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Luna's Legendary Pokemon by magmon47 Luna's Legendary Pokemon by magmon47
Luna Loud with Meloetta and Lunala
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Meloetta- During her stay at Castelia City, Luna stumbled across a small pub where a guitarist was performing. Deciding to join in, Luna decided to perform as well and even got more people to enter the place. It also attracted a mythical pokemon known as Meloetta. After being asked to perform for a concert at Castelia Park, Luna met Meloetta face to face and quickly started to bond. After a session of musical jamming, Luna prepared for her big night. However she was attacked by pokemon from the sewers of Castelia, her guitar being damaged during the attack. However the guitarist from earlier along with Meloetta came to assist her resulting in Luna performing a special tune and Meloetta learning the Relic Song thus transforming it into its Pirouette Form. After the fight, a quick change in clothes and instruments, Luna bid thanks and farewell to her new pals. As they went their ways, Meloetta decided to be like Luna for the Pokemon in Unova.

Lunala- Luna arrived at the Lake of the Moone where she found a Cosmog that appeared to be weak. Knowing that she can't leave it alone like this, she took Cosmog under her care and decided to head for Aether Paradise to put under their care. However, she was unable to get it there due to the place being inaccessible as the area was in lockdown (this is happening during the event where Lillie and Nebby were abducted) and to make matters worse, Aether employees encountered her and decided to take them as well. But the weakened Cosmog managed to teleport them into the Poni Plains. Things had gotten even worse as Ultra Beasts suddenly appeared and attacked them. The Cosmog managed to evolve and served as a temporary wall for her to escape. But Luna didn't want it to stay behind with no way to fight so she quickly stayed by its side to help it out. The two kept being attacked by Ultra Beasts constantly until they fled to the deepest part of Vast Poni Canyon where Cosmoen began to evolve at the middle of the night to defeat UB-05, Guzzlord. The two arrived at the Alter of the Sunne where they encounted Lillie, Sun, Lincoln and a giant white lion. Before they could reunite, Guzzlord attacked but Lunala managed to defeated it. As the four left into Ultra Space, she and Lunala went after them and arrived just in time to help deliver the final blow to the fused Lusamine. Afterwards, Luna bid farewell to Lunala hoping that one day they'll meet again. As Lunala flew away in the night, it knew that their paths will cross again...
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Verrry Cool! 
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