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Chibi Flutterbat x2

Due to popular demand, two more Flutterbats are available in my Etsy store!…? sold, thank you!!
Please note that these are the last pre-made Flutterbats I intend to make, however I'd be okay with making her again for commissions (which are unfortunately closed at the moment. For more info check this journal )

Commissions are closed
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gree443's avatar
The 2 Mini Flutterbats.
Starfire1992's avatar
Oh my gosh they are so cute!
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Cute, and looking as soft as a kittens sigh :heart:
NicolasWaters's avatar
Wow, I'm actually really glad my girlfriend managed to get the first one! :D Seems like you have to be fast. But we're really looking forward to getting ours! :D
IsaiahParker's avatar
These are stunning!
Slasher0001's avatar
They're both so adorable! :squee:
Awesome plushies! It's no wonder they've both already sold :D
BassPlushProductions's avatar
You want me to kill with cuteness, right?
PriestessOfNox's avatar
Extremely adorable. Sad they sold so quickly though.
MagnaStorm's avatar
I was hoping they'd last a bit longer than the first one, especially since there were two, but they both sold even faster than the first! xP 
MiniDragonfly's avatar
Wow, the moment you put them on, they sold out. :XD:
MagnaStorm's avatar
ahah yeah they sold super fast! 
Aurora-ASB's avatar
Of course I miss them being sold.
Centchi's avatar
Nooo! Why must I be sleeping when you make them? *sobs* I can only hope to catch a commission slot for one of these come February. ;~;
dot-DOLL's avatar
Super cute! *checks link* OH WOW they're gone already XD
TheCelestialWolf's avatar
 I know I said I was saving up for Rayquaza Pony... but I got one of these, It's an oppurtunity you can't pass up.
Agirl3003's avatar
would totally get one if I could afford it <3
Lokimamabear903's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cue the eternal squeezing! 8D brightened up my morning before getting online stuff done before college starts! D; I want one so much! but I don't has money! : P maybe next time.
LittleHybridShila's avatar
They're adorable! But I already bought one :P
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