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Hi there! I'm starting (restarting)a blog about my AU :'3 LINK

Empress Celestia (Solar Goddess and life giver)

She is Selena's counterpart and the embodiment of light. Celestia is praised and loved by all the world who see her as the greatest goddess and mother, she renders honor to her titles with her warm presence and natural kindness always trying to appear perfection, which puts her under a lot of social pressure. Celestia governs mainly all equine races and to some extent the entire world.

Selena (Goddess of the night and the Moon)

Also known as Luna, she is the embodiment of Darkness and the primordial ruler of the spiritual plane. She is represented as the origin of the evil that supposedly guides the poor ponies to commit sins they would never do. Selena finds her situation funny and at the same time very annoying. She is an innate warrior with a very volatile temperament, jealous and emotionally dependent.
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