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She's up for auction! [link]

I've been considering re-making my pony pattern for a while now, but didn't re-do it until now because people seemed to like my previous one. But eventually I grew more and more unhappy with my previous pattern. It just didn't meet my rising quality standards anymore, it had a tendency to be inconsistent, and I made so many plushies with it (25 if I counted right) I was just tired of it. So I finally decided to retire it and make this new pattern, which although it's slightly more complicated than the older one and will take a little more time to make, I like much more. The body remained pretty much the same, just completely re-proportioned, and the head is the major change. I'll probably still be doing minor changes to the new pattern, but for now I'm pleased.

I decided to make AJ since I only ever made one of her, while I've made several of the other mane 6 ponies. I also really wanted to use that mango minky. It's suuuuch a nice color I love it so much! ;A;

With the new pattern, AJ stands at 15" tall not including her ears. She's made out of minky as usual, has machine embroidered eyes and cutie marks, and hand embroidered mouth and nose.

I wanted to make her hat, but it failed horribly so no hat for her ):

because I know it will be asked and actually because it has already been kindly asked on my facebook page, no, I will not be releasing my previous pattern. I just feel like that would be unfair to the people who commissioned me while I was using that pattern if all of a sudden their plush that they payed for was readily available to everyone. The old pattern is not available for commissions anymore either.

I also do not have pricing info for this new pattern finalized. So I won't be able to answer price inquiries until I work that out. When I will, I'll update my price chart here: [link]

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Rika24| General Artist
how did you start making your own patterns? did you modify premade patterns to get a feel for it or did you take old plush apart and study the pattern?
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MagnaStorm|Professional Artisan Crafter
I made some of my own and tried pretty much every tutorial/pattern I found online when I started ahah. Eventually I stopped using tutorials and just made me own. I sometimes would analyze a plush for its construction but I never took one apart 
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I think I've been following you for nearly a year now, and your ponies do seem to keep getting better! I wish I could bid...

Curse these pastel equines, they drive me to have no monies...
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Jessi-ka-ka-ka|Hobbyist General Artist
now why can't they just make their toys like this stead of plastic thingies that don't look anything like the show!!! I love your work!!!!
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I like the new pattern and I really really like the color of the minky as well, (the color suits her very nicely)
but I have to say I still love the first Aj you made :)
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I like the pattern, it looks pretty great. However, I do feel the muzzle could stand to be a smidge wider, as currently, it looks like she has a very narrow face.
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Higginstuff| Artisan Crafter
I really do love this new pattern! :D Your other pattern was awesome but this one is even better! ^-^ I just love the style of it :)
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DjPon33|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love the new pattern <3 Looks great!
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dhDingo|Hobbyist General Artist
I like this one a LOT, the new pattern you are using is fabulous! 8D
I wish I had some money to bid on her, she looks fantaastic!
I SO want to commish you for a pony plush sometime ;o;
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Oh, wow! Your new pattern is amazing, very accurate to the show (especially the front view)! Fantastic work!
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Apple Jack is my favorite so its cool that you finally made her, second you found her color! you had so much trouble finding it but you nailed it! and this pattern is so good its like you ripped her right out of the show
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CosmicCrafts|Professional Artisan Crafter
so cute!
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sapphire44456|Student Artisan Crafter
Nice! I'm trying to make my own pattern, and I just wanted to know, where does the gusset stop on the head?
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Robo-Shark|Professional Digital Artist
She is so adorable! I love how your ponies look from the front, you somehow manage to capture the show appearance even in that view. Awesome work!
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God I seem to comment with questions every plush I AM SO SORRY.
But with her colors, (color wise according to the site you buy from) ... which ones are they? Cos I'm trying to make fluttershy and need to know colors D:
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EmuZSNES|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to walk up to it and hug it... >_<
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inaligrimalkin|Professional Artisan Crafter
I really like this new one, her jaw seems a bit heavy to me, but over all she's lovely. Oh, and I think you made a mistake in your description since she is for sale, right?
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MagnaStorm|Professional Artisan Crafter
ahah yes I did make a mistake, I just copy-pasted my usual info and forgot to modify it. It's been fixed now :)
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inaligrimalkin|Professional Artisan Crafter
Lol that's good. I was confused for a second :XD:
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lugavi|Hobbyist Artist
very cool x3
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LiLMoon|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It is very very nice I must say. Nice revamp.
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PastYourPorchlight|Hobbyist General Artist
You have "This plush was a commission, not for sale" at the bottom of your post, but at the top it says it's up for auction lol Just thought I'd point it out. Really nice pattern! I'm working (off and on) on developing my own pattern, so I know the work it takes. She's lovely. :)
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