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Tal vez convertirse en una única entidad es la finalidad de una relación eterna entre seres inmortales

Perhaps becoming in a unique entity is the accomplishment of an eternal relationship between immortal beings.

(Clarification:  these are fusions not nextgens)
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Dragoncoton's avatar
Why Luna has part cat? I don't understand
Cateletama's avatar
noodle cat haha
viper2678's avatar
djkddfjkjkdfdfvgfcvghhj im FUCKING Dyeing
glitchydemonfairy's avatar
Why gender neutral? Just curious!

Normaly, I only do that when I don't know what's the gender I wanna give my character Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
tropicaltears's avatar
whats the difference between empress and princess? also is their a story or way i can read from the beginning of twilight and celestias story till now? owo
galaxinamoonstone's avatar
now call me crazy...


what if...

Empress Lumina...



Ellichu's avatar
i love the noodle cat
Odyseja2011's avatar
Why Luna is part cat? 
LittleSlimy's avatar
Because as not a natural being like you and me but as an avatar / embodiment of the Night, she sees herself part cat. Should check the previous arts MagnaLuna uploaded.
ViperidaeGraphics's avatar
And what if  to fuse all four  :thinking: ... it could  be interesting :D (Big Grin)  Wink/Razz 
How can you be gender neutral? Just asking.
Xariiann's avatar
you simply dont identify as male or female, you're somewhat in the middle but without being there
CursedFate2000's avatar
This is cool and all but I have one simple question, would they be hearing each other in their respective heads
MoonaFox's avatar
I love Polaris!
Silverfont's avatar
Noodle cat. Just. N o o d l e c a t.
Horses4life-OviPets's avatar
Noodle cat is cute but... How is Luna 20% cat?! XD lol
Horses4life-OviPets's avatar
XD I love luna but not so much as cat.. lol Wink/Razz 
AiriJelavic's avatar
Woah, they are so cute, especially Polaris. 💓
Anniethespider's avatar
noodle cat! Cute art btw
tristallyngirl's avatar
just like..... polaris the noodle cat is best noodle cat and also only noodle cat i've seen so far
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