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Luna's Alola Pokemon by magmon47 Luna's Alola Pokemon by magmon47
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Student General Artist
Zorua- While performing at Hau'oli City Mall, Luna found a wild Zorua that managed to steal her guitar. When she managed to find Zorua, she saw it posing as her, performing to the wild city Pokemon. After the two jammed together for both pokemon and humans, Zorua decided to join her and take part in the island challenge. While it doesn't do much fighting, it can unleash a powerful Black Hole Eclipse.

Whirlipede- Near Heahea City in Akala, Luna found a Venipede with her Island Scanner. Unfortunately, its Egg Move was Toxic Spikes and Zorua quickly fell to the poison. To make things worse, this Venipede evolved soon afterwards and followed Luna into the city where it spread several of its poisonous spikes. With her siblings help, Luna defeated Whirlipede and managed to capture it. Whirlipede has proven to be quite fast and powerful compared to normal Whirlipede and when its in sync with Luna, Savage Spin Out becomes a devastating attack!

Vanilluxe- While battling wild Pokemon in Tapu Village, an Vanillite was called in to help them out. It didn't do much but when its caller left, Luna managed to capture it with ease. As a Vanillite, it was the baby of her team. When it evolved, it started to become more viable in battle and started to use and perfect the Subzero Slammer move. As a Vanilluxe, it was a pro at it and gained the power to use Sheer Cold.

Drampa- Although Luna couldn't visit Mt. Lanakila due to her status as a challenger but a Drampa flew down and was visiting and playing with the kids over at Aether House. While Drampa quickly grew found of Luna, a musician named Ryuki wanted to capture it for its team. However, much to his disappointment, he did see Luna as a potential rival since she was also a trainer and a musician. The two would get along but with Drampa and its Z Move, Devastating Drake, these two would make a rocking challenge for the Dragon Musician.

Krokorok- As Luna explored the Haina Desert, she encountered a savage Sandile. During their battle, Luna and Sandile were separated from the Louds due to the harsh sandstorm. While trying to reunite with her family, she and Sandile decided to work together to escape the desert puzzle and eventually Sandile evolved into Krokorok and managed to get themselves out of the desert. Eventually, Krokorok gained the ability to use the Z Move, Tectonic Rage which was very helpful for the rest of Luna's challenge.

Lycanroc- While exploring Vast Poni Canyon, Luna was ambushed by a wild Lycanroc. Although its Accelerock and Rock Climb attacks were tough for her, she managed to defeat and capture the Pokemon. Lycanroc is also capable of using the Continental Crush Z Move whenever it needs a boost.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017
Good job so far. How would Luna react if she meets Gym Leader Falkner and hears Lincoln beat him in his first Johto League gym battle? 
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Student General Artist
She'd be proud of her bro and knew he was a strong trainer.
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