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In the sunshine she stood empty-hearted,
shivering and shaking.
She was neither hot nor perspired, frozen nor relaxed.
Under the sun, her head was blank,
unable to think,
unwilling to remember.

In the rain she stood empty-hearted,
still and unmoving.
She was neither cold nor wet, warm nor dry.
Under the rain, thoughts swam in her head of before,
of happiness.

In the snow she stood empty-hearted,
looking and observing.
She was neither bothered nor disturbed, concentrated nor focused.
Under the rare occurrence of snow, she remembered
and wished for a miracle she knew would not come.

In rain or shine, she stood empty-hearted,
wishing it could come back to her.
She grew tired
of the emptiness she had,
the sadness she felt,
and wished it away.
But just like she wished for a miracle, it was not meant to be.

She did not like to remember;
it seemed the more she thought, the emptier her heart became.
When she remembered, she remembered every detail,
every emotion she felt,
every thought,
every warning.

She could not wish away her sadness,
but she could wish away her memories.
She could forget.
But it made it all the more painful
to remember.

Rain or shine, day or night,
she stood empty-hearted,
remembering and forgetting,
crying and laughing.

Everyday she wished for a miracle,
and everyday she wished her sadness would go away,
and everyday she stood empty-hearted
until she could no longer remember
and no longer forget
and faded away with her wishes.

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