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Lucy's Pokemon by magmon47 Lucy's Pokemon by magmon47
1. Duskull
2. Lampent
3. Gothorita
4. Litten
5. Zweilous
6. Pumkaboo
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DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Student General Artist
Litten- Although Lucy (and the other Loud girls that came after her) is too young to become a trainer, she was still given a Litten for her birthday. Like Lucy, Litten is gloomy and cynical. It doesn't battle much and enjoys Lucy's poems. But when peeved, Litten is capable of unleashing Flamethrower and Fury Swipes to anyone and it won't stop unless Lucy calms it down. When Lucy is around, so is her Litten.

Duskull- When Lucy tried to perform a seance, a Duskull arrived (which was believed to be a spirit from the seance) and befriended Lucy. While it originally tried to mooch off of the Louds, it grew to love and care of Lucy who was convinced to be a spirit of a fallen Loud family member. Eventually, it came clean and told Lucy what it really was but Lucy ultimately forgave it and decided to keep it. With one of Lynn's pokeballs, Duskull joined her family and was kept company from Lucy, her would be official trainer.

Pumpkaboo- Near Halloween, Lucy managed to find an Average Size Pumpakaboo during the family's search for the right pumpkin for their home. With Lincoln's help, she received a Pumpkaboo which spooked everyone on Halloween but Lucy didn't seem to mind.

Gothorita- As a Gothita, Lucy and Luna found her wandering the woods. Although Luna caught it, Lucy was the one she grew affection for. When it evolved, it started to use its Psychic powers to entertain Lucy which it worked at times but it usually didn't impress her unless it managed to win a few battles against her family. She ultimately does care for Gothorita as she tends to use her for most of her battles.

Lampent- While exploring an old mansion, Lucy, Lynn and Lincoln came across a Lampent which was constantly scaring people with its fire and ghost moves. While Lincoln and Lynn were spooked, Lucy wanted to own one and after a night of fright, Lincoln caught and gave Lampent to Lucy. It became friends with Gothorita and often tried to entertain Lucy which usually worked despite her usual expression.

Zweilous- When Lynn and Lucy encountered a Zweilous during a family camping trip, it quickly defeated Lynn's pokemon and cornered Lucy and her Pokemon. At first, neither of her teammates were able to hold it off but when Litten was attacked, it unleashed Outrage which managed to knock out the two headed dragon. After Lynn caught Zweilous, it was hesitant towards the Louds until it met Lucy again which resulted in it growing some respect and admiration for it. One day, she and Lynn took it back to its home but Zweilous decided to stay with Lucy after seeing potential in her as a trainer. Out of all of her Pokemon, Zweilous is her strongest next to Litten when its angered.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
These are perfectly good enough for Lucy, but she must be aware that her Duskull, Lampent and Pumpkaboo are still vulnerable to Fire, Water, Electric, Flying and even Grass Type Pokémon and moves, while her Gothorita is vulnerable to Dark-Types, while the same to both Litten and Zweilous against Water, Ice and Fighting-Type moves and Pokémon. In her part of the Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau) she goes off against Luan and lost, while Luan moves on and lost to Lincoln.
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Well, Lucy isn't one to care about type matchups. As long as she has Pokemon that can go up against their disadvantages.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017
How would Lucy respond if she watch Lincoln battle against Drake on T.V. during his Orange League Gym (at the part where his Pokémon tied with Gengar)? What about if she heard Lincoln beat Morty for his fourth Johto Gym League badge?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Student General Artist
In her own way, she'd be impressed with her older brother although she would also be amazed of the Ghost Pokemon raised by those trainers.
Harriet546 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017
Would she be surprised if she heard Lincoln beat Morty with his Shiny Noctowl?
DnMStarsi Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Student General Artist
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