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Derpy Hooves II

By MagnaStorm
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Derpy commission! I was super happy to be making another Derpy, it's been so long since I made the first one!

Although she's my second Derpy, I figured she still deserved a spot in my main gallery instead of my scraps since I've changed my pattern a lot since I last made her. I also changed how I make ears on my ponies starting with her; they're now in the seam instead of being hand sewn on. I like this much better; it's faster and looks a lot neater.

this plush was a commission, not for sale
commissions are currently full
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do you think you will ever sell patterns for these? they are adorable and if not how much would one be? still tell me how much they will be even if you are going to make patterns :)
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What colour grey did you order for this one? I seem to have wound up with a slightly darker colour than expecting.
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if I remember correctly I ordered the fabric for her from, where it was labeled as 'silver'. usually I get this from minkydelight [link] . I'm assuming you got charcoal minky? I did the same thing once upon a time xP
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Thanks Magnastorm. The stuff I got looked like this [link]

So I've gotta see how it looks on the whole plush scale before I decide if its really too dark or not, but I'll probably place an order for that Silver =P
super cute love it i wish i could get one :D
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Her expression is most excellent.
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superfairyking's avatar love this....i love all the detail you put into it :iconloveloveplz:

I'm about to do commissionssssss, plz check me out
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Where is your address, i think im going to break into your house now
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All of my money! ALL OF IT!
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Oh my god.....

She's....beautiful.... :')

Thank you, my dear. Thank you so much for this. You don't know how much this means to me. :)

She is perfect. I knew the waiting the worth it, but this is more than what I expected. You did a flawless job. Again, thank you so much. :)

I can't wait to get her. I love it. Thank you so much.
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I'm super glad you like her! :D
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I don't like her. I LOVE her!!! :D
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I have to say, I'm definitely a bit jelly right now. Derpy's awesome!
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Haha. Yes, be jelly! :)
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I need to get a fluttershy for my bf. >~<
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