D
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