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Druid feral form

I want to keep this account alive but honestly I kinda hate making these photo collages so I always end up posting a million years late...I post way more on my other social, all linked here:

The Druid plush measures a little over 20” tall and is made out of custom printed minky (designed by me). He also features machine embroidered eyes and all the feathers are wired. His face’s intricate shape is mainly achieved with thread sculpting.
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Oh my god the detail I am floored. I hope to have half this skill some day. Thank you for sharing you art.

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This is really, really cool.

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AMAZING WORK as always!!!!

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Woah that's amazing!!

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I want one of my Jemote <3 i wish I was half this talented lol.

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So beautiful and detailed. I love it!

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This looks amazing!

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Beautiful and vicious, I love it.

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I use photoscape to make collages (though I never post on dA anymore)

it's free. the only annoying thing is that it defaults to 400x400

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As someone who mains a feral druid I love this so much.😍😍😍

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