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Warrior Goddess... in training

By MagnaLuna
Young Luna trying to improve her skills with a very heavy sword... :'3
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Pony:Alright,so I want you to hold this while I do something-

*Legit Tosses it to her,almost misses,but she catches it.*

*Pony starts to tip over.*

*Pony has instant life regrets.*


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Considering Greek mythology, I think she would be a better archer.
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I feel like the title is a reference to something but I can't make it out tho
Might wanna go with a less heavy sword their Luna. Might I suggest a Jian or a gladius?
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It was at that moment, Luna knew... she bucked up.
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I didn't know the word "warrior" could be cute.
I feel like swords for ponies would have to have quite a different balance than your standard sword. :)
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Wish I could help her, but I'm afraid that she'll accidently stab me so ill just stand back and cheer her on.

YOU CAN DO IT LUNA!!!Angry Princess Luna ok ill be quiet
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AWWWWW..... >////<
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To be honest, this would be me picking up a sword. I've NEVER picked up a sword before, only knives and scissors. I would kill myself before i held a sword or pointy thing for 5 minutes xD
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It's not so hard so long as you get the weight right. Everybody's either carrying glorified steel construction beams or flimsy toothpicks in their heads.
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I like to think she uses weapons found in the night sky in Greek mythology: a bit of swordsmanship, and a whole lot of archery.
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Teach me your ways please.
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hehe this is adorable... i tried to do something like this once.. i ended up falling on my face, lol!
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when your dog go do pee
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6 kilos de metal en boca. Muy buen entrenamiento para el cuello.
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