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From the beginning, Twilight and Celestia decided not to make their relationship immediately public so they're not overwhelmed by questions and indiscreet looks from their subjects. They wished to enjoy peace in the beginning which rarely occurred in their lives, since being Equestria's empresses, said daily lives are always the kingdom's center of attention.

In spite of said agreement, it did not last very long. Twilight was always the more passionate of the two and had a hard time keeping up appearances regarding her lover. The younger alicorn is hopelessly in love with the mare who once was her old teacher, and seeing her this morning at the royal court without her characteristic regalia around her neck, exposing her neck and chest floof, caused her mind to get clouded for a few seconds, desiring to feel her soft mate's touch with her hoof.

Unfortunately, that innocent act provoked a scandal over the entire kingdom of Equestria.

translated by thetinean
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